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Holiday Fun

A night of fun continues after the party finishes.
I have been in Phuket for the past few days, all for a wedding which was held tonight. My friends and I are walking through the street away from the festivities, and decide we don't want the night to end just yet. We're all a little fuelled by the amount of alcohol we've had to drink, and we all choose a bar to crowd into, to continue the night of fun, even though it's almost 1am.

As we walk into the bar, I can't help but glance around the streets. I am hoping for one thing, even though I know I'm being ridiculous. My mind however is in overdrive, knowing the fact that you knew I'd be here this week. You knew where'd I'd be tonight, and I can't focus on anything else apart from how you'd know where to find me. Shaking my head slightly, I follow the crowd into the bar, pushing you into the back of my mind.

Little did I know that your flight had been delayed, and that it was touch and go whether you would even make it. Luckily, you had managed to touch down late afternoon. You had gone straight to your hotel and checked in, and to have a rest after your long day. At around 10pm you decided to check out the area surrounding your hotel, as you've never been to Phuket before.

You find a bar and sit down, smiling at how friendly the locals are, and they pull you into their conversation, asking about you and what you are doing. They mention that there was a big wedding going on in town tonight, and you wonder whether this may be the same one I was here to attend...

The locals are laughing at how happy our big group is, and some come to join us as shots are ordered from the man behind the bar. I look around quickly one last time before I sit next to my friend on the stools.

You've had a big day, and not having any luck so far, you decide to head back to your hotel. As you walk along the street however, you see a big group of people disappear into another bar. Thinking you've got nothing to lose, you walk into the bar and look around. You take a seat and watch the group, talking and laughing, noticing that they are clearly a little worse for wear. You see the barman's face light up as he knows it's pay day for him!

One of my friends hands me a tequila shot, and I protest, trying to pass it along. She laughs, and tells me that it's her and me, and I can't pass it up. I wince, as I hate tequila! My friends, knowing this fact, start cheering me on and laughing.

You hear a noise from the front of the bar and you look up to watch the group of friends. Your heart jumps slightly when you notice one girl, silky brown hair, styled nicely, and her brown eyes complimented by smoky eye liner. Her lips look totally kissable with a light pink gloss, and her cleavage is ample in the rich red halter-neck dress she's wearing which brushes the tops of her knees in a flattering style. As you watch her, she shakes her head at the group, holding a shot glass, looking horrified. You pay closer attention, and hearing the group chant at her, your thoughts are confirmed.

“Fuck it,” I say to the crowd, and they all laugh as I pick up the shot and down it, eyes clamped shut. I cough as the liquid burns my throat and hits my head, and I feel a presence behind me, laughing.

“This looks like fun,” says an English voice from behind me, and I instantly freeze. “Can I take a turn?”

My friends instantly adopt the 'foreigner', and I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Nice shot,” he says, winking at me, “My name is David.”

“Mel,” I manage to say calmly, without a hint of acknowledgement.

Over the next hour we don't get to say much else – we don't want to come across as too close, in case it gives us away. My friends start to dwindle, until it is only us left in the bar. After saying goodnight to the last lot to leave after promising them I will follow them after I finish this drink, we are finally left to our own devices.

“Just us,” you say with a smile.

“Yeah,” I laugh nervously, “Just us.”

You lean in closer to me, still smiling at me, until your lips are touching mine. The electricity hits me straight away, and I realise how long it's been since I felt you. I lean into your kiss slowly, allowing my lips to mould to yours. Your hand lifts and brushes against my cheek before tucking my hair behind my ear, and then resting gently at the back of my neck.

Your touch again triggers something in me, and I move my lips over yours, allowing the kiss to strengthen slightly. You feel my body moving towards you, and you reach around behind me with your other hand to close the distance between our torsos. I feel you respond, and start to take control by pressing my body into yours. Your mouth opens slowly, and I feel your tongue start to search for mine.

My arms snake around your neck, and I meet your tongue with mine as the kiss turns more urgent. Our tongues move together as one, teasing and pleasing each other. My breasts are pressed hard against your chest, and I feel your movement below as our actions start to register.

I can feel my juices starting to pool between my legs. Your kiss, after all this time, is driving me wild! I slowly and regretfully pull away from you.

“We should move out of here David. It's a bit too... open.”

You look down at me, and the lust I feel is reflected in your eyes. I feel your hand shift it's position from around me to trace my curves under the fabric of my dress. My skin tingles as your touch lingers, leaving me wanting more. I feel your hand linger at the hem of my dress, brushing against my lower thigh. Your hand reaches under the skirt and I can feel your fingers gently dancing up my skin.

“Mel,” you say with urgency, and I meet your eyes again. “Are you sure you want to do this? Your friends are near, they could come to find you...” Your voice trails off as I brush a finger over your lips, and I nod my consent. A moan leaves my mouth as your fingers brush my naked skin, higher and higher. I pull you to me again, unable to keep my lips away from yours any longer, and we kiss again.

Your palm is flat against my leg, feeling the soft skin as you start to finger the lace outline of my underwear. I feel your hand move across the front of my mound, your body in front of mine shielding your actions from the public. I feel my body respond to you, and I can't help but push down into your hand.

You whisper into my ear, telling me how much you want me. I groan in response, not needing to speak. Your fingers flick across the front of my underwear, finding the wet patch which sends you wild. I know you can read my mind. You know how desperate I am for this, for you. But I can also read your mind, and I know that these thoughts will make you rock hard.

I push myself further on to your hand, silently begging for more of your touch. As you feel my needs, your body responds in the way I guessed it would. You make sure your actions are still hidden from the view of prying eyes, and you pull my underwear to the side before quickly pushing two fingers into my sopping hole.

I gasp at the invasion, my cunt clinging to your fingers as they push into me. I can feel the juices previously trapped by the elastic on my underwear now running free down the inside of my thighs.

The lust of wanting me is all that your mind can focus on. You thrust your fingers deeper inside me, and curl your fingers to run against my walls. I'm on fire, literally aching for your touch. I want to cum hard for you. I want to reward you. I pull you to me again and kiss you hard. My tongue snakes between your lips and roams around your mouth.

I can feel how my kiss urges you on as you start to thrust harder and faster inside me now. Your other hand is holding me, as my knees start to buckle with the built up desire running through my body. The world around us vanishes and all I can hear are the soft moans and groans escaping from my mouth. I feel like I will never be able to get enough of you.

You bite my bottom lip to suppress the noises I am making, but I need you desperately, urgently, and I am too close to care about a possible audience. I feel my body tense against you, and my pussy traps your fingers inside me. I pull my lips from yours to moan your name as my juices spread all over your fingers.

“Oh, god, Dave. Please, baby, don't stop!” I moan as I shudder against you, my orgasm rippling throughout my whole body, my muscles clenching your fingers deep inside me as the contractions flow through my cunt. I close my eyes as I ride the wave of pleasure out over your hand.

I open my eyes to see you watching me, a smile on your face. You remove your hand before saying, “Well, is it time to go somewhere a bit more private now?”
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