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Her First Barbie

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Estranged from her lover, she must find the perfect fit to knock out all of her pent-up kinks.
She walked into the shop having not the slightest clue of which item should get to tickle her fancy. She perused the aisles aimlessly for less than a minute when the shop's hostess beckoned to her. She asked if the young lady needed assistance and began to dig deeper.

A simple, "No. I'm just looking," hadn't satisfied the hostess' vigor for making her quota.

"Well..." the young girl started. She eyed the woman carefully taking in all of her well-polished features. She noticed her hair was asymmetrically cut and nearly shaven on one side; not a nap in sight. Her eyebrows seemed perfect and her lips were glazed, not unlike a hot Krispie Kream. Her figure was well-proportioned and appealing "if" someone happened to ask.

Seeing someone so attractive willing to help, the girl was less reluctant in her queries. "I need something to....get my juices flowing," she stammered. She was almost embarrassed to voice her wants, but realized she was in the appropriate position to continue. "I need something for my G-spot." There. She had said it and it wasn't as hard as she imagined. After a few tutorials and suggestions, she made her decision; a gadget that was highly regarded by the young hostess. She couldn't wait to get home and try it, in.

She didn't want to dive in like a horny virgin on prom night, so she took her time. Reading from Lush Stories and watching snippets of a few provocative pupil-pleasers adequately served its purpose. By now, she was as soft and wet as a broken egg, and just as slippery. Now, she could go christen her gadget. Nine settings, at first, seemed to be too much. How would she know which to favorite? Trying them all was the only option. It was shaped like a flame, if you can imagine that. The tip of the flame distorted to a slanted knob. The base covered in goosebumps to cradle her pea-sized pearl. It was pink. Not hot, not carnation, but Barbie pink. Hmm,. is pink sexy? It didn't matter because she was already eight-tenths to her destination; The Milky Way.

Her lips were too engorged for the initial welcome, so she slid it across lightly. With so much liquid dripping from the site, there wasn't enough friction for the impending infiltration. She trembled like a sun-burned newborn. It was beginning to be too much. With a little force, her Barbie was finally submerged.

"Now what?" she thought. "Turn it on!" her thoughts sarcastically screamed back. And with a touch of a button, her tender tenderloins went for their long-awaited ride. As hard as she could she rocked against its wave. Trying to prolong the process wasn't a task for tonight. This, my friend, was long overdue. She rolled until the feeling in her stomach mirrored that of going over a steep hump. That lurching of an earthquake that shakes you to your core, making your insides summersault, is what she experienced.

After the convulsions simmered and she could breath normally, she decided to go for a second ride. It became a rollercoaster she didn't want off of. Knowing what was to be expected this go-round, she decided to think back to her motivational material from earlier that evening. She even fictioned her estranged-lover holding the reigns this time. That mad it worth her while. Within minutes of the first, she was mumbling inaudibly commands for him to...umm.. [inaudible expletive goes here] her faster. And soon, she caved. Her aching muscles arched in rigor as she finally came to.

Cleaning up was definitely a chore. She could barely withstand the heat and texture of her cloth as she lazily cleansed her pallet. That last rumble was so sweet she noticed her wisdom tooth aching ominously. She looked in the mirror and nothing but satisfaction covered her mug. She thanked herself for the rendezvous and planned on coming back at her leisure. This is what she wanted. There was no more opposition or indecision left. Her Barbie shook that from every bone she possessed. What's next? Rest!
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