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Home Alone

He wanted to know how I please myself...
“Will you tell me what you do to masturbate?” 

There it was: my opportunity to share some of my most private, intimate thoughts and feelings with someone else, for the express purpose of giving them pleasure. 

I had read the stories, I had had some excellent chats with some amazing people and I had even had some amazing phone calls with a sexy guy from down south.  I had posted some pictures of myself that made me wet just to look at them and know that other people could see them too.  I loved knowing that men masturbated looking at pictures of my naked or half-naked body. 

But other than the pictures, it had all been give and take. Could I really just send someone a story about what I did in my room, alone, to make my body feel so good that I couldn’t hold back an orgasm anymore?

“What are you wearing?” he asked, pulling me back to the present moment.  I confessed that I was wearing my pink lacy panties and a football jersey.  “Take them off,” he told me.  After a moment of indecision I could feel my arms rising to pull my shirt up and over my head, letting it land with a gentle sound on the carpet of my bedroom floor.  I knew I was going to do it.  I was going to masturbate and tell him every detail of what made me feel good.

I stripped off my panties, the only piece of clothing still left on my tingling body, and climbed into my big bed. Knowing I’d tell him every little detail after I was done, I started to focus on my body.  I was already getting turned on, just thinking of what I was doing and what I was going to do afterwards…

Slowly I lay back against my mound of pillows, leaving my body exposed and open.  The window next to my bed was wide open but I was too turned on to worry about anyone seeing me.  I ran my fingertips along the line of my collarbone and my neck, my head falling back, as I moaned loudly. 

Grabbing the baby oil that was sitting on my nightstand, I slowly dripped a few warm drops on my breasts, feeling them slowly slide down the slope of my big tits.  I gently glided my fingertips over my nipples, sliding them down my breasts to get them wet with baby oil before sliding them back up and over my now hard nipples. Slowly, gently, I cupped my breasts, squeezing them, cupping them together.  I could feel the baby oil gently running over my aching breasts, a few drops easing down my rib cage as I slid my thumbs over my hard throbbing nipples.  Then slowly I pinched the hard, tender points.  Moaning, I pinched them harder, just to the point that it started to hurt, tugging on them, plucking at them.  It felt so good, like someone had tugged a string that ran all the way through my body down to my moistening pussy.
Following the trail of baby oil I slowly smoothed my hands down over my rib cage, then further over my quivering tummy.  As I reached my hips I opened my legs wide, feeling the cool air wash over my wet pussy.  Running my finger tips up the inside of my soft silky thighs my hips arched as my fingers reached that sweet meeting point between my legs.  I softly ran my right middle finger over the edges of my swollen pussy lips, so softly at first I could barely feel it.  It almost tickled, but it sets off sparks in me.

My pussy was so wet there were juices sliding out of it.  I reached down and using my thumb I slowly dragged it up, parting my soft pussy lips and brushing against my hard clit.  Running it back down, I dipped the tip of my thumb into my cunt, then dragged it back up my pussy lips, spreading my wetness.  My whole pussy was so soft and slippery and wet.

While my right hand teased my clit and pussy lips my left hand returned to my breast, to play with and pinch my rock hard nipple.  Blindly, I reached for my vibrator, lying on the bed next to me.  Blue, seven inches long and an inch and half wide, it is my favorite toy.  Leisurely I skimmed it against my pussy lips, then between them, getting it wet with my sweet juices. 

After dripping a few drops of baby oil on the length of my toy I slowly push the head of it into my waiting hungry cunt.  It felt so good, but my pussy muscles were clenching so tightly it was hard to ease it in.  My left hand came back down to play with my clit while my right hand firmly pushed all seven inches into my pulsing pussy. 

As my pussy eased and stretched taking the whole thing in at once I slowly pulled it back out and then slammed it in again, hard and fast.  Moaning, I repeated it again and again, slowly out, fast and hard and deep on the way in.  The pace began to pick up, fucking myself so hard my tits were bouncing with every thrust.  My legs were spread wide as my right hand fucked my toy in and out of my hot pussy and my left hand moved fast stroking, pulling, plucking at my hard clit and swollen pussy lips.

Soon my hips were arching up against my hands uncontrollably, my whole body shaking and heaving.  My pussy was swallowing the whole seven inches on every stroke while my body squirmed.  I could hear my moans but I was so lost in pleasure it sounded like someone else was making those animal noises. Quickly I felt the dark pleasure building in my body, tingling along my spine, in my hardened nipples, and low in my tummy.  Juices dripping out of my body, I felt the orgasm rip through my body, my chest and hips heaving against my hands, still flying across my body as I cried out my pleasure.  My hands never slowed for a second pushing me to the limits, wringing out every drop of my orgasm. 

Slowly my body calmed down, my legs falling open wide, the toy still in my pussy.  Muscles twitched, in my inner thighs, low in my tummy, deep inside my pussy.  As I came back to my senses I realized there was a huge wet spot on my sheets.  My whole room reeked like sex and baby oil.  I felt better than ever.  I couldn’t wait to tell him what I had just done to my body. 

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