Her Friend Jack

By Stoneypoint

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Girl befriended by older guy masturbates or is fingered by friend
She hated herself. In truth, she hated that her body was so big and round all her life. She was constantly standing in front of her mirror turning left, right, and even when she was at her friends talking about how “fat” she was she’d find they’d all stand in front of one while the other part of what they considered was big, round, and way too big was being reflected in another the other mirror behind them.

She never liked that at all. Never. Her ass was way, way to big and round, or so she thought it was. Her thighs, well every time she’d look at them a permanent frown seemed to grow and last forever on her lips. She hated them. Then there was her belly. She had this small tuft of extra flesh hanging around on it. She couldn’t stand that. She even seemed to find some, the additional so called fat laying around her boobs.

She couldn’t stand it. And she’d scream utter madness as she’d look at her naked fat figure. “What figure?” she’d ask in a tone suggesting she was not happy at all. “I don’t have a figure! I don’t have a body! I’m just one fat girl!” she’d bark out.

However, if she’d lose just ten pounds of it, you’d see that there was a figure. You’d see her curves all over that body. She’d have a waist. She’d have big hips. She’d have nice round and big tits. And although she had a sizeable ass and thighs she would still have a body men would dream of being with.

He came in from out of town. He was a son to the new neighbors next door to her. He was a gregarious pleasant man of 28 and seemed to love and enjoy being around anyone who’d spend time talking.

Truth be told, as he sat or stood around and spoke to people, his eyes would wander and “check out the scenery” meaning he loved looking at others he found attractive. And there she was, Katherine. She wore that top so she could hide all the so-called “flaws” of what she considered were awful looking features of her body. In a large t-shirt with a bathing suit underneath, she appeared happy, as long as nobody saw her bodily features, but in truth she never wished for anyone, including him, to see any of it.

He wasn’t necessarily a pervert per se but he sure liked all the womanly characteristics on a woman’s body. He couldn’t help himself. It was the way it was. Never in his life did he ever call a woman sexy but he would always do a double take on a woman when he saw one in which he loved.

And that leads you to Kat and Jack. How did she meet him? Towards the middle end of that block party. Everyone and their sister had been drinking. Not that they all got drunk or anything remotely close but as Jack walked out so was Katherine or Kat. He didn’t mean it but he accidentally, seeing as he was a little on the tipsy side, bumped into her as they headed for their cars.

Their cars you ask. Huh? They lived next door to each other. “Oh I’m sorry,” he said as he blinked and smiled and displayed those adorably manly and mature features of his. He instantly found her to be cuter then cute. And he kept on smiling as his eyes wiped down her body, collecting facts of what he appreciated as he called it.

“I uhhh didn’t mean to do that. And to be honest with you I don’t even know why I’m going to my car.”

He smiled. She did too. He turned and headed towards the house his parents now lived in and she stopped, turned, and watched his tall masculine frame head for it. “Uhhh that’s alright,” she came back as the smile which was at first dormant on her face suddenly grew wide and happy that he did bump into her. “I’m Kat by the way,” she said as she thought about why she even told him.

He stopped dead in his tracks and smiled as he turned around. Once he did she saw it. “Hi there Kat,” he told the thick bodied and lovely looking, although she didn’t think so yet, young 20 year old woman. “How are you?” his soft toned voice asked her.

He’s speaking to me? Honestly, that guy is speaking and asking me how I am? Holy freaking God she said to herself. “Uhhh I’m good. Uh, what about you uh sir?” she said.

He walked towards her. Her heart beat started to race as this guy, a very, very handsome looking guy stopped and headed her way and he was actually smiling. “That sounds great,” he told her. “Soooo do you live nearby?” he then asked.

She got hotter then hot. She could not believe that a man as handsome looking as him and as clean shaven and with as nice a haircut as he had was going to speak with her. “Right there,” she said pointing to the house next door to his. “Uhhhhhh how long have uhhh you lived there? I mean someone else,” but then she stopped. Her eyes grew big. “Are you their son I’ve heard them talk about?” she asked as she felt her hopes and dreams grow big and hearty.

“I guess I am. Are you that one daughter I’ve heard my parents speak about who they think is the nicest, sweetest, and well I guess one of the prettiest looking girls on the block?” he said. He saw her nod her head but she did not nod it very noticeably. “Well, if I can add my two cents worth in I’d have to agree.”

Her lips turned out a bigger smile as she showed she was blushing heavily.

He walked towards her as his eyes scanned over her body even if she was wearing that t-shirt she had on. He jumped right in and said to her “I’m Jack by the way.” She gave him her full birth name and not just Kat. “Katherine, well Katherine that’s a very cute name I’d say. Does everyone call you Katherine?”

She behaved shyly and said “No, they usually call me Kat.”

He looked right into her eyes as he smiled and asked “Do you like Katherine or Kat? Personally, I like Katherine…I mean that is if you don’t mind of course.”

For him she told herself as great looking as he is he could call her by her mom’s or even her daddy’s name. She immediately loved his looks and how he was treating her…as if she was some sort of princess she told herself as her heart beat faster and faster. She felt the warm all the way down to her toes it seemed. She almost felt as if she could feel his arms, and his, around one another’s bodies, and warmly or was it affectionately hugging the other as if a beginning of some love affair possibly.

“I don’t care. I really don’t mind. You can call me anything you’d like to,” she said almost as if she felt giddy about it while she smiled back at him.

“Then Katherine it is,” he said as he met her smile with a smile. “But mind you I’ll only be here for a short while,” which suddenly disappointed her until he went on to say “I’ll be moving…to a new apartment. It’s nice but I’d have to come and visit my parents more often. And maybe we can see each other if I’m around. Who knows,” he added, still smiling at her.

The days passed and she went out to the mall with her friends. The place was as busy as expected. People upon people toppled the isles as she and her friends visited two new lingerie shops which had filled vacated stores in the mall.

They hadn’t bought anything but were laughing and giggling as they exited one of them. He was walking down one of isles towards an exit to go to his truck. Looking this way and that way he saw the lingerie shop. He wasn’t paying much attention to who was coming out of any of them but as the girls came out she saw him.

“Oh…oh God guys, let’s hide,” Kat said. They asked why. “Uhhh Jack’s right there.” They asked who Jack was. “He’s uhhh he’s my uncle,” she told them, lying. They asked about his uncle and teased her that she had one very good looking uncle. Although he wasn’t she already knew that fact. “Come on, let’s hide!”

“Katherine?” he called out. They all stopped dead in their tracks. She’d been caught. His smile was magnetic. As soon as you saw that smile you felt as if you were melting already. “Hey Katherine,” he called out again.

She turned around and knowing she was with her two cute, but not as attractive friends as she was, or so he thought that, she had to say hi. “Hiiiii uhhh Uncle Jack,” she said, knowing she felt she had to lie in front of her friends. She smiled as their eyes met.

“Well now,” he said as his eyes looked up at the name on the shop. “Hmmm, quite a neat place to go into, isn’t it? You lovely looking ladies shop this store often because I would if…if I had a lovely lady to buy something for.” That got them all to thinking of course. Yep, it sure did, and before he knew it all three of them were wishing they were the woman in his arms. “Well, I’ll talk to you all later on,” he went on to say.

She separated from them in the parking lot but was going to meet back up with them once she stopped and purchased one other item for them all. Not knowing it, as she cut through the parking lot, she ran into him by chance. He was just about to back out and by chance, she was walking right next to his truck.

He saw a body and stopped as he waived that body on. She started walking and as she did she saw who it was in the truck. He then saw her and put down his window, smiling as he did. “Uncle Jack is it?” he asked.

“Oh uh hi Jack…I know,” she said. “I just didn’t want them to uhhh think…” but her words trailed off.

“What’s that?” he said.

She shrugged her shoulders and added “You know.”

“No Katherine, I don’t. Would you explain it to me?”

They were playing a game of cat and mouse, so to speak, or it seemed like it at this point. But he wanted to define whatever relationship that was developing, or going on with her, so that he could get to know, and understand her a lot better. He had the truck in park and wanted to somehow invite the younger woman over to his apartment.

“I’ll be moving into my new place in a week or so…so you should come and see it. Honestly, I’d love for you to see it once I move in. And heck, maybe we can go and do stuff together. Who knows…there are a million things to do around here, isn’t there?”

She could only think of one, and only one thing, to do with him around that city. Be with him, on his couch in his apartment, and kissing those lips with her arms seriously around his body as the two of them rolled every which way possible so she could feel whatever bodily heat tainted her young womanly needs.

“I uhhh guess there are,” she replied.

“Great then…I’ll look forward to getting with you. Just give me your cell phone number or your email and I’ll be in touch, okay?”

They said goodbye. He put her in the best of moods. She could not wait. A few days later she got an email from him telling her what his new address was and within a week of that she was visiting a nice, new and very clean and orderly apartment.

“Wow, this is your place?” she said as her eyes showed she was overly impressed with its contents and roominess. He said yes, showed her all around it including his bedroom and the roomy bathtub and bathroom too and he easily sold her over. They sat and talked for a while and finally she realized it was going on 7 pm. “Do you want to go and get something to eat? Or we can order in pizza,” she went on to say.

They ordered in pizza and talked the rest of the night, almost. “Soooo what does a pretty young woman, like you do, besides visit men like myself, for fun and games?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied.

Don’t you have boyfriends?” he asked.

“Nooooo, me?” she said. “Uh uhhh, I’m not that pretty. Guys think I’m way too uh fat.”

He stared at her. He looked right into her eyes. Then he said. “You fat? Come on, no way Katherine! Uh uhhh, no way you are fat whatsoever.” She disagreed and their relationship, which had begun to grow a little, allowed the two of them to open up to one another. “I mean it. You’re not fat at all. No, okay, I haven’t seen you naked, and no, I haven’t seen you in a bikini or bra and undies. I’ll admit that but what I’ve seen so far would tell me, or probably tell me, that you’re one very beautiful woman! I mean that too. I can’t believe there isn’t a guy that would want to bundle you up and…and hold you intimately like forever.”

He made her feel special as special could feel. She slowly and gradually felt something she had never felt before in her life. Whatever it was, was new to her, but she felt this unknown determination within herself to clear up whatever it was that sat in the back of her head telling her that.

“Jack…how uhhh would I know if I’m uhhh fat or not fat?” she asked.

Sitting there facing him she wore this extra large t-shirt over her. She had on shorts but he did not even think her legs, especially her thighs, were fat. “I don’t know. I guess the only way is for another person to look at you, look at your body, and just tell you what he thinks of it. From what little I’ve seen I don’t think your fat Katherine. I really don’t.”

He convinced her to do it. Out of nowhere, seeing as she was with Jack, she was more then willing, and more then anxious to take off her top for him so he could look at what he considered a perfectly fine upper body.

“Come here,” he said. “I’m going to show you something.”

With the t-shirt up against her body, and covering what she considered a fat looking belly, which wasn’t all that fat he thought they headed to his bedroom. He told her to put down her t-shirt so he could see her upper body. She had on this peach cotton bra but it was as cute as they came. She had no idea she’d be doing this so she didn’t expect it.

She stood in front of him as her breasts stood out in full view. He saw her cleavage too which made him feel good. He absolutely loved and adored women’s cleavage but what man didn’t, right? And as he looked down to her waist line and hips he began to see its slimming value just before he was able to see value of her widening hips next.

“Wow,” he said for emphases, “look at you! I mean…look at your figure! I mean this too Katherine. It is, in my opinion, amazing. Simply amazing and in almost every possible way too!” he said again. And he repeated himself and said “You are…you are soooo darn incredibly beautiful.”

He never rarely ever used the word sexy. It was very, very rare that he would. He always thought it was a very overused word and term but all of a sudden he blurted it out “I can’t believe I’m saying this but for some reason I am. You are sexy. And I never use that word with anyone. I mean it too. Look at your body! It is simply a beautiful and sexy body. It is,” he told her. “I mean look at this,” he went on to add as his finger pointed to, and traced a line closely, from just above her breasts, then around them, and as it did he slowed up a bit as he came to her waistline. And then he pointed out to her the redeeming value of her widening hips as well.

She was stunned by his words. Was he kidding her? With that said she came back with “Do you really mean that Jack? Do you huh do you?” she said while reconsidering what he’d just told her and done.

“I do and I bet your whole body, including your butt and thighs, are like that too,” he said.

She was as high as a kite and easily could have stripped down to her panties and bra. Easily she thought as the two looked into the mirror at her thick and curvy frame. He smiled at her via their images in the mirror.

And then, out of nowhere, she said “Ohhhhhh Jack, I love you. I know…I know, she went on to add, “I may not love you as in let’s get married but Jack I love you for what you just said to me.” With that she turned around bearing a smile on her face and she hugged him, hard. “Thank you, thank you very, very much.”

She had walked out in love with this man and tried, hard, to figure out a way she could repay him. The only way she knew was to make love to him. All of a sudden, weeks went by, and before they knew it neither had seen nor talked to one another. He was working again and she was too. With school not a bother for her she still found she had all sorts of time to spend planning out a way to see him again.

With that, she decided to email him.

“Hi Jack, can we get together soon?” the email read. “I mean that is if you have time.”

His reply was “Anything for you Katherine. I sure would love to see you again too. Do you want to come over tomorrow night? I’m free. And any time is good for me.”

She told him and she was over the following afternoon at 5:15.

He’d left a key for her and she came over but other then have dinner and talking nothing happened. That happened several more times but either way she loved being there. In the following weeks she was there with him she grew much more comfortable and desired him physically. Not having sex, or so she thought, grew on her. So what was she to do?

He’d given her a key and he told her to come by as often as she wanted.

“Really, you mean that?” she asked with a smile as big as large river.

He said yes that he’d be happy if she was there. She allowed herself, her fantasies and wildest dreams to get away from her at that point. In fact, one day she allowed herself, seeing as she was there a lot of evenings that she wanted to do something very, very special and unique as ever for the man she loved deeply.

“Hiiiii Jack,” she said into her video. “I sure hope this works. I hope it comes out so that you’ll enjoy it like I think I’m going to enjoy it.”

There it was. On a chair, sitting and recording her every movement, she lay with clothes on, but not for too long. Laying there, she had closed her eyes. Katherine looked relaxed. A hand moved, reaching up so that he’d be able to see the hand feel her breasts. No, he couldn’t see the tit, but in time he would be able to.

With her eyes still closed, she moved her hand around as the computers camera recorded her doing it. “Mmmmmm, I wish this was you doing this Jack,” she said. You know, feeling me like I’m doing this.”

And then, all of a sudden, she reached down, and slid her soft hand underneath the top. Her eyes were still closed as she did it and he’d be able to see her sliding her hand inside her shirt as she moaned, quietly, while doing it.

“Ohhh ugh ohhhhhh oh God Jack, if…if only you were here doing this to me,” she cried out as she either rubbed or fingered her pussy. Her body, by this point, was either rolling or humping all over the bed as she continuously moaned for his presence while she masturbated for him to be there. “Ahhhhh Lord yes, I wish you knew how this feels to me Jack.” It went on and on and on as she kept on fingering and rubbing her slit and pussy crack.

She was into this in a big, big way. Never before had she ever considered doing anything remotely crazy as masturbating in another person’s house other then her own bedroom. But she felt so soooo comfortable in his house and in his bedroom for that matter that Katherine just began to undo her clothes in front of the camera.

With her hand beneath that top and feeling and playing with her tits, she started, slowly, to take it off she was getting as horny as she played with her boobs. It was off. She taken off the top and other then her bra, panties, and shorts she had free reign of her body so that she’d show it off to him.

“I love you Jack so this is all for you,” she cried out as her hand rolled down, over her flabby belly, and as she did it she ran the hand inside her legs even though her shorts were still on her. She took a deep breath and if you’d watch you could see her hand pushing harder into her crotch. “I want you! I soooo want you doing this too me!”

And with that, you saw one of her hands disappear inside her shorts. Her eyes pinched closed and they were tightly closed too. She loved it. She loved how it felt while she rubbed her body all over. Moaning throughout it all, and starting to take off her shorts too, her legs were spread out, and she was undoing the shorts and unzipping them too.

“Ohhhhhh fuck Jack…take me! Take me and…and ohhhhhh I want your,” but she stopped and moaned quite loudly.

He walked in as she was masturbating and seeing as he did and she was doing what she was he heard her doing what she was. He grew seriously curious and followed the sounds of whatever it was he was hearing. “Huh?” he said quietly. “What is that?”

He walked towards it. In his bedroom, recording her almost naked body as she was, her bra had just come off her body. Her hand was inside her panties as she fingered her pussy crazily and while she moaned and cried out for him.

He walked up to his bedroom and stopped dead at the doorway. Holy shit, she thought. He focused in on what he was seeing. She’s…she’s freaking masturbating isn’t she? He paid close attention as her body rolled a little but mostly rose up off the bed and she had no idea that he was there at all.

“Ohhhhhh oh God yes Jack yes…I soooo want you so soooo badly! I wish you were here to do this,” she cried out as he watched her sweet round ass rise off the bed, again.

It was truly erotic to him as she got more naked and even more naked. All of a sudden he saw her take off her bra. She flung it about three feet from him. He watched it drop. All that remained were her cute panties.

He decided the time was right.

As she cried out again he said “May I help you with anything?”

She stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes opened wide and she shifted her naked body so he could see it more clearly. Although she didn’t mean to let him see her like that just yet he did see her and he was quite pleased nevertheless. He walked up, carrying a gentle smile on him, and so she’d feel a bit more comfortable about what she had been doing while in his apartment.

“Nooooo, don’t stop Katherine. Don’t please,” he said as he kept on smiling. “I am enjoying it.” She stopped doing what it was she was doing and quickly covered up with a sheet. “Why’d you do that?” he said. “I mean here you are, naked, and in my bed and you’re masturbating for me it seems, right? And wow, you do have a great looking body like I told you too” and as he said it he took off his shirt for her. He dropped it to the floor.

She looked at his sweet chest she loved so much and her eyes didn’t move off it. The hair wasn’t that heavy but it was there and she loved that a lot as well. Her eyes, glued to his hairy chiseled chest and while he stared back at her, got him hornier as he kept on staring at her naked body too.

“Mind if I help out? Mind if I lay down there and help out?” he asked.

“Huh really?” she said.

“Yeah, why not…seeing you do that uhhhhhh kind of has gotten me uhhh a little uhhhhhh horny too. That is if you can believe it,” he told her.

She said yes, quickly, and as quickly as she had said yes he was practically naked. Almost everything, other then his underwear, were off his body. To her he looked spectacular. Both grew hungry for so much more. He sat down. She wanted his hands all over her body. And with him sitting there and both of them horny as hell he leaned in and kissed her on her lips.

With that he hugged her and he hugged her affectionately and firmly.

Then all of a sudden she felt his hand on one of her boobs. He rubbed it. He moved it about the tit. He ran the palm of his hand over her soft nipple and then he did it again and once again after that.

“Do you mind if I do this?” he asked and with the question he leaned in and slid out his tongue so he could rub it, several times, over the nipple.

“Oh ugh ohhhhhh,” she cried out. “Ohhhhhhh yes ohhhhhh yes freaking yes! Jack, bite down on it!” She screamed out louder and said “Bite it harder…harder! Ohhhhhhh God yes…like that! Just like that,” she cried out again as his teeth bit down on her nipples.

They were hard as rocks now and seeing as they were and that she seemed happy as ever he started fingering her wet pussy and she rubbed her clit at the same time. Before she knew it she was at the full tilt and orgasming, wildly, as he fingered, and eventually down inside her legs and doing it with his tongue.

Her body was jumping or rolling all over the place as she came and came for him. She couldn’t seem to cum any more but to her it all felt incredible. She was breathing, and reaching for him, so she could hold and love this man forever. He was ready for sex at that point but seeing as she’d cum as madly as she had she did not think she had it in her to do that either.

“Soooo no sex, honestly?” he said.

Breathing hard, she replied by saying “Uhhhhhh ohhhhhh Jack oh Jack…I can’t. I just don’t have it,” and she took another deep breath of air and finished with “in me.”

“I’ll bet you do. Just you wait and see. I bet we can do it,” he said as she looked up at him and he smiled. “One thing at a time, alright?” he added. They laid side by side and he held her breasts in her hands while he caressed them and her nipples too.