Hot weekend part 1

By Dane69

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Three close friends share everything
It was the hottest day of the year so far. We could only bear to stay on the beach for about half an hour at a time. The sea was a welcome refresher and helped wash the sweat from our bodies. We’d all been friends for years, grown up together and been through school together. Anne and I had tried to be a couple once or twice but jeopardising our friendship was just not worth it. Kym and Anne had had most of their classes together and helped each other out with studying. It was no surprise that we’d all ended up best friends.

We used to come to this secluded beach with our families for years. But now we were all 17, we managed to find our own way in Kym’s old beaten car. A few towels and a tent were all we needed, and maybe a little food to cook on the fire at night. We hardly used the tent. If it wasn’t raining, we found a sheltered spot in the sand dunes and crashed out in our sleeping bags round the fire. We never had any trouble; the nearest village was so quiet that they even closed the police station!

All three of us virgins, we didn’t really want for much else other than each other’s company. Sure, I’d had girlfriends, Anne and Kym had had boyfriends, but each of us would drop everything for the other in times of need. A fact that our respective partners found too weird to understand, so our relationships never lasted more than a few weeks. But we had all we needed in each other; good talks, good laughs, good company and good times. It never crossed my mind that it would ever become a sexual relationship.

This weekend was when it all started. Maybe it was the heat, maybe the drinks, but something changed for all of us that day.

We had all just been in the sea to cool off, holding hands and jumping against the waves, all of us laughing like little kids, caught up in the nostalgia of it all. Back on the beach we towelled ourselves quickly so we could put more sun lotion on before we started sweating again. Kym rubbed it onto my back as I covered Anne’s shoulders. The girls quickly did their own fronts and lay face down on their towels.

‘Do our backs please Dane?’ Kym asked, ‘it’s just too hot to be standing up!’

I rolled my eyes, knowing I had just been swindled. I didn’t mind. I was always looking after the two of them, just as much as they had my back. I think this was the first time I’d noticed how kind puberty had been to them. Anne with her glowing auburn hair and creamy skin, and Kym with her dark locks and olive skin. Both of them had amazing bodies, we cycled everywhere together so we could save our money for petrol and drinks so we could get away on the weekends. So, I guess, we were all as fit as could be. I stood over the girls, looking down at their beautiful bodies spread out before me, surprising myself that I was seeing them as beautiful for the first time. I knelt between them and squirted a little lotion on each of their backs, gently rubbing it into their hot skin. The girls were facing each other smiling, moaning in appreciation. I worked steadily lower on their bodies, going under their bikini tops for complete coverage. Anne took the initiative and undid hers at the back.

‘Its not as if anyone will see us anyway!’ She remarked as she let the straps fall to the towel, leaving her slender back completely exposed. Not to be outdone, Kym pulled her bikini top over her head and quickly lay down again.

‘I could do without the tan lines anyway!’ she giggled.

Seeing the girls in just their bikini bottoms was starting to turn me on, I was glad they were face down, they would have easily seen my growing member through my shorts.

‘What have you stopped for Dane?!?!’ Kym playfully scolded, ‘We’re gonna burn here!’

‘I’m done.’ I muttered, hoping to lie down and hide my lazy hard-on.

‘Do my legs…please?’ Pleaded Kym. ‘I feel so tired in this heat, I can’t sit up anymore…’

She opened her legs slightly to allow me better access, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her beautiful buttocks and the glimpse of her crotch from this vantage point. I couldn’t believe it. Why the hell was I staring so much? We had run naked on this beach a thousand times together! Maybe it was the heat getting to me. I started at Kym’s calves, massaging the lotion into her skin, I let my mind wander off so as not to be focussing on her cute little ass. As I worked higher, up over her toned thighs, my cock was starting to strain against the fabric of my shorts, I almost didn’t realise that Kym had been moaning in appreciation and pleasure all this time. Feeling cheeky and really horny, I let my hands wander over her round buttocks, mesmerised by the almost invisible hairs that glistened in the sun. I stopped suddenly, noticing Anne was lying on her side facing me, her eyes glued to my crotch, a naughty smile on her face. Her pert breasts tipped with perfectly round pink nipples tempting me to stare. I looked skyward.

‘Enjoying yourself I see?’ She smirked, raising an eyebrow.

‘Mmmhmm’ moaned Kym, responding to the question directed at me. Anne just giggled, rousing Kym from her sub-conscious state.

‘Wh-what?’ murmured Kym, ‘did I miss something?’

‘Nope.’ Replied Anne, ‘It’s still there!’ As she pointed to my crotch, I tried to grab a towel to hide my obvious erection. Kym snatched it from my grasp.

‘I wanna see it’ grinned Anne. ‘get it out Dane, lets see what you’ve been hiding all these years!’

I don’t know what possessed me that day, but I stopped caring right there, I stood up and dropped my shorts, happy to be free. I think my cock even grew that little bit more with two gorgeous girl’s eyes on me.

Kym was unsure what was happening, she had her arm across her breasts as she sat up, her face inches from my cock. Anne joined her, leaving her pert breasts bare. My eyes drank them in now, her pink nipples surrounded by perfectly round areola.

‘I’ve always wondered what you did before you go to bed at night, will you show me?’ She asked inquisitively.

We’d always shared everything, every experience, talked about every kiss we had had. Somehow this felt very natural. I circled my fingers round the base of my cock, gently squeezing and slowly stroking the length. Anne smiled.

‘What about you Kym, you ever ‘explore’ yourself at night?’

‘Too right’ she retorted, ‘don’t get any action from scared boys, gotta know how to please myself!’ She absent-mindedly started to rub herself through her bikini bottoms, her other hand still covering her breasts. Anne lay back, staring at me stroking myself, her hands caressing the insides of her milky-white thighs. I carried on, my eyes flitting between the two beautiful girls in front of me. Kym must already have been wet from my massage, her white bikini now see through on her crotch, I could make out a thick tuft of dark hair too. Anne was now tracing the lips of her pussy through her green bikini, a tiny wet line showing underneath. I stroked my cock with greater urgency as I kneel down between them.

Kym was the first to put her hand inside her bikini, letting out a soft moan as she touched her clit and let her other hand drop, exposing her large, but gravity-defying breasts. Her nipples were much browner than Anne’s but were just as hard. She was covered with a fine mist of sweat now that collected into tiny drops and rolled over her breasts and flat stomach. We all looked from one to the other, all touching ourselves and moaning softly. Anne slid over a little until her shoulder touched Kym’s, their heads almost touching. She slowly pulled aside the crotch of her bikini bottoms to reveal her pink lipped pussy, glistening from her wetness. I swallowed hard.

‘My word, you are beautiful Anne.’ I somehow managed to breathe the words. She gently slid her fingertips over her pussy lips and circled her clit. I could see the start of her bush, auburn like her fiery hair. I stroked faster, burning with desire for her.

Kym propped herself up on her elbow to have a better look.

‘That’s hot.’ She panted, ‘You both make me so wet!’

She too pulled aside her crotch, revealing a gorgeously hairy pussy, soaked with her pussy juices. She was dipping a finger into herself and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Lying back down, she faced Anne on the towel and they shared a tiny wet kiss. This was too much; I grunted loudly and exploded cum all over them. I managed to get it onto their breasts and bikini bottoms, leaving them in a sticky mess. They both giggled and moaned. Anne started to moan louder, her whole body tensing, her fingers working faster over her clit. Kym grabbed her thigh as if to steady her, but this only set her off, she cried out in orgasm and clamped her thighs together as she came, trapping Kym’s hand. Her hot little breasts shuddering and rolling beads of sweat in all directions.

Kym wasn’t far behind, she had a finger all the way inside herself and her thumb was working her clit like crazy. She looked amazing with one hand clamped between Anne’s thighs and her other between her own, she was almost dripping with pussy juice. Something inside me wanted to lean down and taste it. She came suddenly, screaming out with a huge smile on her face, then froze with her eyes closed, as the waves of orgasm took her.

I collapsed next to her on the towel, all three of us covered in sweat. As Kym’s body recovered, she absent-mindedly put her wet fingers to her mouth and licked her own pussy juices.

‘Wow, that is so sexy...what do you taste like?’ I dared.

She simply smiled again and put her wet fingers to my lips and smeared her juices all around my mouth. I lapped it up, it was heavenly, sweet and salty all at once.

‘HEY! I want some too!’ Cried Anne, as she sprang up, half lying on top of Kym and kissed me on the mouth, her tongue licking all round. ‘Yummy’ She smiled. We all collapsed back onto the towels, sweating and giggling. Anne idly rubbing my cum over her nipples, she then licked her fingers.

‘What’s that like?’ inquired Kym. Anne simply turned toward Kym and grabbed her face to kiss her full on the mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw their tongues dancing around each other. Not to be outdone, Kym scooped up some cum off her own ample breasts and licked it before kissing me and pushing her cum-soaked tongue into my mouth. I savoured it. I think I fell in love with these two girls right then and there...but maybe we had all already been in love? We were closer to each other than anyone else I knew. At that moment, I don’t think I could have been happier.

‘Aw shit!’ Anne exclaimed, rousing me from my thoughts, ‘we need another cool down now!!!!’

I hope you enjoy the story, I intend to continue the happenings of the weekend in the next part. Let me know what you think, good or bad, but go easy on me, this is my first story here!