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Victoria's overbearing, cold husband calls on a young doctor to cure his wife's hysteria.
Victoria married her 50 year old husband back when he was in his early 40's. She was 18, innocent, and full of hope about her future. Now, seven years and one son later, Victoria was unhappy, unsure, and at a total loss about what to do about it all. But in late 1800's, women had very little control over just about everything in their life.

Victoria, not as cosmopolitan as her older husband, knew something was amiss. She had a constant heaviness in her lower abdomen, and at times, it felt like her unmentionables were full. At night, her restlessness and anxiety kept her awake. When she told her husband about the problems, he would get angry and send her away.

In fact, ever since she gave birth to his son, Charles had seem distant. He had once told her that she had done her duty to him and was now free to do as she wished. Confused, she wondered what he meant and where he went nightly.

"Charles, may I speak with you a moment?" she asked, softly.

"Make it brief, Victoria. I have business to take of," he said, not bothering to look up from his papers.

"Why do you leave in the evenings?" she asked, innocently.

Charles slammed his pen down on his desk. Enraged that his wife would dare question his activities, he glared at the short brunette standing in front of him. His fingers strummed a rapid beat on the wooden desk, as he contemplated what to do about his trouble making little wife.

"I am most displeased with you Victoria. You have questioned me inappropriately, not to mention how many times you have complained. I believe you need to send for the physician," he said.

"but, why?" she asked, frowning.

"See? You defy me. Return to your rooms. I'll be up shortly to deal with you," Charles said, as he dismissed her.

Victoria, ever the obedient wife, returned to her sitting room. Staring into the fire, she worried about what her husband was going to do. She waited for him for what seemed like hours.

Around 6pm, Victoria decided to head back downstairs. She hadn't eaten since early that morning and was famished. She was about to door the door, when she heard her husband's voice. Quietly, she listened to the conversation.

"And, she's getting worse, doctor," Charles exclaimed.

"What makes you say that, sir?" a very masculine voice answered back.

"Victoria's been talking out of line, questioning inappropriately, as well as causing trouble!" Charles voiced.

Victoria, confused, felt tears well up in her eyes. Her husband thought she was crazy. All, because she asked him about his activities.

"Well, sir. I do believe your wife has an advanced case of hysteria. All her symptoms fit," the strange second voice said.

"Just do what you need to do, doctor. Her present condition is unacceptable," he replied.

The hallway was silent for several moments. Victoria strained to hear any indication that the two men were still there. Her hands were shaking and nerves strung tight. What was Charles planning to do to her?

"Do I have to be in attendance?" Charles asked.

"No. It's best that your not. Your wife will be in a delicate frame of mind during the treatment. She may scream or say things out of her nature," the doctor explained.

"Excellent...hmm...should you take her to your office for the procedure?" Charles inquired.

"This first visit is an evaluation. I'll be able to do it in her suites, but subsequent treatments must be done at my office downtown. They, usually, last one to two hours and need to be repeated three times a week," he instructed.

"Fine.. I will leave you to your evaluation, then," Charles said.

Victoria listened to her husband's heavy footsteps echo, as he descended the stairs. She moved to the window to watch him leave in carriage. She was stunned. Her husband had left her in the care of a strange man. She was utterly alone. The maid was at the market, and her son was away at school.

She jumped, startled by the knock on her door. Should she answer it? Ignore it?

"Come in," she said, her voice thin and shaky.

"Ma'am, my name is Dr Reeves. Your husband has consulted me to help you with your ailment," the strange man said, through the door.

Dr Reeves opened the door and studied the small woman in the room. She was short, in fact he stood a head taller than her. Her hair was a beautiful chocolate brown, but twisted into a severe knot. Wide blue eyes darted to and fro, never settling on one thing for too long. Her tiny hands twisted and crumpled the wrinkled handkerchief that she held.

Dr Reeves took all this in and concluded that this woman was in dire need of an hysterical paroxysm. Unlike his colleagues, he was ahead of his time and knew hysteria was a bunch of bullshit. What she really needed was a good hard fucking, resulting in a huge orgasm. But, he would have to work up to that in time.

"My lady, if you would please remove your dress," he told her.

" dress?" she stammered.

Dr Reeves watched the color drain out of her already porcelain white face.

"Yes. I need to examine you, and I can't do that when your clothed," he said, gently.

Victoria watched the doctor turn his back. With trembling hands, she unfastened her dress and let it fall to the floor. Standing in her chemise and petticoats, she rubbed her arms, as if to warm them.

Dr Reeves turned around to face Victoria. What a sight to behold! Her full breasts, although constrained by her chemise, spilled over the top of her corset. Her generous hips flared out nicely. She was lovely, and he had to shift his coat in front of him to hide his growing erection.

Victoria carefully watched the doctor. He seemed nice and professional, but they way he looked at her made her stomach flutter. The heaviness in her groin grew.

"At least he is not old and ugly," she thought.

In fact, he was much better looking than Charles. Taller and without the extra weight around his waist, the doctor was the polar opposite of her husband. Charles had blonde hair that was thinning on the top, whereas Dr Reeves had a full thick head of wavy, black hair, and his face was clean shavened, except for some five o clock shadow.

Dr Reeves composed himself just enough, so that he could put his stuff down. Approaching the jittery woman, he opened his black bag and pulled out a tape measure. He went through all the preliminary motions, eager to get to work.

"I must say, ma'am...," he began.

"Victoria," she interrupted.

"I must say, Victoria, that you are in remarkable physical health. Hysteria is a mysterious ailment that involves the inner workings of a female's body. The womb has been known to travel about the body, causing numerous problems, like the ones you're having, he explained.

"We must treat these problems at the source. The only access portal to the womb is through your woman parts. These parts, when infected by the womb, are called pussy. Whereas, when the hysteria is gone, they are known as woman parts. You with me, so far?" Dr Reeves inquired.

"Yes," Victoria said, her expression blank.

"Well then, let's get this corset off," he said cheerfully.

The good doctor unlaced her corset and set it aside. Next, he pulled the pins out of her hair. He watched, as it cascaded down her back in an unruly mass of curls.

"By God, one day I'll wrap a handful of that silky hair around my cock," he thought.

He told her that pulling her hair too tightly would further irritate her hysteria. Then, explaining what he was doing at each step, the good doctor pulled Victoria's chemise off.

Victoria, unaccustomed to being undressed by strangers, crossed her arms over her naked breasts. Her own husband had never seen her naked. She was conflicted. Part of her wanted to get angry, but the heaviness in her groin made it hard to concentrate.

Dr Reeves' cock jumped, when he saw her coral nipples, a second before she covered them. Soon, she would be cradling his head, as he sucked on those impressive peaks. He pulled her hands down to her sides, and cupped her breasts. Making the motions of checking their weight, he watched her reaction covertly.

Victoria was baffled. This strange man had his hands on her bosom, and she wasn't mad. The heaviness in her groin was now accompanied by a strange wetness.

"Funny, I don't remember peeing," she thought.

A small whimper escaped her when his big fingers rolled both of her nipples at the same time. She gasped, when he pinched them.

"Your breasts are appropriate, and your nipples have the correct sensitivity," he remarked.

Victoria noticed that her doctor's voice was deeper than before, more strained and husky.

"Let's get these petticoats and pantaloons off. I need to exam your lower parts. After that, I will be able to tell if you have hysteria," he growled, softly.

This was almost too much for him. He had never been this attracted to a patient before and hoped that he could finish the exam before his shot his load.

Victoria, now completely naked, felt like she was watching from out of her body. Her skin was hot and flushed. The heaviness now had a distinct throb to it. She felt swollen and thick down there.

He guided her to the settee. He positioned her on her knees, then had her grab the back of the lounge and rest her chest in it. This position caused her naked ass to stick out.

Dr Reeves stood back to admire the view. Victoria was resting against the back of the lounge, but the angel she was at caused her breasts to hang down freely. Her plump ass cheeks were open slightly, giving just the hardest hint of her most private puckered hole. Dark curly hair adorned two very puffy pussy lips, which were open a bit. Victoria's clit was standing erect and visibly pulsing.

Dr Reeves bet she had never came in her life. He was so hard that it was painful. Quickly, he rearranged his shaft, so that he could pull it from his pants, while manipulating her pussy.

"OK, my dear. I want you to close your eyes. Relax. I'm going to open you," he said.

Victoria felt his fingers open her bottom lips. She felt the cool breeze in the room brush across her open hole. Shivering, her skin goose bumped.

"As I expected, your pussy is very full of hysteria. I'm may have to suck some of it out," he grated.

"Will I be alright?" she asked, alarmed.

"Yes...if we get this hysteria under control. You will definitely need three, maybe four, sessions a week for many months," the doctor told her.

Victoria shivered more. He was going to suck the hysteria out of her...what did he call it...pussy! Why did the thought of that make her pussy feel heavier?

She felt him open her wide. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Butterflies were going crazy in her belly. She nearly bolted upright, when she felt his index finger probe her hole.

He pushed in slowly. Using the pad of his finger, he searched for the spongy mass of tissue deep inside her pussy. When he found it, Dr Reeves massaged it firmly and slowly, feeling it grow larger.

Victoria gasped. Tingles were shooting everywhere. Her pussy felt like it had a balloon in it that was constantly being blown up and deflated. Her breath was coming faster, and it felt like she couldn't catch it.

Dr Reeves kept rubbing and tapping her special spot. Her pussy was getting juicier. In fact, his hand was coated in her oyster colored nectar, and she was gasping and moaning.

It was getting harder for him to resist palming his cock and stroking until he exploded. His pants were tented, and a large wet stain was spreading like wildfire across the front of his trousers.

Dr Reeves decided it was time to add a little fuel to her fire. He placed his thumb directly on top of her firm clit and began to rub in a circular motion around the base. Gradually increasing his speed, he smiled in satisfaction, as Victoria arched her back and let out a high, keening wail. She was close.

Victoria had never felt these feelings. Her whole body was humming, and it felt like she was going to explode. The funny throbbing in her pussy increased in intensity.

"Oh...oh, doctor...some thing's happening!" she gasped.

"I know. Tell me where you feel the hysteria trying to leave your body," he said, growling.

To hear her describe her situation would be too much. He pulled his cock from his pant and began to stroke it quickly and firmly. His foreskin, retracted from his erection, rubbed the sensitive ridge, which sent chills down his body. The thick vein along the back was full and firm.

"Ohhhhh...doctorrrrrr! It's coming from pussy! I feel like I'm about to snap!" she screamed.

Dr Reeves pulled the hood of her clit back and tapped directly on her swollen bud several times. It was too much. She arched her back and screamed her release. All her muscles tensed and relaxed, as her body spasmed in her first orgasm.

Dr Reeves felt cum shoot up his shaft. His balls were tight. His cock stiffened before several thick jets of ropey, white cum erupted from his cock head and landed on her twitching ass cheeks and dripping pussy.

Quickly tucking his softening member back into his pants, he pulled his fingers from her snug canal and helped her to lay on the chaise lounge. Dr Reeves covered the exhausted woman. He went to the basin in the corner and washed up.

Victoria was fast asleep when he checked on her. The doctor gathered his stuff and was about to leave when Charles returned home. Dr Reeves turned to face the husband.

"I have some good news and some bad. The good news is I have given your wife a small treatment to help her get through the night. The bad news is she has the worst case of hysteria I have ever treated. I need to see her in my office tomorrow morning at 10," he explained to Charles.

"I see. 10 is a bad time for me. I'll drop her by at 9, so I don't miss my appointment. Shall I pick her up about lunchtime?" he replied.

"That's fine. She will need to make arrangements to see me at least three times a week," the doctor said, as he got into his carriage.

Dr Reeves smiled, as he closed the door. Looking out the window, he peered up at Victoria's rooms and wondered what was going through her mind. He wondered what she would think when he used the vibrator on her or when his cock loosened her ass or even when Amelia, his assistant, joined in.

"Oh, this is going to be an interesting adventure, indeed," he mused.

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