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I love to tease

Teasing is so much fun...
As you come in the door, I come around the corner, dressed in an oversized shirt, and a pair of satin panties.

You look at me and smile. You take me in your arms and pull me close, and gently kiss me, your lips soft and sweet. Our tongues meet and we explore each others' mouths. I grab your hand and pull you into the room.

I take off your shirt, and undo your pants, letting them drop to the floor, followed by your shorts. I kiss you again as I see your cock starting to grow.

I tell you to sit in the chair, and I get behind you and gently pull your arms back and secure them behind the chair — don't want you touching yourself before I'm ready for you to.

You ask me, "What do you have in mind?"

I tell you, "Relax and enjoy. You know I won't hurt you."

I light the candles I have around the room, then turn down the lights so the room has a warm sexy glow. I turn on the stereo; your favorite CDs are in the player, and I start to gyrate my hips in time to the music.

I undo the buttons on my shirt and smile as I watch you watching me intently. I turn my back to you as I slide the shirt off my shoulder and pull it around me so you can't quite see my breasts. I turn quickly and flash you as I dance around you, brushing your shoulders and arms, wiggling my ass on your lap, teasing your straining cock.

Turning my back again, I let the shirt slip completely from my arms. Crossing my arms over my nipples and turning back, I lean over and kiss your lips again. I hook my thumbs in the waistband of my panties, slide them down, then pull them back up quickly; your growl makes me giggle.

I lean over and give the head of your cock a quick lick — mmm, so sweet, baby — it jumps and you groan. I pull my panties down to just above my mound and then stop. My hand slides down inside my panties and covers my pussy. "It's so hot, so wet," I whisper.

I dip a finger inside my pussy; the wetness there makes me shudder and shiver. I bring the finger to my lips and suck it into my mouth. "Mmm, I love the taste of my pussy baby." I see you licking your lips, I know you want a taste too. But not just yet.

I slide my panties off my hips and drape them around the base of your cock. I step to the sofa and sit with my legs spread, slide my ass to the edge and loop one leg over the arm. The way your eyes glisten and your cock jumps I know you can see every thing.

I bring my hands to my breast and pinch the hardened nipples, moaning from the feelings that run right down to my pussy. I grasp one of my breasts in both hands and lift it to my mouth, my tongue reaching out and caressing it, making it glisten, and I gently blow on it making my whole body shiver.

I see a little bead of wetness appear on the head of your cock. I hope to have it ready to explode by the time I am done with you.

I drop my breast and run my hands down my tummy towards my wet shaved pussy...yes, I shaved it today just for you. My fingers start to rub up and down my pussy, teasing my clit. "It's getting hard, can you see it baby?"

One nail gently scrapes over it, making me draw in a deep breath. I don't say anything, but my eyes close momentarily. Knowing you're watching me so closely turns me on so much. My juices are flowing from my pussy. 

I dip my finger inside to coat it and begin to draw lazy circles around my clit, making me shudder more. I touch it and I squeal a little it feels so good. Pressing a little harder, I begin to massage it faster and faster. You have no idea how much this is making me crazy. I want to cum for you baby, I want you to watch my pussy as it clenches on my fingers. I put my arm under my leg so I don't hide anything from your eyes.

I plunge two fingers inside of myself , fucking my pussy hard as I rub my clit with my other hand.
Oh baby I'm going to cum very soon. Rubbing harder and faster, my hips begin rocking into my fingers, I'm close, very close.

"Watch, baby, it's happening — I'm cumming just for you."

My pussy clenches my fingers, I explode all over them, the cum running from my pussy and down to the crack of my butt. My heart is pounding, my breath coming in short gasps.

That was such a turn on having you watch me. I look at your cock, it's glistening with precum. You want to cum too, I can see that. I rise up on shaky legs and walk over to you. Pulling your head back, I kiss your lips, grinding my pussy on your chest, sliding up and down leaving a wet trail... 

I pull away from your lips and I kiss your neck and nibble on your shoulder. My tongue finds the wetness left by my dripping pussy. I lick it up, running my tongue all over your chest and down your belly, before I blow hot air over your straining cock. It looks so delicious.

My tongue touches the head and I taste your precum. I have to have more, so I drop to my knees in front of you, grasp your hard cock and pull it towards me. I lick the precum from you, and nibble up and down your shaft. Mmm, you taste so good.

I open my mouth and take your cock just inside, holding you just below the head with my lips, running my tongue over the head. Sucking you, I feel you squirming, trying to thrust up into my mouth. Your breathing is getting a little quicker now.

I suck you hard and fast into my mouth, as deep as I can take you. My mouth caresses your cock as my head bobs up and down on you. I'm sucking your cock in as fast as I can. Finally when you get to the back of my throat, I swallow and feel you go into my throat. I hear you hiss as you do.

I hold you there for a heartbeat, then raise my head till you pop out of my mouth. I ask if you're ready for me yet, and all you can do is nod your head. I stand and remove your bindings, and feel your hands touch my hips, pulling me close to you. I turn and put my hands on your shoulders and wink at you. 

And say, "Follow me, there is more to cum," as I lead you to the bedroom.
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