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Hollywood and First Time Exposure PT2

Young woman startes dating young man in 1956 and learns how to masturbate
It had taken her a long, long while to fall asleep that night seeing as she masturbated for her very first time. The exhilaration, those sensations while she orgasmed, and when she felt that cum as it oozed down her thick sumptuous thighs had her feeling most unusual.

However, regardless, Shelly felt incredible! Shelly wanted to do what she’d just done again. Maybe not that night but she’d do it. She knew she’d do that for sure, she told herself. She just knew she would for sure.

And then she breathed in and smiled once she exhaled.

Her hands touched her stomach by way of the pajama top. She listened to the “silence” in the house. Her mom and dad were downstairs. It sure was quiet but it didn’t matter. She was off in her own little world of fantasies galore. Well kind of that is seeing as Cam was not her choice of men to fantasize about seeing as he is gay she told herself. Okay, there were others, but she never much cared for them. There were certain male coworkers but they never paid any attention to her either.

Still, she found a way to do it, and once she achieved it she knew she’d masturbate again

“I have to tell you something,” she told Marline the following morning. “But not here. I’ll tell you at lunch, okay?” she said in an unusual excited tone.

At lunch, Shelly looked around, anxiously as she hoped nobody was there to overhear what she was about to tell Marline. No one was. “I did something last night, something very unusual, at least for me that is, and wow,” she added as she blinked her eyes and stopped before going on to tell her. “How do I say this?” She paused a moment as a smile settled in on her lips.

“What, what was it?” asked Marline.

“I masturbated!” Shelly exclaimed. “And wow, ohhh wow, it was as exciting as ever!”

“You what?” Marline went on to say. “You really did that, honestly?” she said, smiling.

Shelly nodded and told her most of the story. It had Marline thinking. The story had her wishing she was that lucky too. Marline wished she could be photographed but she also knew that Shelly didn’t have sex as a result of it.

“Wow, you’re a lucky devil,” Marline said. She was happy for and envious of Shelly.

A couple days later Shelly hopped a bus and headed for Cam’s apartment. She knocked. He answered. She didn’t even speak to him. She only looked up into his crystal blue eyes and stared into them, for a long time too.

He was tall. He was big shouldered as well. He was big bodied. The man, who smiled back at her, was one good looking guy as well.

Her heart jumped, unexpectedly. She was entranced by the man’s good looks. He was a man a lot of women could want to be with or so she thought he was.

“May I help you?” he said.

“Uhhhhhh yes,” Shelly told him. “I’m here to see Cam.”

“Ohhhhhhh, you must be umm Shelly?” Charles said.

Shelly was still standing there, gazing at his tall overwhelmingly ex-football players body, and wondering, possibly wishing she was his girlfriend. She was more then a little overtaken by his larger then life handsome features. He wasn’t a “Hollywood” type man in many respects but to Shelly, Charles was a very, very good looking young man.

In truth, he was 25. He was only a few years older then her but his age never mattered at all. He was “stunning” in her opinion as she stood dumbstruck, so to speak, and she stood there failing to say anything else.

“Oh uhhh yes uh yes I am,” she told him.

He quickly invited her inside as he smiled and also looked her over too. He knew it as well as her. He liked her and he liked her a lot. Her eyes also caught his attention. She was, in his opinion, adorably attractive. She was not some typical Hollywood starlet. She was simply a run of the mill secretary his brother had run into and he knew it instantly.

He fell in “love” with her the second he saw her.

“Hey Cam,” he called out. “Shelly is here!”

He watched as Shelly walked away with Cam. They went to view her pictures. As Shelly turned the corner, she looked back at Charles unexpectedly. It seemed to Charles that possibly she smiled but he wasn’t sure to be honest. He knew he couldn’t disturb them as Cam and Shelly looked at her pictures.

“I’m not so sure I like these,” she told Cam as she referred to the one of her in her brassiere and underwear. “It’s just that, I don’t know,” she went on to say. “I just don’t like my body I guess.”

“Well I’m not the one to give you an honest opinion. That’s for you to decide. But there could be an option,” Cam went on to tell her. “However, I’m not going to tell you what that is.”

He remained quiet while she thought about what he’d last told her. She stared at a few pictures as she thought about his last words, looking up at him, and then back down at the pictures the gay photographer had taken of her.

“Tell me,” she said quietly. “I’ll listen if you tell me.”

He stared at her and shook his head. He looked away towards the door, which was closed. Then he looked back at her. “Are you sure about this?” he asked.

With some lack of confidence in her voice she said yes as she nodded her head. He told her to hold on and relax. He stood up, went to the door, and walked out.

“Shelly, would you be willing to have Charles here look at them?

She instantly turned red. Although she knew there was something about the guy she liked she did not feel comfortable whatsoever about him seeing her pictures.

“No,” she said as she shook her head and while she turned a deeper shade of red.

Cam understood and went to tell Charles. He came back and found her wondering whether she could stand letting a guy, she didn’t know, see her in her underwear. They put the pictures away. He’d put them in his vault. They got up and left the private room but when she saw Charles all she wanted to do was stare into those beautiful redeeming blue eyes of his.

When he smiled she couldn’t help but smile back. She knew she immediately liked him and wished she could tell someone she did. She felt her body warm up. She felt her heart beat a little faster too. She wished she could hold his hand or his body or be paid attention to in the most fascinating ways a woman desires that attention.

That night, alone in her bedroom again, she saw his face, and also his tall large body. In her pajamas again, she pulled out that one book, but never started reading it at all. Shelly closed the door and locked it too. From there she laid back in her bed as she closed her eyes. She pictured him some more. She’d breathe in. She’d exhale as well. She did it a number of times too.

Finally, her hand lightly tumbled down over her soft rippling belly. It disappeared inside her pajama bottoms as well as her underwear. Her fingers began with her pubic hair and without stopping found her clitoris. She breathed in, deeply as she fingered it a little.

She murmured as she toyed with her clitoris. “Mmmmm uh oooooohh ahhhhh” she said.

Her finger played around and before she realized it, it entered inside her pussy. It was a lot warmer then she expected but it sure felt good as she saw his face and what she hoped was his naked chest while she pecked at her moist warm pussy.

“Uh oh god,” she uttered. “Ohhh ahhhhh yeah.”

She slid in another finger after that and “poked” around her pussy some more. Her body soon began tightening up. So did her ass and with that she found herself rising up off her mattress. It felt a lot better then the other night, she found herself thinking.

Her breathing intensified too as she found her fingers moving about more rapidly. In, out, and in and out her fingers and hand went around and around and up and down as to give her that special orgasmic series of sensations which would allow her to cum.

“Ohhhhhh my fucking god!” she said, louder then usual. “Oh fuck yes oh fuck yes, yes ohhhhhh my fucking yes!” With that, her body firmed up totally. With that, she orgasmed big time, and saw him, bare chested, and smiling as he leaned over her.

She cried out, again as she fingered a hotter then hot, wet pussy as she pushed for more and more. She came again. She felt that cum oozing out and down the insides of her thighs. It felt incredible. She kept on fingering herself. She wanted more. She did not want this to end. She wanted another orgasm. She wanted to continue cumming.

Cum got all over her fingers. She had orgasmed twice. With cum on her fingers and seeing as she had cum twice already, the pretty looking chubby 22 year old pulled her hand out. She looked at it. Her cum was all over her hand. Shelly smiled too.

She raised the hand to her lips and opened her mouth. For whatever reason she eased the cum soaked fingers into her mouth and licked them off. With that she wiped off her saliva and cum soaked fingers on her pajama bottoms, smiling as she did.

Still she could feel it. She could still feel cum oozing out and down out of her pussy into her underwear and pajama bottoms too. But Shelly no longer cared. He knelt there, over her, and he smiled at her as she masturbated for the second time in her life.

“Mmmmmm, I sure liked doing that for you Charles,” she said as she smiled more.

A few days went by. That last episode remained between her and herself only. But once she got off work, later that evening a call came in. Her dad called her to the phone telling her it was some guy.

“Hello,” she said. He told her who it was. She immediately grew super excited upon knowing his voice. “I was interested in whether or not you’d like to go to dinner with me. I mean we don’t have to go.”

“Yes sure,” she said as she cut him off. Her tone of voice had changed entirely. So did the look on her face. “I would love to.”

He came and met her parents. They liked this guy almost immediately. That helped a lot. They went to dinner and took a long, relaxing walk afterward, and he brought her home by 11:00 that evening.

She told him she had the most wonderful time, smiling as she said so. He was glad and immediately invited her out again. She had a great time again. He invited her out again. They were going out all the time now. By two months later, they’d gone out for dinner or something else at least 20 times.

He took her hand in his. She let him too. They walked and talked and stayed away from people and traffic and enjoyed the lights and romantic nature of the date.

He suddenly stopped. She obviously had to also. He held her hand in his and looked down at her. She looked back at him and his tall and soft good looking features. Her heart beat faster. She felt warmer and warmer all over.

God, I sure want to kiss him. I soooo want to kiss him badly.

Out of nowhere, his hands held hers more firmly. Looking down deep into her eyes he pulled her in against his body. She never expected it to happen. Once he did, he pulled her even closer and pressed his lips into hers, kissing her madly, and turning her on more then she could even imagine.

His hands were all over her back, moving about her bra strap, down into the small of her back as well, and even moving down around her wider thicker ass too.

She felt ignited in a surge of passion she did not know even existed as he kissed her. Her lips kissed back as wildly as she knew how. She felt his bulk of a body pushing in against her and as she did she only wanted more and more and even more.

They kissed hard.

They kissed passionately as hell.

He did not let go nor did she.

She wrapped her arms around him almost as fervently as he held her. He was soooo solid, so tall, and soooo well built as far as she was concerned (although he wasn’t in truth), that all she could picture was the two of them making love together and doing that real soon too.

It stopped. The kissing finally ended and she was out of air and breathing heavily at this point. By this point, all she wanted was to make love to a man who was a true gentleman, and a heck of a kisser in her opinion.

“I loved, I loved that Charles,” she said stammering.

“Me too,” he replied. “I’ve wanted to do that since the very first day we met.”

“Honestly, really?” she said, her eyes opening wide as huge smile settled on her face. “Me too. I mean it.”

He instantly pulled her in, just like before, and kissed her feverishly and hard again.

They kissed even as a drizzle out of the sky appeared to settle in out of the sky. She would not stop. He wouldn’t stop. Heat built up. An arousing high temperature built up again between their bodies. The drizzle continued as these two kissed and kissed.

Their clothing got wetter and wetter as they kissed. Their hands, and more like his moved all over her body as he touched her back, and her ass as well more and more.

He squeezed it for the very first time.

She jumped towards him. She loved it but never expected it at all.

She knew one thing. She was going to go home that night and masturbate again. She did too but in the meantime they raced to his car and immediately picked up on their kissing assignment. The windows easily and soon fogged up. He had her “pushed” up against the passenger side door.

She wanted it to happen too.

The hormonal juices felt as if they’d grown and settled in her vagina. Her legs could not do it but she wished she could wrap them around his “hulking” body. She pushed into him more times then she could count, knowing she wanted to orgasm or anything which would make her feel that way.

“Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh yes,” she uttered between kisses.

He pulled back.

Smiling, he looked into her eyes. “I wonder if we’re having too much fun yet.”

“Nooooo uh not enough,” she said in reply.

Her eyes showed something else.

“I have a question,” he said almost too quietly. She asked what as they held one another’s body. “Would you like to visit my real place up in,” and he told her where,

She jumped on the invitation and asked him when.

The following weekend he picked her up, early, and drove her to his place a couple hours away. He was the perfect host. He picked her up at 9:30, they headed to his real place, he made lunch for them, and she waited for something more “extravagant” to occur.

“I have to be honest with you, Shelly,” he told her. He looked at her and tried hard as hell to smile as he talked. “From that very first day we met I’ve always wanted to be with you and around you. I mean it. If it wasn’t for Cam none of this would have ever happened. I’m the luckiest person around.”

“No Charles, I’m the luckiest person around.” She touched his hand and held it in hers. “I’m the one who should be honest with you.” She looked down and away and spoke softly. “From the very first day I saw you I knew I wanted to be around you, with you, and well I don’t know. But I knew there was something extremely special about you.”

She finally looked directly at him wearing a blank stare.

He looked back. “Me too,” he said. “You’re beautiful I think.”

“No I’m not,” she said.

“Yes you are, Shelly. Everything about you, to me, is incredibly beautiful.”

She blushed again. She looked away from him. “Charles, I’m fat,” she said.

“No you aren’t Shelly. If you were fat I don’t ever think I would have kissed you last week as much as I did. You are,” and he paused and smiled. “Let me tell you what I think, okay? You are arousing. You easily make me horny, Shelly. It is soooo easy to want to be flirtatious around you. For whatever reason, I feel like I can be intimate and I think, sexual too, around you. I don’t know what else to say.”

What he’d said was easily enough for her.

But he added “And I almost am sure you induce an exciting sexual desire nobody has ever induced within me in my life. I mean that too.”

She was shocked. She was doubly aroused by everything he’d told her and because of that she dove on top of his body. She felt she could not help herself. Her lips were on his and she was kissing him crazily as her hungry hands ran all over his chest.

Of course his shirt was on, in fact all their clothing was on, but none of that at this point stopped her. She stayed on top and remained there as she kissed him wildly. He loved how it all felt. He loved how her large boobs felt more then anything as they smashed into his body.

He wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her more firmly against him as his cock soon got harder and harder as they kissed. He was the one who began moaning as they kissed but shortly after that she did too.

He wanted her, badly.

“I want to make love to you,” he said sometime between kisses.

She kept on kissing but within moments of him saying that she stopped. She pulled away, a frantic like look on her face. “You do?” she said.

He nodded as he looked into her face. “Yes, I do.”

“Me too,” she said. “But I’m not sure I should.”

“Let’s do this then,” he suggested. “Would you be willing to play around a little?”

She was so horny she said yes without thinking. She told him he had to take off his shirt first and he did. He had a t-shirt on beneath it. She didn’t care. He told her she had to undo the buttons to her blouse she was wearing, which she initially hesitated to do, but she did it.

It was exciting as ever to her but in doing it she got a chance to see his chest better and he had a clear view of her cleavage, which he truly loved, and she knew that for sure. They sat up. He pulled off his t-shirt and he let her see his “flabby” looking upper body, which in truth was not all that bad looking.

She liked it. He was happy she did. She reached across and felt around his chest and even his soft like belly. It wasn’t that flabby but he was a bigger sized guy and it came with the territory.

Finally, he did his thing. “Respecting” her, he felt her cleavage, but as he did he watched her face closely for her reactions. At first, she felt a little uncomfortable allowing a guy to feel it, but over all she was more then thrilled as he touched it little by little.

“I’m not sure I want to take any more off,” she told him in a rather silent voice which quaked a little.

“I won’t push it,” he told her.

“But I do want you to see me naked,” she went on to say. “Just not yet.”

“Okay,” he assured her.

The felt one another a little more. Her bra remained intact. He loved watching her but suddenly she reached behind her back and undid it. It dropped. They were huge. They were gorgeous. They were everything he could have imagined.

He stared at them as she stared at him.

“I like doing this,” she said. “Do you like my boobs?” she asked, smiling.

He nodded his head and told her yes. Once he did, he also told her they were very beautiful boobs. She was extremely happy to hear him say that, asking him “Would you like to feel them, touch them, or maybe even kiss them Charles?”

He looked up at her. “Kiss your boobs, really?” he asked.

She swallowed hard. “Yes, kiss my boobs,” she repeated to him.

He leaned in carefully, looking up at her as he did, and slowly he put his lips on one of them and then kissed it. She loved that he had kissed it and smiled. He did it to the other and she smiled again but once he had kissed the other one she took hold of his head and pushed it into her breast.

“Ohhh mmmmmm,” she moaned aloud. “Do it again. Kiss me just like you did again will you?” she said in an unusual but young and quiet girlish tone of voice.

He pulled away. “I’ll do it but only if you do something special for me?” He smiled once he said that, looking into her soft eyes. She watched him as she wondered. Then he told her what he wanted. “Will you touch me, down here? Feel down here by my penis?”

What he’d asked of her stunned her and her face began a series of contortions all over. Her eyes jumped out wide or so it seemed. Then all of a sudden she was looking down, between his crotch, and then back up at his face. She instantly looked back at his crotch again. Her heart started racing, suddenly. She knew what he said, she knew what she wanted, but to do it led her to not keep up with all the emotions she was suddenly having.

“No, you don’t want to?” he went on to ask.

“Oh uh, no,” she initially said. “I mean, yes, I want to,” she went on to tell him. “Its just that uhhh…” and she shut down momentarily.

She swiftly grew “hungry” for whatever it was that eating her up inside. She grew hornier and hornier for such an opportunity like this as they sat there. She didn’t know what to do or how to react to this. Her eyes kept on jumping between his face and down at his crotch and as they did her body tightened up even more. Finally, she simply stared at his crotch.

“Oh my gosh,” she said in a moan as she shook her head. “I don’t know about all this.”

He smiled and said “I bet you do. I bet you want to see it and feel it and hold it. I hope you’d like to at least.”

She looked up into his eyes. “I guess I do. I just don’t know.”

He took hold of her hand and placed it on his crotch, saying “I think you do. This sure feels nice to me.”

Oh god, wow ohhhhhh wow Charles” she said, almost as if she was cooing. “Ohhh gosh, wow!” she added as she closed her eyes but held her hand down against his crotch. She pressed down on it, or he did, as she went on to add “Oh lord, ohhhhhh wow, wow Charles. Ohhhhhh god, I do think I want to feel it! I think I do! I mean it. I do want to see it, I think.”

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