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I will see you in my dreams.

Thanks to a Friend who helped me Edit it (:
It´s Late at night, and I should be going to bed. However, after talking to you all night long, I can not do that; I can not drag myself to climb into the bed, alone yet again. I miss having someone there, holding me, kissing me, loving me, and making me feel so good inside and out.

You were always there, and now due to certain circumstances you are no longer in my bed. You´re in a bed, all alone, in a hotel room, time zones away. Is it too much to ask, to have you back in my bed, just for this one night, when my heart is aching to be loved, and my pussy is aching to be touched and licked.

Tonight, the chat was not our usual, how was your day? I miss our chats, they were ones of deep desperation for each other’s attention, they were of wanting each other, more than anything else in the world, even for just a minute. To feel the your skin against me, to feel you, deep inside me, making me feel womanly again.

I sit here now, lonely and sexually frustrated. More than I have been since you have been gone. I hate this new job of yours. I hate not having you when I am feeling this way. All I want, all I need is your cock; right here, right now. My pussy is wet, sore, and aching to be touched. Will I get that anytime soon? Will my dreams come true? Will they no longer will be dreams, but realities?

Its almost five in the morning, and the only thing I can think of is us, together, in bed, like so many nights before. Laying next to each other, skin to skin. You wrapping your arms around me, making me feel loved and safe. Making me feel whole again.

Thoughts and images of you come to my mind and before long, I am wet all over again... My pussy is throbbing to be touched by you. I can't have your hands on my pussy. I can't have your fingers slowly fucking me, bringing me higher and higher to my climax. I can't have your tongue teasing me, and my clit. I crave it so bad, but I just can't have it. I hate not getting what I want. I want you, is that so much to ask for?

Since I can't have you, and I just need to accept that; I need to find some way to get this frustration out, even if it is just for the night. Because feeling the way I am feeling right now, I am not going to be able to keep it up much longer. Slowly, I slide my hands under my pants, I find my wet spot. My clit is so hard, and my pussy lips are soaking wet. I know that it has been so long since I have touched myself in a sexual way, and I have actually forgotten how good it feels. How amazing it is making me feel to touch myself.

Soon my thoughts changed from missing you, to imagining you are the ones with your hands on my body. Touching me, teasing me, bringing me close to my climax. Next thing I know, I am panting, and gasping for air. I am feeling like I am about to explode and there is nothing I can do to stop myself from going over-board.

Now, as I finger fuck myself, sliding my fingers deep into my pussy, juices flowing out. I start going faster and faster, till I can't control myself. I am screaming and moaning out loud.

Finally I explode, all over my hands, and all over the bed. I try and breathe, slowly but calmly. I try and come down from my recent excitement. Now more than ever, I wish you were in my arms, laying here with me, just as I fall asleep. I can't have that, so I will see you in my dreams.

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