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Hollywood and First Time Exposure

in 1953, chubby 22 year old offered modeling job and gets aroused and masturbates for first time
She never considered something like this. Never in her life had she considered it at all. Shelly, an adorably attractive although a bit chubby in her opinion, was approached by Cam Nelson one late afternoon just after she’d heard an inside office joke.

He loved her eyes and smile once he saw it. He adored how her face lit up after seeing her many a time never smiling, whatsoever, but finally just as she overheard the joke and walked away he saw it. He saw her grin which wasn’t something she ever did in the past.

“Hi Shelly,” he said as he walked up to the quiet, shy secretary’s desk.

“Hi,” she said in her typical quiet voice.

He smiled as he looked down at her, his two cameras hanging off her shoulders. Finally, he said it. “We’ve known each other, what, some two years now, right?”

Putting in paper in her typewriter she looked up at him, a curious and strange expression on her face. “I think so,” she replied as she nodded her head. She stared at him, for a moment, and as she did he went on to tell her something.

“I saw you when you came out of Jack’s office. I saw your smile. You sure have a cute smile you know,” he went on to say.

What Shelly didn’t know was that Cam, although single, was gay. She never knew that. Nobody actually did. Even though he was gay, Cam had a “million” friends, many of whom were not homosexuals.

Now mind you, it was 1956. It was a period of time which people were discovering new and different things. However, wasn’t that the way it is almost every year and decade? It is but to her and many, many others it was a new and enlightening experience she would never forget ever.

“Yes?” she said in her quiet and reserved tone of voice.

“I adored your smile,” he went on to say. “Your eyes, they light up your face,” he added. “Can I talk to you about that? I mean, like after work. I’ll buy dinner if you’re open to it.”

She was a little startled by his offer. No guy ever offered to by her dinner. Nobody ever did that, she told herself. She knew she wasn’t that pretty, she thought. Okay, she told herself she wasn’t pretty whatsoever, or so she believed she wasn’t.

“I don’t know but thank you for offering Cam,” she told him, gently, almost inaudibly.

“Nooooo?” he said with a smile as he still hoped she’d say yes. “May I ask why?”

She didn’t want to say why. He’s a guy, she’s a 22 year old girl, and he knew seeing as he was around 30 and a guy at that she did not want to be involved with a man that old.

The times were changing. Although it was 1956, America, in general, hadn’t grasped the idea of California’s change and ideals, especially near and around Hollywood. Shelly worked for a small production company’s office. She was one of only a few girls in the office who wasn’t looked at as one of the “sexy” and “beautiful” women, even though she was attractive in her own way, despite her being a tad chubby.

However, all that was relative in nature. She was always around girls who always dressed for “success” and success meant, to those girls, only one thing. Once they got a job there, they professed to work hard, dressed very fashionably in their suggestive dresses or skirts and tops, or even a pair of very, very tight and revealing slacks including an illuminating top that would announce their upper body’s maturing womanhood.

Maybe that’s why they smiled so often, huh?

However, Shelly was one of that small group of women who never once wore that “suggestive” clothing, wearing dressed, which she couldn’t help, expose her bosoms, but regardless Shelly always did a marvelous job for the company she worked for.

“I just don’t think it’s proper for me and you to be out to dinner together, especially seeing as there is a big difference in our ages, Cam” she told him right up front.

“Ohhhhhh, I see, “he said as he nodded his head. “May I meet you for lunch, ask you a couple questions possibly?” he went on to say.

In her reserved voice she answered him. “I suppose so.”

They arranged it all, she let him make the arrangements, but she wondered why she was doing this in the first place. She felt odd about it all, meeting a photographer about possibly taking pictures of her, and assuming he meant clothed pictures at that.

She sat down at the picnic table in the east corridor of the employee lot. It was, as usual, sunny with a few clouds, and to her it was another perfect day. Sitting alone, she had with her a magazine about fashions which she always read, but never really followed although she was always curious what women wore and what she’d see each and every day.

Seeing as she was a tad chubby but still as Cam said a very pretty young woman, it was still hard for her to believe that he’d want to truly take pictures of her. Still being a young and honest woman that she felt she was she obliged him and agreed to meet him anyway.

“Hiiiii,” he said from behind her. She heard him and put down her sandwich. She smiled as she turned around and said hello back to the gay photographer, not knowing he was actually gay. “Go on, eat your lunch,” he added.

“I’ll get right to the point, okay?” The reserved and quiet secretary nodded and agreed. “First off, I need to tell you something so that you aren’t suspicious of me whatsoever. I’m an openly gay man. There are a good handful of males who know that I am. I am not here in any way whatsoever to hit on you. I feel you are attractive, albeit a slightly plump one at that, but Shelly in my opinion you are one very pretty looking woman. You are,” he assured her. He looked into her eyes as he smiled.

What he’d said both made her feel a lot better but in the same breath had her feeling very conscious about herself too. She did not smile. She didn’t know how to react.

“I would, if you’d allow it, love to take a huge handful of pictures of you,” he added.

She was not sure of any of this and asked “Why do you want to do this?”

“Because I’m a photographer, I find you very attractive, and well I think you’d love it,” he replied as he continued smiling into her eyes.

“I don’t know,” she said.

“Would you even remotely consider it?” he asked.

“Maybe,” she said in her quiet voice.

He smiled, pulled out a pen, and wrote down his phone number to be reached at. “Here, this is how I can be reached. If I don’t answer just leave a message. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

She faked a smiled and nodded her head and looked at the phone number. Then she went back to finishing her lunch. She’d thought about it all off and on for the next few days.

However, that night, alone in her bedroom of her parent’s house she’d taken a shower and stood in front of the long door mirror inside her bedroom. Her hair was wet and plastered down on her head. Her makeup had been scrubbed off her face. She was at the mercy of being totally unclothed and totally without any beauty products on herself.

Gradually, she unfolded the towel around her unusually large breasts and stared into her reflection in the mirror. She knew it. Hers were unusually large, she always thought, for a girl of 22 years old, and they’d been this way for years and years. They were unusually robust. She never liked them at all. She always wished, like her friends boobs, that they were much smaller, but no they weren’t and it frustrated her a lot.

However, she had learned to live with their size.

She didn’t smile as she stared into this area, that area, or overall simply at the bulkiness they appeared to cover as she stared at them a little longer. In addition to that problem, there was that slight chubbiness around her belly, her ass, and of course, her thighs.

And during all that, Shelly never once looked into her eyes or her pretty face in general. Light brown eyes, pretty pulsating lips, and short blondish hair all seemed to help overshadow all of that. But Shelly never wanted to take any of that into consideration.

She thought about his offer that night, finally falling asleep a couple hours later then usual. She woke up thinking about it too as she headed to work, on a bus, and thinking about his offer to take photographs of her as well.

At work, she dove deep into her work. Typing up assignments and paperwork, filing paperwork as requested, and doing other sorts of duties she saw his face. She heard his words, she heard his voice, he sounded competent, and he sounded trustworthy at that. For a man to tell her, straight out, that he was a homosexual, meant a lot to her.

Finally, as she thought it all over, she smiled, and nodded her head.

“I’ll do it,” she told herself.

Someone asked her what she was talking about.

“Huh, pardon me?” she said. “Oh nothing,” she told the coworker.

“Hi, Cam?” she said. “This is Shelly. I’ve thought about what you told me yesterday,” she went on to say on his answering machine. I guess I’ll do it. Can we get together and talk a little more about it?” With that she said thank you and hung up.

He happened to stop in at the end of the day. He walked up to her desk and said hello, which surprised her, but he asked if they could talk. She said yes. He offered to talk with her and even drive her home. It surprised her but she said yes. They walked to his car and he told her how and what he had in mind, kind of.

“So bring in about how many outfits?” she said.

“Ohhh say around 3 or 4 of your prettiest outfits. Come to this address. It’s my address. It has a changing room for you. You’ll like it,” he told her “and if there is anything you need we can see about it all,” he went on to say.

She smiled. Yep, she smiled openly and freely.

She grabbed and filled it with her prettiest and best outfits. She packed the bag and jumped on the bus. Slightly excited, she did not know what to expect, but she headed to his apartment. He was there and all set up to take pictures of her.

They arranged it all between them. Where she’d change, what she’d wear and when, and how many pictures of her would be taken were all taken into consideration.

She came out in a full length, light blue conservative looking, but magnificent looking dress. Even Cam was impressed by it and he was gay mind you. Her bosoms “showed” up in the most fantastic manner. They were emphasized and so was her body.

Now all that was necessary, at this point and time, was for her to smile.

She needed to smile, get comfortable while he took pictures, but she wasn’t and couldn’t get herself to get comfortable. “Relax, be comfortable Shelly,” he told her. “Here, sit down on the chair, take some deep breaths, and forget about me and the camera.”

She sat down. She’d look at him, he’d talk to her as he held his camera, and eventually she gradually started relaxing as she sat back in the chair. Holding the camera the whole time, she clicked a picture here. He’d snap another picture again. She didn’t even know it seeing as he carried on a conversation with her.

“Shelly, do something for me will you?” he said. She was relaxed and asked what. “Turn sideways. Put your legs up over the arm of the chair and relax once you do.”

She did as he mentioned. He snapped a few more pictures and as he did she got more and more comfy. For the very first time in her life she became entirely comfortable around Cam. It totally helped, or so she thought it did, that he was a homosexual she told herself.

She changed into another very “conservative” but very fashionable dress. Even Cam liked it. She was now very relaxed and stood up. She turned this way, turned that way, and she was smiling a lot more at his point. She did it again, changing into another outfit again, and seeing as she did she impressed him as she smiled and posed for the camera.

“Wow, you’re a natural,” he said as he smiled. “I mean it. You were soooo comfy in front of the camera I bet you that you could do that in any pose you wanted. I mean it. And that includes naked poses too,” he added.

What, she asked herself. Naked, no way she went on to say. Uh uhhh, I’m not going to do a naked pose. It upset her that he’d said that. She was even a little angry he’d said it but she didn’t show it although she clammed up and didn’t respond or react whatsoever.

“Nooooo, no nude poses I’m assuming?” he interjected. “That’ll be alright. I won’t ever force that on you but I’ll bet you wonder how beautiful you’ll look in front of a camera, don’t you?”

She was shaking her head. She didn’t say no but she didn’t say yes either. She went and put on her clothes and asked when she could see the pictures he’d taken. He told her to give him two days time. He’d have to have them developed and then she could see them.

“You’d have to have them developed?” she said. “Like someone else sees these?” she went on to say, a little concerned that others would see them.

“A good, good friend of mine does it but its all professional, and your pictures will come right back to me,” he replied.

She felt assured, collected her stuff, and Shelly headed home. She felt good about it all. He had called her. She’d gone over, on a Saturday, and liked what she’d seen for the most part of the pictures of herself.

“Care to do some more?” he asked.

“Yes, we can do lots more,” he told her, suggesting outdoor shoots but never any nude shoots although for whatever reason he loved doing them. Or was it that he got paid, by others, so that they could see the naked shoots. Who knew for sure?

She agreed to another shoot and outdoors this time too. She wore shorts, brought along a couple of adorable tops, and each was suited for the woodsy like scenery. She did a phenomenal job. That’s what Cam told her.

“I gotta say, Shelly. I’d sure love it if we could do semi or naked pictures of you,” he told her.

The remark astounded her. This reserved and quiet young woman had never done of this sort in her life much less even thought of it. She grabbed her clothes and walked briskly to a nearby bus stop. She didn’t care where the bus was headed. She jumped on it and told herself she’d find her way home in time.

Back at work the following Monday she tried all that previous weekend to rid herself of the idea he wanted to shoot her naked, or semi-naked, as the case might have been. What Cam had said with respect to her doing nude shots of her was appalling she thought.

Me, with a body like this, with my chubby features she told herself. What guy, what sane man would ever want to see my fat body, she asked herself. She didn’t know it but that wasn’t how Cam saw her. She shook her head while in deep thought as she thought about it all day long.

She was sitting down at lunchtime and eating alone initially. Marline, one of her coworkers, happened to sit down across from her. They smiled, said hello, and she paid attention to how Marline, another of the slightly attractive but also slightly plump cuties, seemed to dress. She dressed more fashionably and the two were around the same age.

“Why are you shaking your head?” Marline eventually asked.

Initially Marline surprised her with the question but seeing that the two liked each other and were kind of friends, Shelly immediately settled down. She wondered if she wanted to tell her friend about her situation.

She decided to tell Marline seeing as she didn’t have anyone else to talk to about it.

“And he wants to take,” and she paused a moment before saying “naked pictures of you?”

Shelly nodded her head and then said yes. But she also corrected her. “Semi-naked ones” she said correcting herself.

“And I’m assuming even though you’re, what I believe, is a very, very pretty woman you don’t think that you are because you think you’re too fat, right?” Marline went on to say.

Shelly looked down but nodded her head.

“Ohhhhhhh come on,” Marline went on to add. “If I had a chance like that, if a guy proposed an idea such as that to me and told me he wanted to take pictures of me because he thought I was attractive well I’d jump on it! I would jump on it big time! Shelly,” she went on to say as she paused. “Go for it! Do it! So what if you are a little, you know, a little chubby. You are an extremely pretty woman! I’d say you are sexy woman too, Shelly! Just in a different way! There are a million guys who’ll die to be with you.”

Shelly was shocked. She was startled and even embarrassed once she heard Marline’s words. She turned a bright shade of red upon hearing Marline. They ate quickly seeing as lunch was over and were about to head back to work.

“Call the guy back. Do it with him, Shelly. Just do it. Let him take all the pictures he wants. I’ll guarantee that you’ll be proud and happy and feel quite fulfilled. You’re lucky. Do you know that? Heck, go to bed with him if you have to. Have sex with him if that’s what it takes. If he thinks your pretty and I know that you are then you must be pretty.”

That evening, Shelly lay on her bed, in her pajamas, and as she was she trying to read a book. That wasn’t working. All that was working out for her was thee thought of calling Cam back and agreeing to do the shoot in the nude. However, she would never take off her clothes.

“Hi, Cam?” she said. “Oh uhhh is Cam there?”

“No he isn’t,” his brother Charles said. “He left a note he’d be back in about 30 minutes. May I help you?” the brother asked. She said no but changed her mind. “Okay, so have him call you at home or where?”

“At home is fine,” she said in reply.

He called back. Shelly told him she reconsidered. However, she also told him that no one but nobody else, including his brother, can be at the shoot. Cam agreed. Charles had to work anyway. She felt good about this. The weather was nice. It was sunny. It was warm. The weather was almost perfect for the following weekend’s shoot.

She was as nervous as hell about it.

“Now first thing is you have to relax,” he told her. “Close your eyes and breathe in. Keep breathing in too. Do this through your nostrils. Empty your mind of all your thoughts. Do you feel better?” he asked once she’d done it for about five minutes.

She answered him. Her voice sounded quieter then normal. He had already begun taking pictures of her in the blouse and skirt she had on. For some reason she appeared at peace or so he thought she did.

He toned down his voice. It sounded more gentle. “Now, if you will, undo the top two buttons to your blouse.”

Without even thinking she did. Her cleavage “blossomed” out of nowhere. She had an indulging appearance he thought lots of men would enjoy. Personally, he wasn’t attracted to her but he did see many, many features he thought could attract a man. She was beautiful in her own way. She was very buxom as well. Many a man loved buxom.

“Can you undo the entire blouse?” he asked once he’d taken a dozen or more pictures of her already.

“Uhhh, all of it?” she said.

“Yes, all of it, but only if you want to,” he said trying to reassure her.

She undid the entire blouse. The cleavage unfolded beautifully. Wearing a simple white brassiere, it held her bosoms in check. Her belly, although releasing a little of the soft ripples she never liked whatsoever, showed through the unbuttoned blouse. He kept on taking pictures as he had her turn, smile a little which she did a little better each time, and finally she stood up and moved her shirt around.

He’d see more of her naked body although her clothes were still on her. He took more and more and it lasted about an hour. Then he was finished and told her to button up.

“How was that?” he asked. “I thought you were spectacular.”

“You really thought I was that good?” she came back.

“Yes, yes I did,” Shelly. “You were more comfortable as time went on. You were fantastic. Gosh, you really do have a pretty body for a woman.”

She smiled and blushed and thanked him, quietly, and put herself back together. She’d thought about it, as they remained in the woods, that she could easily do something like this again.

Days went by. She was still thrilled about having done that shoot and finally decided, after two weeks, to do it again. She called him again. He didn’t answer. Charles answered again. That had her thinking. She still hadn’t even sent the original pictures he’d taken.

“No, I’ll call him back,” she told Charles. “When will he be home?”

She found out. She called back. “I want to see those pictures you took of me. When will I be able to see them?” she asked.

He told her it would be two days to see all of them

She was happy. That night she smiled knowing she’d see all of the pictures he’d taken. She was thrilled at the chance to see them all and to that affect was restless from that moment on. She never thought she was all that pretty but regardless, she felt elated, almost a little aroused too, and once she felt that something happened.

Something big occurred as she lay there in her bed.

She reached down, for whatever reason, and Shelly reached inside her pajama bottoms. She grew tense as her hand began feeling the soft furry bush within her underwear. Still, she kept on feeling the layers of her vagina. She grew more excited and tenser too as she felt her clitoris for the very first time in her life.

She kept on rubbing it.

She quieted down as best she could but felt the sensations drilling their way throughout her body. “Oh, ahhhhh,” she moaned as quietly as she possibly could. “Ohhhhhh ah eeeeehh,” and she pulled her hand away and shut up a moment.

Now that felt great, she told herself almost smiling. I have to do that again and so she did. She went back at it, feeling her bush, feeling her clit, and for the very first time she felt inside her pussy. And she did not stop.

That was way too stimulating to her.

She felt it, felt around it, and Shelly felt the wet softness developing as a result of her attempting to arouse herself more and more and even more. She’d arch her back and it came up off the bed. She found herself wriggling and jumping or jerking around.

She was excited beyond words.

Her legs clamped up. Why, she wasn’t sure at first, but it felt incredibly good for some reason as she got wetter and wetter. The breathing became more exerted. The breaths of air seemed to become more rapid as they appeared to be more frequent.

She loved feeling herself out. She loved discovering the art of masturbation. And all of a sudden something unexpected happened.

“Ohhhhhhh my lord!” she shouted. “Oh my god! Ohhh yes, god ohhh yes, ohhhhhh my! Ohhhhhhh wow, yes!”

And she did not let herself stop doing what she’d begun as her fingers “plowed” into her pussy, arousing her even more.

She could hear something. Were those footsteps? She stopped what she was doing as she breathed in and out, quickly, and then licked off her fingers. She rapidly put herself back together as cum still oozed, due to her orgasm, and pooled in her underwear. Her underwear soon soaked it all up but she felt the wetness inside her undies. Still it was a fabulous “adventure” she had experienced.

She picked up her book at held it as if reading and that’s when she heard her mother.

“Honey, honey,” her mom yelled out through the door. “Are you okay? Is everything alright? Honey?” she said as she knocked on Shelly’s door.

“Yes mom,” she said as calmly as she could. “I’m fine,” she told her mom quietly.

She was still breathing heavily though and as she was she could still feel the “after flow” of sorts of the orgasm let her know she wasn’t finished. The stream of cum, as she licked her fingers again, continued. Shelly felt warm. Shelly’s heart raced also as that heat streamed through her while it raced down throughout her and into her pussy’s center.

She breathed hard still and went on to whisper, aloud, “Wow, I still think I could rub myself again” as she barely smiling.

She had never done anything like that before but had heard about it here and there. As excited as she was, and seeing as she was a young and pretty and also a “blossoming” woman, she was easily convinced she’d enjoy what she’d done a lot more if she did it again. She laid back in her bed, thinking about that orgasm, and how she had played with herself too. She recalled how it all felt as she fingered her pussy and how it might feel if she had another orgasm just like that one once again.

She was all for it.

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