Hotel Tryst

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Couple in an affair meet up in a hotel room.
I get to the hotel about an hour before you're due. The journey took me an hour - and I spent the whole time thinking about how I want to pleasure you. I check into our room, which is clean and tidy, we are at the end of a corridor with the headboard of the large king size bed backing onto the outside wall. I smile at the implications of this.

It is very hot in the room (or is it just me)? I open the windows as much as I can to try and get some fresh air flowing. I realise that I am soaked in sweat, but hopefully I have time for a nice long soak in the bath before you arrive.

I leave an envelope for you downstairs at the desk, with the second key card in. I hope you'll remember to pick that up on your way to the hotel room.

I run a deep bath for myself, and I slowly strip off and climb in, lowering myself thankfully into the hot water, bubbles covering all my bits. Oh such bliss. Am very aware of my arousal, from my drive here, grinding into my car seat at the thought of meeting with you again. Feeling down between my legs, my fingers slip around my pussy which is slick at the thought of having you. I smile at the fact that it wont be long before I have you where I want you - in between my legs.

After about half an hour of luxury, I get out of the bath and wrap myself in one of the large towels. I pad into the bedroom, and shiver a bit, as its now much cooler. I allow the towel to slip down a bit and gently pat my breasts dry. I sit on the edge of the bed and the familiar feeling of pleasure erupts within me as I feel my nipples swell at the temperature change. Well, it would be rude not to rub them, and they immediately respond, swell and stand out proud. I anticipate the feeling of their being licked and sucked and loved by you, but I can't resist and take their heavy weight in my hands and one at a time lick across the nipples, then gently suck on them each for a few seconds. Wow, that's so good.

I lie back on the bed, and reach down to my pussy, it is aching and so ready for you, soaking with sweet juices. I brush the length of my crease with my middle finger and bring the juices to my lips and taste myself. I am on fire, and wish you would get here quickly!

I circle my clit for a while, feeling it grow and stand out proud. It really wouldn't take much to cum now. I toy with the idea of phoning you, as you drive towards the venue to tell you what I'm doing, but then I think it might be too much of a tease.

So I arrange the pillows at the top of the bed, and having slipped on a white bra and lacey white panties, I lie on the bed with my hand in between my legs and wait for you.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I know, you are there, standing at the foot of the bed, looking at me hungrily. A huge smile on your face. I can already see that you are aroused, then I realise that my hand is still engaged inside my panties. I can feel (and you must be able to see) that they are soaking wet with my juices.

You pull up the chair and sit fully clothed at the end of the bed, and instruct me to play. Shy at first, I mess about for a bit, but after a while I focus on your face, and the lust I can see there and I start to move my hips in a circle, lifting my bottom off the bed.

My legs are open wide, and with my free hand I pull the material way from the area you can't see, exposing myself completely to you. You take a sharp breath and make the sound you usually make when hyper aroused. I can tell you're enjoying the view and spurred on by this, I slip two of the fingers from my left hand inside of my smooth waxed pussy.

Oh, its so slippery they shoot in really fast and straight away I realise I am losing fluid due to my extreme arousal. My fingers find my G spot quickly, and I gently press on it feeling it swell. At the same time I can feel that my clit is hard is so very swollen - ready to explode.

I ask you to talk dirty to me and straight away you tell me that you are going to fuck me hard after I have finished and that you want my pants off me now! You stand and I can see you have unzipped your trousers. I can see my prize - your gorgeous hard cock is in view.

The end of your cock is already dripping wet, I beg you to let me lick the pre cum off the end, I need to taste you baby. You bring it close to my face, and using only my tongue, I slowly lap your slit tasting you for the first time in ages. You taste so good. This feels so hot. I want to suck on the head, but I'll leave that until later.

Suddenly you grab my hips, pull off my panties, and flip me over onto my front. You lift my hips again, and I immediately sense what you're going to do. My juices are gushing out of me at the anticipation. It takes only a few seconds for me to get on all fours towards the edge of the bed and force myself, butt first in your direction.

Oh baby yeah - with one thrust you force your entire length into me, shouting my name and pulling me from either side of my hips into you. I feel your balls slap my arse, and I focus on my cunt muscles, squeezing your huge cock as hard as I can. Feeling all of your length hitting the inside of me - its so good, I am on fire.

My face is pushed into the bed, masking my screams as I feel my orgasm build up; reaching round, I scratch your balls gently with my nails and then spank my clit, which is throbbing! I want to tease you more and for longer, but my orgasm is rising and I want to cum the same time as you do, and so I tell you it's "Now!, now! now!" and I push back into you, squeezing you as hard as I can.

As I start to scream, stiffen and shake uncontrollably, its all you can do to keep me on the bed, as I force against you violently and cum like a fucking train - feeling myself squirt all down my legs - your orgasm pulses inside me and we ride it together for what seems like ages. Then we both collapse on the bed, spent.....

To be continued...............................