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I wish you were here

might be what I do occasionally...
I sit here. Staring into the computer screen, with my bright green-blue eyes, staring at the story written on the screen. Sitting here reading about two girls fucking, reading a love story, a chat, a story about masturbating, depending on my mood, I choose a story. I have a great imagination, picturing everything happening in the story, perfectly in my head. Every detail, drawn like a painting in my head. Some of these images, are images that help bring me to mind blowing orgasms. Even just writing this is bound to get me going. Just thinking that you will read this, and know how naughty I can be.

I am wearing panties, and that's all. I slip my hand under them as I read, or in some cases, when I write. I can't help but feel horny when I log onto this site. There is just something, like a magnetic force that pulls my hand towards my pussy.

As I sit here, reading, I slowly begin to tease myself. I always start off playing with my nipples, getting them hard. Then I slowly move down. I am already wet with anticipation. I start touching myself, avoiding my sensitive clit. I continue reading, the story getting hotter and hotter, and more sexual by the second. I finally relive my clit, and I gently pinch it between two fingers. Oh that feels so good. I love playing with my clit. I just wish a sexy girl was here with me, eating me out. Teasing me, playing with my clit, and thrusting her tongue into my pussy, driving me crazy.

Well all I can do is imagine. I imagine as I play with myself that this sexy girl is licking my slit, making me wetter, and even more horny. I start to moan thinking about this. I continue reading the story, still imagining the girl on her knees, her head, buried in my pussy, my thighs wrapped tightly around her head so she won't stop. My fingers through her long, soft hair.

I now have three fingers, buried deep inside my pussy. Between reading the story, and picturing this sexy girl eating me, it is sending me over the edge. Closer and closer to orgasm.

I am now reading the hottest part of the story, fingering myself hard and fast, moaning, almost screaming. With my other hand, I am rubbing my clit really fast. Any second I'm going to cum.

After stopping a few times to tease myself, I have an amazing orgasm, lasting quite a while, as I spasm around in ecstasy, my fingers still in my pussy, covered in my sweet juices.

I am going to come again, just from the thought of you. Reading my story, fucking yourself while reading the words I wrote while masturbating. You know what I do when I read stories, or write them. I had to even stop a few times while writing this. Just because I was picturing you, doing the same thing. Sitting masturbating at your computer. You are naughty, just like I am. Getting pleasure out of reading about me fucking my tight pussy. I hope you think of me fucking myself as you masturbate. Think of me rubbing my clit, finger fucking myself to an explosive orgasm.

You made me cum. Yes you. You make me so horny. Just because you read this. It makes me fuck myself thinking of you. A person I don't know. A person that I can get horny, just by putting words together. Fuck yourself until you come. I want you to come all over, and make a mess to clean up, just like I did now. Come for me baby. Maybe even picture me giving you pleasure. Bringing you to an orgasm.

Chances are, as you are reading this, I might be having and orgasm, or building up to one. Thank you for making me come.

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