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Her Landscaper

Young woman aroused by possible landscaper and masturbates only to discover he's gay
It wasn’t like she was trying to be showy but she no longer cared what others thought about her “large” figure. Not fat, Julia still had what was considered a fuller figure. She liked it in certain ways and she liked her body in that her breasts were larger then usual as well. Her large breasts, to her, weren’t a “big” deal and her thick and curvy body no longer bothered her either. She’d had it with what she thought were other peoples views.

See, at 31 she was still a single woman. And seeing that she was she told herself that if a man doesn’t want to go out with me then to heck with him. With that thought in her head she went on to say, to herself, I’m going to go out and buy it. And then I’m going down to the pool and lay around in it.

After months of thinking about it, she came to that realization that although some may find her “fat,” she really wasn’t. “I may be a bigger bodied girl, and I know it, and yeah I have these big hips and thighs…sure. But what the hell…I’m going to do it anyway. I’m going to go to the mall and buy myself that bikini I’ve always wanted.”

Finally the following night she and her friends were together at the nightclub. They were drinking up a storm. Yes, they were getting drunk. Laughing all night long, they sucked down shot after shot, and they joked about their bodies. Kind of that is. Most of them had laughed at one or two abnormalities and laughed about this or laughed about that. But seeing as Julia would smile, she was not laughing at her body. No she was not.

She wanted one of those bikinis all her friends could wear around. She had to come to terms with her body’s size. Although she was a bigger bodied and curvaceous woman, she still wanted to be able to go out and buy a bikini like all her slender bodied friends.

That following day, once she rid herself of her hangover, she remembered how she felt from the night before about being able to wear a bikini. She took the aspirin and got up and got over it. She went to that mall and she found at least two in her size she liked. She asked the slightly older woman, who wasn’t really big and shapely like her, but she hoped the woman would understand what Julia was going through. And she did.

“You want my honest to goodness opinion Miss?” the lady asked Julia. “With a body like yours, I’d say go for it.” It made Julia smile. “Every woman has the right to look as good as she pleases. And no, you are not fat! You aren’t fat at all…so go for it! Put it on, lay out there by that pool, and show your body off. Be proud of it.” Her eyes floated over Julia’s body. “Oh and I’m not telling you because I want a sale. I’m telling you because it’s true,” she told Julia.

At that point, after hearing what she’d heard out of the saleswoman, Julia jumped at it, and she happily went to the shelf and picked out and bought four bikinis. Each one looked perfectly suited for her figure too. None of them covered up her assets…those wide hips, her big thighs, and most of all her bigger round breasts too. All that long, wide cleavage was there for any man to savor if they looked her over.

Once she bought them, she walked out proud, and she was smiling too. She walked out of that store with hope…hope that she could find and land a man who’d love her for her. She hoped that man she might find would love her for her…and as well for the lovely looking assets of her figure too.

All her life Julia had never been proud of her body. As a result she’d gradually become a quiet person and somewhat reclusive, somewhat withdrawn. Here and there, seeing as she is a manager, she’d voice her opinion when needed.

The following weekend, it got hot. It became very hot and steamy. And she knew exactly what she was going to do. She was going to put on one of her new bikinis. However, that was when she saw him pull up to the curb. There were two of them. She stared out the window at the one guy and she stared hard as he climbed out of the truck.

Yes, it was that landscape company she’d seen a couple times before. He was its driver. And he was out doing his job on a Saturday? When she saw him, she instantly felt different. She liked him. She loved his looks. The guy was about her age too. He was so clean cut. He was this tall and somewhat burly looking guy and she liked that about him too. His facial features and that body of his drew her into him. She adored his eyes too.

And of course there was that frame of his, that physique. She said to herself as he walked back behind the truck….ohhhhhh that body of his and those shoulders and chest as well. Have you ever seen anything as manly looking as that? Have you ever? Julia closed her eyes as she looked towards him from her bedroom window. And then she thought that if she could talk to him, which she knew she probably wouldn’t because Julia was just never like that she told herself.

“But if I did,” she said, speaking up, “I’d love to invite him over here for lunch or even possibly dinner. Ooooohh wow he is soooo darn cute looking,” she found herself saying.

He then went around the backside of the apartment on the riding lawn mower. She watched him as he disappeared around back. She stared down at him and as he slipped around back she shook her head and told herself how unbelievably cute the guy was. She went to the balcony’s sliding glass door and watched him as he moved round and round on the mower. He worked it as if he were a magician.

And as he mowed and worked that machine it worked on her too. The whole scene was working her over too. She never said anything hardly ever but this…well this had her feeling and wishing she had the guts to do something about it. She wished, more times then not, that she could lay down with him, or even go and do it.

She suddenly felt like doing it…like masturbating knowing he was there.

“Oh my Lord,” she said surprised that she even thought about it like that.

She felt those same emotions some more and she felt them strongly. All of a sudden, her eyes closed again as she stared out the window at him. At first, Julia didn’t do anything about the obsessive feelings and sensations she was beginning to have towards him.

He was very close in age to her or so she thought he was. How close, she didn’t know, but regardless she wished she knew him a lot, lot better. She thought about it. She knew one thing and that was she’d like to be able to call him a very, very close “friend.” She’d tell her friends how she went and bought the bikinis and pranced around the poolside in one of them and he’s see her and then he’d smile once he did.

Personally, that idea aroused her even more somehow.

But she also thought about it some more and she reconsidered it all. She’d only tell her one real close friend about him. She told herself that she’d ask her friend what she should do about it. But then she realized what her friend’s answer would be.

She’d know. She’d tell Julia to lay down and masturbate. That’s what her friend would always tell her. And get this. That was how Julia was feeling anyway that day.

No, she didn’t call her best friend. She was way too caught up in her own feelings and thoughts. As Julia stood by the window watching him, and thinking about what would happen to her if he came over to her place, she realized they’d only “talk” for the most part, and nothing else. She stared at him some more.

As she did, she wished and she “wanted” him to stop what he was doing, and get off his mower and come over to her front door. Again, Julia stood there, but she closed her eyes. She wished for him to walk over to her front door, and ring the doorbell. She was “out of her mind,” somewhat although she didn’t see it that way.

And whatever was happening it was becoming more real to her. A fantasy was becoming a “reality” to her kind of. She allowed herself to let the story in her head grow. Her eyes were still closed when she said, as if it were him, “Hi Julia, its Tyler…you know the landscaper who is mowing outside?”

She said to herself what would I do? Just say hi back to him? Tell him to come on in and sit down? Would I be open…yes I’d be open to that. I’d tell him to relax, sit down, and watch me. Why he’d ask. I’d tell him to watch me because right now I am as horny as horny gets. And for you Tyler…I’m going to take off all my clothes…this dress and my bra and panties and I’m going to play with myself. Tyler, or whatever your name is, I’m going to masturbate right here in front of you.

Julia breathed in and thought about it. Yes, she knew deep down in her heart that that’s what she wanted, needed, and yearned for all of a sudden. And she hadn’t done that for a very, very long time too.

“Ohhhhhhh Tyler baby…I soooo want you right now!”

Her eyes were still closed but despite that, and as horny as she’d become, her hands were all over her body, and even running through her hair. She needed this guy badly! She wanted his shirt off and in her condo watching her do this. As her hand passed over her belly, they then ran down over her thighs, and lifted up her dress a little “notifying” him that she was definitely horny as hell. She was frazzled, so to speak. Her emotions were becoming out of control. Her hands were running up, down, over, and across while pawing her body everywhere as if she was not right whatsoever.

She spoke up while she stood in front of that sliding glass door. She knew she’d do it either way. She was “out of control” at this point. She wished she could tell him to get comfortable and sit down. She then said “Why, because I’m ready to “put on a show” for you.” She opened her eyes and looked outside. She looked at him and said “Relax Tyler…I’m soooo horny right now and seeing as I’m going to put on a show for you honey.”

Her body was tingling all over. She knew it, without even thinking about it, she wanted and needed “this” to happen. She pictured his body and face as if he was there watching her do it all…as if he was standing right there and smiling down at her. She saw him take off his shirt. Then she pictured him undoing his belt. She wished he was actually right there as she caressed her body more and more.

In her casual short dress she laid back against the headboard. In her mind, her eyes were on his big frame as he watched her do it all. She felt herself getting hornier by the second. She could have jumped his bones, if he was there, immediately seeing as she was so turned on like she was.

She closed her eyes again and her head and neck craned backwards. Her hands ran through her hair again and as quickly they ran down over her boobs as she kept her eyes closed. Her emotions and the sensations she was feeling caused her to begin moaning some. She needed him, badly. It worsened. As she did, her head was turning in every possible direction. She felt it more and more and wished he was beside her. She felt him on top of her too. She “felt” his on her body as if he was right there as well. And as a result, Julia had become totally turned on as ever.

She knew it for sure. It was time. This had to be done…with or without him.

She grew restless. She became excited. She was even anxious as all get out at the very same time. She couldn’t believe it. To have him there, while she was about to do what she was going to do was a very strong possibility to her. She knew that for sure.

Her hands moved all her body. They moved through her hair more then enough times and of course she was touching her body everywhere too. She tried getting relaxed on the bed and wished he’d be there to do what she was doing. She wished that he’d come and watch her as she did this. She would definitely do this for him she told herself.

Again, her hands ran down her legs. As she brought them up, she pulled up her dress up above her waistline. Her legs were visible. She rubbed her thighs, gently, and all the way to her panties around her pussy. Her eyes were still closed. Out of nowhere, she reached and slid one of her arms out of the dress.

The bra was noticeable.

She looked at “him” and asked “Do you like my bra, Tyler?”

She imagined seeing him nod his head. She closed her eyes again, as she smiled, and as did her head again craned a little due to that wanting need for his presence. She opened them and smiled at the imaginary figure of the landscaper as he stared at her doing what it was she was doing. She smiled at him and finally ran a hand over her colorful bra she wore beneath the dress she had on, watching his eyes as she did it in her fantasy. He smiled back at her and nodded his head too. She liked that of course. To her it meant she was doing this correctly.

Finally, she took out her other arm out of the dress which meant he could see all of her upper body. She hoped, and wished, he truly loved what he was seeing so far. Again, her hands ran through her hair while keeping her eyes closed, and wishing he was there to see her do this as well.

Eventually, she stood up. Once she did, she smiled at the imaginative figure, she dropped the dress to the floor. She wished he was there to actually see it all occur but she was too horny either way. Her fantasy was on its way…and so was she.

Regardless, in her mind she knew he’d be able to see her panties which matched her bra and looked delicious in the way men thought of women’s panties. Her fingers slipped inside the waistband and ran around the band.

“Patience Tyler,” she said in that quiet voice of hers, “I’m getting there honey.” She imagined him getting hornier, and even harder, as he sat and watched her do her thing. “Do you like my figure dear? I hope you do.” She pictured him nodding his head.

At that point, she rand her fingers over her bra, and then she slid them through her thick and appetizing cleavage. She ran her hands over and around her solid round breasts. It felt soooo good to her that she went and brought out one boob and then the other out of her bra. She smiled and rubbed her breasts, and squeezed them too, and then she started toying with her nipples. “Ooooohh oh ahhhhh,” she uttered. “I so wish you uh were doing this to me,” she said aloud. From there, she ran her fingers down her soft and relatively flat tummy until she got to her panties. She stopped and took off the bra completely.

From there she just went and did it. She slid off her panties.

At that point she was totally naked and she was too turned on for anything else and so she got up from the bed and turned around on her feet. He would be able to see her big, round, and shapely ass. She ran her hand over one of the ass cheeks and then slid it inside of it and felt her ass’ cheeks some more. “Ooooohh do you like seeing me do this Tyler? Because it’s all yours when you come over here for dinner,” she said to no one. “And I sure do hope you can come over too.” She felt her ass and inside the crack of it again.

She laid back down. She smiled a little as if he was there and rubbed her underarms. Then she rubbed her open and willing breasts for him as if he was right there.

Once she did that she rubbed her belly a little. But then she did it. Julia began feeling and rubbing her pussy’s hair. She played with it for a while too.

But then she did it. She began toying with the pussy itself.

“Ohhhhhhh I haven’t done this in soooo long Tyler.” She wanted this so badly. She pictured his face and his body as he sat there, half naked, and while her fingers kept on rubbing her clit.

Before too long, she was digging in deeper. While one hand was going crazy rubbing and fingering her pussy the other hands was madly running through her hair back for whatever reason. She was out of her mind horny.

In a rather high pitched tone, Julia started crying out as if needing him to be there. She needed Tyler. She needed and wanted and yearned for his body…his naked body too.

“Oh God!” she cried out, repetitively. “Oh uhhh oh God yes! Yes baby yes…finger me! Eat me out baby. Eat me out! Don’t stop baby!” She cried out again and again and as she did she wished he was really there and down on his knees doing it. She wished that his face was buried down inside of her thighs and eating her out, madly.

Her face was showing weird and odd emotions she never showed before. She showed that she was in soooo much need of a good fuck and felt it as well. She knew she needed him against her. Her body was up in the air while she fingered herself more wildly. “Oh yeah, oh yeah,” she cried out.

She must have cried that out a few dozen times at least while her fingers dug into her pussy uncontrollably. She wished she’d had a dildo. With that she could have produced so much more but the fingers would have to do it for her.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck…ohhhhhh just fuck me Tyler! Fuck me and fuck me hard! Oh please do that to me Tyler honey!” she screamed out as her fingers dove in deeply and madly.

And then it finally happened. Julia came. She came forcefully. Cum oozed madly out of her pussy and Julia felt soooo much relief. It was as if he was really there fucking her. She came hard. She came a lot. Cum kept on oozing out of her and down her thick thighs.

She was sucking in lots of air too. She was breathing heavily. She was wondering if it was at all really like that. Either way, masturbating like that was phenomenal to her.

She sure wished he was there in that room. And seeing as it was only two in the afternoon she thought about it. She heard it. She heard that mower. Naked, she got up from her bed and looked out the window. She smiled when she looked down at that hunk of a man. Her eyes closed for a moment and she went and decided to clean up.

Proud of herself for what she’d just done, she went and put on one of her new bikinis. You never know, she told herself, maybe he’ll find me attractive enough. Once the new bikini was on, she wrapped the towel around her, and oddly when she got down to the pool nobody was even out there.

It was completely empty.

She un-wrapped the towel from around her big figured frame and laid it out on the chair to tan in. She hoped and prayed he’d look in her direction. She told herself she’d smile at him. Hopefully he’d smile back at me she thought.

She continued to look over towards him as she sat upright on the pool chair. Nope, he did not look. Darn it, she thought. Why won’t you look. Am I too…no Julia you aren’t fat. You are not fat at all.

He looked her way. She saw him look her way. His eyes nor his face made any sort of movement telling her he was interested in her looks. It confused her. She felt depressed seeing as it had taken her that long to get up the guts to go and get herself a bikini.

She laid down and closed her eyes so she could get a suntan.

Several minutes passed. “Hi…is this chair taken?” the young woman asked. She was about Julia’s age and happened to be built a lot like her too. When Julia opened her eyes to look up at her the woman smiled. “Do you mind seeing as you’re the only other person here?” Julia said she didn’t mind. The woman laid down but then sat back up. “I’d wish they’d leave don’t you?”

“No, it’s alright. I don’t mind,” Julia said as her eyes followed “Tyler” on his mower.

The woman said “I’m Katie by the way.”

“Oh hi, I’m Julia,” she said as she smiled and stuck out her hand.

“Which condo is yours?” Katie asked.

“That one,” Julia replied.

They went on to talk a little as Julia began eyeing “Tyler.”

“Hmmm, I see you have an eye out for that guy. Can I tell you a secret?” Katie asked. Julia asked what it was. “He isn’t the man you want.” Julia asked what she meant. “Well, I’ve only lived here about two months and you? How long have you lived here? To be honest with you it doesn’t matter.”

Julia listened.

“I was at the mall on the south side,” and she mentioned it, “and I was with my sister. We both saw him. He was with a friend. A very gooooood friend too,” she went on to add.

“Pardon me…what do you mean?” Julia asked.

“Well Julia…they were such good friends that the two men, one of them being our landscaper, that those two were holding hands. As in interlocking fingers and all, Katie went on to say. Get my drift?”

Katie looked at Julia. Julia’s face dropped. The “horrified” look on her face practically said it all and Katie could just about understand it too. Julia’s eyes closed and her head dropped. She shook her head.

“You too?” Katie asked.

“Uhhh pardon me?” Julia came back.

“May I tell you a secret?” Katie said.

“When I saw him I thought to myself ‘Now there’s a looker right?’ But he isn’t on our watch list. He’s unfortunately gay…not that there’s anything wrong with that but to each there own. I mean I even fantasized about him once. I…well I even masturbated after seeing him but last weekend there he was and he was holding hands with another guy over at the mall. They were truly holding hands with one another. Soooo unfortunately you can drop him from your list of potential suitors. Sorry about that,” Katie went onto tell Julia.

“Darn it all,” is all Julia could say.

“May I ask you a question? Julia said yes. “Have you ever umm done anything with another woman before…like have an affair with one?” Katie asked.

“Huh…what?” Julia said, surprised at the question asked of her.

“Never mind…just asking,” Katie said with a smile. “But they can be uhhh quite romantic as ever if you allow another woman to kiss your lips and make love to you.”

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