Her Pink Solo Cup

By SassySue1617

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Contact with her cyber lover was constantly disrupted by family so she sought relief of her own.
Her Pink Solo Cup

By: Hardtimes69

Sam lay on her bed naked. She was alone and had a few minutes of peace and quiet. She thought of the last few chats with her cyber lover, always cut short by the interruptions of summer. Now she was injured and had two areas that throbbed. The injured wrist would have to heal on its own, some pills and ice and a prayer that it was not broken. The other throbbing ache she was about to take care of, for now anyway.

Her injured hand lay next to her on the bed on a soft pillow with her vibrator. The meds have dulled the pain but it lingers. Her left hand explores her body, rubbing her neck and down to her shoulder, she starts to relax.

Moving her hand to her shoulder and then to the slope of her breasts. Feeling her soft supple skin, her hand travels downward, on her bosom which delights her as her fingers dance on her breasts. A finger traces the nipple causing it stir. She feels the dark colored, gumdrop size nub of flesh grow and stretch on the tip of her saucy breast. It makes her tingle as she feels the sensation not only in her breast but in her pussy and also in the pleasure center of her brain. Pinching her nipples, pulling on them excites her more as she caresses her breasts. Feeling her touch and she imagines it to be the touch of her lover. The thoughts of her lover are titillating her sexual desires for pleasure. Her fingers endeavoring to bring her to that magic point of release. The sexual tension increases in her body. Her hand drifts between her breasts; massaging the nipples which are hard and very erect. Then, moving her hand to her mound presses firmly on her pouty lips and transmits the pressure to her clit.

She feels the warmth of her vulva, her skin is bare, and she feels the trace of stubble and reflects that it is time to for a touch up, but not now. Her hand poised over her sex and she feels the fresh, warm moistness of her secretions. A thin line of her sexy nectar is perched on the top of her lips. Her lips are engorged and flushed. Sensitive to her touch and feels what is like small electrical thunderbolts radiating in her body. With her fingers, spreads the delicate leaves of her precious flower, opening it, to be gratified. Her small clitoris peeks from its hood. Her fingers, made small sensual circular motions on her hard pink nub, flexing her hips as she played gave her sensations had never felt before.

Her hand rests and put pressure on her mound. She takes her sensitive clit between two of her fingers and she rubs both sides at once and with each stroke she feels a jolt of electricity shoot through her sex. Feeling the heat from her fingers, it travels through her groin and up to her plump nipples. Her entire body is twisting and arching and she feels herself on the edge of cumming. Every muscle in her body tightens and releases with the fanciful ecstasy as the erotic sensation washes over her body.

With her injured hand she gingerly holds a vibrator and with piston like motion she manipulates the vibrator in and out of the sexy wet sloppiness of her pussy. Her juices are running down to the crack of her ass.

Eyes closed shut tightly; her head thrashing from one side to the other, her ass raised off the bed she find the magnificent climax that she craved. Body warm from head to toe, the sensation of her sexual high migrates throughout her body.

Now, gradually decreasing the pressure, her fingers and vibrator escape from of her body. Resuming the massage of her pubic mound of her pussy, firmly but gently the pressure is diminished. Her sexual high fades and the afterglow sets in. Her body relaxes; she has a feeling of utter satisfaction making her private moment scrumptious as a piece of chocolate melting in her mouth. Sam with eyes closed, lying naked in her blissful state, dreamt of her next naughty moment and her finger was, again, deep in her pink solo cup.