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Home Alone?

Hot, sweet, sexy story about a teenage girl and her horny boyfriend.
Oh and this is my first story, so tell me how it is :)

Torri just couldnt wait to rip off her shorts and work her magic.

It was a cold winter day in the middle of December. Torri, a 16 year old girl, was just wondering around her neighborhood. Walking on her way home from school, she found out that her parents were going to be gone for the weekend. This brought a smile on her face, she knew exactly what to do this weekend. Torri's boyfriend, Jeff, is 18 and Torri wants to take things to the next level.

As soon as Torri found out that she is going to be alone she calls Jeff. Jeff was so happy to find this out and was in her drive way in no time. Torri was a horny little girl, she always tried to be Jeff's little slut. She would always where the shortest shorts and the skimpiest shirts when going to visit him.

While Torri was waiting for Jeff she went upstairs and put on her sexy hot pink laced black corset, and matching bra and panties. She had a nice full sized rack, about a 38c, and very curvy hips. She was so sexy with her lushious blonde hair flowing to the side of her boobs.

She was in her room tieing the corset, when she stopped and relized something. She stood there staring at herself in the mirror, she was beautful and everybody knew that, but she never got a good look at herself. Damn she was getting herself wet just looking at the sexy woman in the mirror. She started to play around with herself. Lightly runbing her breasts, she was getting hot, her nipples poked right through the silkly fabric.

Her panties where so moist, from thinking about what her boyfriend would do to her this weekend, that sent her over the top. She started to stript-tease herself, oh this turned her on! She then untied the pink lace and let the black corset fall. She was now standing in her matching hot pink lace bra and panties. She was now fondleing with her nice full breasts, her nipples where rock hard through the matiral, she flicked and pulled at them until she could take no more! she unfastened the bra and layed back down on the bed.

"Ooohh, that feels soo good, uuhh." She cried as she slipped her hand down the front of her panties and her fingers lightly caressed her pouted lips.

She was soo wet from thinking of her babe, Jeff. She reached into her nightstand and pulled out a 7" pink vibrator. She rubbed the tip over her thong, which was drenched!

"OOOHHH!" She screamed in pleasure as the tip slide into her. The sensations where driving her right into an intense mindshattering orgasism.

"Sweety, I'm here!" Jeff shouted from the front door as he let himself in. He heard Torri screaming and ran to her room, she had left the door open a crack, and before he barged in saw her laying there with the vibrator in her pussy and her hands playing with those beautiful breats. He was standing peeking through the crack, he had no clue what to do but for one thing he new his 8" member was getting rock hard from watching her.

She screamed as another wave of orgasim spassed through her at least 2 more times.

Jeff squealed from the sight. "uh oh. busted." He thought to himself. She had heard him but continuted until she couldnt move anymore. She slowly got up from the door and pulled Jeff onto the bed.

The farthest Jeff and Torri went was heavily making out on the couch. They never dared to try anything else! Torri was getting her wish.

"Jeff, I love you so much." She whispered into his ear.

Shivers went down his back as she said this. "We still have the whole weekend." Jeff seductively said in her ear as his husky voiced brushed against her ear.
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