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Her Sunday afternoon

The pleasures of simple touch
She had spent all of her Sunday afternoon napping naked between fresh, new sheets while the wind blew cool summer air through the open windows in her bedroom.

When she awoke, she stretched and squirmed on the mattress, enjoying the soft fabric and her smooth skin rubbing together, caressing her body. She traced her finger around her navel, then rose it to her right breast. She circled her erect nipple with her nail and cupped the firm tit with the rest of her hand.

Quickly, she moved her wandering hand down to her mound, where she felt herself slowly. First, she took her index finger and ran it leisurely between her slit and up over her clit. Soon she began using all of her fingers and her palm to rub and tickle herself between her legs and thighs. She began throbbing with desire.

Sliding her leg across the soft fabric and thrusting her hips and bottom into a new position caused her to become so aroused that her flower muscles quenched together, causing another wave of pleasure.

Half asleep and horny, she rose from her bed and grabbed the silk robe from its hanger, slipping it on. By chance, the soft pink tie brushed against her, catching between her lips and slid between them for its entire length as she disrobed in front of the shower.

The water hit her body. Whenever a rush of liquid splashed across her face she always tingled with pleasure. Again, she squeezed her favorite muscles. She anticipated the pleasure that would mount in her young body. Water rushed from the showerhead, and dripped from her nose slowly down to her mouth. A few drops hung there as she moaned quietly. She was so aroused every touch was felt in her sex.

She took the loofa off of the shelf and filled it with water. Turning her back to the faucet and removing herself from the rush of the shower, she squeezed the loofa first all over her face and into her open mouth. Next, she drenched the loofa again, this time with the intention to drip water over her clit. The stream felt warm and she invited its touch as it engulfed her sensitive area. She felt naughty that water and such seemly limited simulation could tip her over the edge…and the thought caused cum to dribble out of her open slit and down her leg.

She turned around and took the showerhead off of its hook. She gave her throbbing pussy a strong spray of water. The pressure from the head felt like a strong finger was rubbing her clit. She backed herself into the shower wall and slid her ass against it, side to side & up and down, as the stream continued beating down on her mound.

She placed the showerhead back on the hook and began greedily rubbing her clit with her index finger. Using her middle finger, she parted her slit and found her wet hole and slid her long finger dead inside. A loud moan escaped from her throat. She rubbed her ass again off the shower wall with its smooth tile. She then put both her middle and index finger inside of her, and she bit her shoulder with pleasure at the pain. The tight hole throbbed as more cum found its way to her thighs.

She turned around so her back was again facing the stream. She rubbed her front across the tiles on the wall. She found her clit again, stimulating it before she pushed it into herself as her nipples, breasts, and hips grinded up against the wall.

With her free hand, she parted her ass and let the water go between her cheeks and creep up her front.

Close to climax she grabbed the showerhead again and changed the setting to a strong, single stream. She made the temperature of the water warmer and she directed the rush towards her hole. With her fingers, she quickly and hungrily rubbed herself closer and closer to orgasm, as the warm water beat down on her pussy. She moaned, biting her lip, as she pushed herself over the edge and the final rush of cum washed down the drain.

She turned the water to cold, and finished her shower as the cool drops began stimulating her again. 

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