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home alone

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I heard the door bell rang, so I got up to open the door to see who was it and how fast I could get rid of them. I open the door and to my delight I saw two hot men standing at my door. Instantly I was happy to see them. They were there to talk about the security system but I didn’t really care what they were saying, I wanted them both in my hole.

It has been months since my pussy has seen a dick and to have two would be good; everything nasty, and sexual was running through my mind but the thought of fucking someone else was not worth it, plus I don’t even know what their dick game is like. My man knows how to eat and beat my pussy, he knows how hard and fast I can take it. Besides, fucking someone else would mean the end of our love and I didn't want to lose that so I erased all of those thoughts and just gave them the info they wanted. Once that was done I closed the door and went back into my room.

Thinking about those two men taking turns on my pussy did get me hot but I was thinking about my man at that point. I put one hand down my pants and touched my pussy and yes it was wet. I touched my inner walls of my pussy and instantly I wanted more. I slowly
took off my shorts and panties all together and placed my middle finger on my clit. My body went into sexual over drive and I wanted more.

I used my left hand to move my pussy lips so that my right hand could get the full advantage of my clit which it did. I wanted something to keep me going so I thought about how nice it would be if my man was eating my pussy like he has always dose and with just that thought my juices were flowing and the sensation was good. I kept on going but that imagery was fading so I needed something else.

I thought about my man and his thick long dick in me pounding hard and that made thesensation even stronger. Then I thought about how sexy it would be if I had my man and those two alarm system mentaking turns on me. When one was fucking me I could be sucking on the other two and to make the sexual climax even better I could have both at once while I suck on one.

That thought made me even more hot and I wanted more. I thought about how turned on I would be if my man was watching me get fucked my two random strangers; one in my ass
and the other in my pussy I know my man would be mad but at the same time I know his dick would be hard too. Seeing his dick like that would make me want him more I would tell him to fuck my mouth which I know he loves.

I would suck his dick until he exploded in my mouth or all over my face. With that thought in my mind my body was going wild. My body was about to climax and so was the imaginary men that was fucking both of my holes and my mouth. With each "pounding" I was slowly building up to the big finish and in just a few more rubs of my clit I was there. My body jerked while I was coming and still rubbing my clit, I laid on my bed thinking how sweet that would have been if it was real.

While that first fantasy was wonderful I also thought how wonderful it would be to have a woman have her way with me, but not someone I knew. A total stranger. I'm not sure why I fantasize about strangers and get so turned on but I do. The good thing is I would never do that in real life; but back to my fantasy.

I walk into a sex shop trying to find a nice toy when suddenly a short curvy blond woman with the kind of intense brown eyes that you can take your eyes off walked up to me and asked if I need any help.

We talked about what I'm looking for and what turned me on and we found something that I might like. As we are walking over to the cash register and my eyes came across a strap on.

I stopped and pointed, saying "have you ever tried a strap on?"

Shelooked at me with a smile and said " I'm guessing you never tried one?"

"No" I said with my eyes still on the strap on.

She had a smirk on her face and leaned in and reached for it and said " I could teach you."

No more words were exchanged but we both knew what was going to happen. She reached for my hand and told me to follow her. I did and we went into the employees back room.

The room was basic but it had what we needed a table, chair, and couch. We started off slow, trying to get to know each other. We started to kiss and while we kissed our hands were all over each other.

Her hands found their way up my skirt and began moving my panties to the side so that she could place her fingers in my hole. That felt great. She stopped and stepped back and she looked me up and down. I realized then that I had a lot coming to me.

She asked me to take up my clothes which I did. Then she asked me to turn around and I did. Then she told me to bent over and rest my hand on the table that I did too. I heard her foot steps walking over to me and then she slapped me hard on my ass.

She knelt down and spread my ass and started licking from the top of my ass down to my pussy and I let out a soft sigh. She then kept her focus on my ass hole and I loved it. I tried not to be too loud but the way she was eating at my ass I couldn't withhold my pleasure and I felt like I was going to cum. I expressed that to the stranger eating my ass and she stopped and pulled me up to turn my around.

Now she has full view of the rest of me. She told me to lay on the table and I did. She pulled up the chair and sat right in front between my legs and I knew she was going on her lunch break. She lowered her head and started to blow on my pussy and then started licking my clit.

I loved it so much as she kept on eating my pussy and I tried to act like I was a more experienced girl but I couldn't. I was moaning like it was my first time and then she turned up the pleasure when she slid first one and them a second finger up my ass and slowly finger fucked me.

She kept on going and harder and harder but while the first finger felt good the second started to become too much. Somehow she knew that so, with just the one finger, she kept on going. Her goal was to make me come and in a few seconds I was holding onto the sides of the table just to keep from moving and a few seconds after that I was climaxing.

I let go a big scream and my juice started flowing out me and I could hear her sucking up every drop. After she was done, she told me to put my clothes back on which I did.

"You didn't show me how to work a strap on" I said.

She smiled. "Well you have to give me your number first."

The thought of that happening really turned me so I did the only thing I could which was to play with my now wet pussy.

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