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Hot Summer Days

Unsatisfied Twenty Four Year old places Craigslist ad for someone to satisfy her
Hot Summer Days

Elena watched the sheer white curtain panel waft in the afternoon breeze. Or it tried to waft in the only few breezes that came through the window. All of the fourth floor apartments always were the hottest in the summer and hers was no exception.

Elena laid on her back, legs apart, sprawled out on the small twin bed that took up most of her bedroom. She was naked trying to keep cool and comfortable but to no avail. She was miserable. Elena thought back to her college days when her dorms had central air conditioning. The thought made her smile. “Who would have thought those were the days?” Elena thought to herself.

The desk fan blew cooler air back and forth in the bedroom giving Elena two seconds of cold bliss before rotating in the opposite direction cooling now one but her cat, Artemis, who laid perch on the back of the sofa licking its paw clean.

Elena looked up to the ceiling and started to daydream about what life will be like when she could afford a nicer apartment with air conditioning and room. She thought about what kind of house she’d like to buy with a backyard pool. Elena daydreamed away until her pleasant thoughts turned into an afternoon nap on a hot summer day.

Elena woke up around six p.m. from her glorious nap. Elena relished her lazy Sundays at home alone in her apartment. Yet her loneliness grew deep down in her belly. She longed for someone’s touch on her shoulder every now and then. She longed for the romance she read about in the dime store novels that aligned her bookshelf. But most of all she longed for a good fuck every now and then.

At twenty-four Elena was still pretty new at sex. Elena lost her virginity at eighteen to her high school sweetheart after prom like in the grand tradition of those before her. When the two love birds went off to separate colleges the two separated never to talk much again. Elena had two other “boyfriends” throughout college, both of whom she had slept with.

The first was a quiet, book-type that didn’t go out to college parties or to any sporting events of any kind. Whilst he kept to himself, he loved spending time with Elena as much as he could. And when they did they always had sex anyway imaginable. Elena was pretty sure she had attempted almost every karma sutra position imaginable on his dorm room poster that hung conveniently above his bed. While he satisfied her “in the sack” he was dull as dirt. Elena grew bored and ended the relationship after six months.

The second and last boyfriend she had while in college was during her senior year. He was thirty years her senior and her professor. He was married and had kids. He wasn’t interested in a long term relationship which suited Elena just fine. Elena just wanted to be satisfied and whole. However, after a few short months of on and off fuck sessions in his office Elena quickly learned that he did not reciprocate the pleasure. When Elena graduated she said her good-byes never to speak to him again.

Yes, at twenty-four Elena was left unsatisfied with her sex life and was looking for something to fill that void in her life. Elena scoured the internet for porn every night and masturbated, sometimes twice, before falling asleep alone. Elena was not happy with this arrangement. As Elena started to contemplate her lack of a sex life an idea came to mind. How about a craigslist ad? Elena has seen them before and they always got her wet. Why didn’t she put a personal ad out and hope to find someone to fuck her brains out?

Elena got up and lifted the cover off of her tanned petite frame. While walking across the room Elena stopped at the floor length mirror to admire her body. She stared at the face that looked back at her. She had flawless olive skin and green eyes. Her face was perfectly surrounded by jet black hair that hung low to the middle of her back in soft, beachy waves. Her breasts were large and heavy. When she was younger they were perkier, and while her 36 DDs hung a little lower these days they still turned heads on the street every now and then. Her stomach had a little pudge from the lack of exercise she got at her desk job but not enough to be considered fat at all. Her ass was plump and round. She admired it a little more before turning to her front to inspect her pubic mound. It was free of any hair except a small tiny triangle of fuzz that Elena kept trimmed in case something ever happened in her dull, unexciting life.

Elena kept walking across the room and started her laptop. She logged into craigslist and started her personal ad.

Can You Satisfy Me?

Short Tan Olive Skinned Beauty searches for man or woman who can make me cum hard. Must be willing to try and experience new things. Must be attractive, willing, and horny. Must be drug and disease free. Do you think you have what it takes? Inbox me.

Elena gave her contact details and waited for the reply. The adrenaline rush it gave her made her so horny. Elena began to tweak her brown small nipples, pinching them and making them hard. Her pussy began to get wet. Her fingers traveled lower to her tight twat that was now dripping in her juices. Excited about the idea that some man OR WOMAN would reply wanting to meet up for some anonymous sex. She imagined all the nasty, sexy things that they would want to do with her. All the degrading things she watched and masturbated before in her porn flicks coming to life before her eyes.

Elena thought of a woman licking and pleasing her dripping cunt. She thought of a man bending her over her twin bed fucking her so hard that she would scream so loud Mrs. Gentry down the hall would come running over. Elena thought of a man ramming his hard, black cock into her ass.

As Elena fantasized about her future encounters she started using three fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit at the same time. “Ohhhhhh,” Elena cried… “OHHHHHH.” Elenda moaned her orgasm came tenfold. Elena’s desk chair was soaked by the time Elena was done pleasuring herself.

Elena started cleaning up her pussy when she heard her inbox start to beep. She opened the email and read:

Think you can handle me?

I am a tall, black athletic male that is looking for a play thing to please. I will take care of all your personal needs, bring toys and lotions, and am willing to do anything you ask. Afterwards I want to fuck you like my own personal toy. I am drug and disease free. Are you up for the challenge?

Elena replied back, “Yes.” Elena knew this summer was about to get much more hotter.

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