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IIllusionary Soulmate: Part I

“What am I doing here? Am I out of my mind?” I thought to myself.
Illusionary Soulmate: Part I

Fastening the seat belt in my window seat, I looked out to see we were finally pulling away from the gate. I started flipping through the pages of the SkyMall catalog from the pocket in front of my seat. As the big jet picked up speed and jumped into the air I realized I hadn’t looked at a single item in the magazine. “What am I doing here? Am I out of my mind?” I thought to myself.

Wait, wait, wait. I am getting ahead of things here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kaylee. I am a 22 year old graduate student in my last two weeks of summer break. I am 5’8”, with long black hair, brown eyes, firm 34B breasts, and a figure I keep fit by running three to five miles, five days a week. I have my life all planned out and everything has been going according to that plan. That is until two months ago when I did something that may change all of that.

My current boyfriend had gone home for the summer leaving me behind to hang around the campus. There are always many opportunities here for engaging in an active sex life, but that just isn’t who I am. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a prude, but I need more from sex than a one night stand.

I am sexually adventurous and willing to try new things. I gave boyfriends a chance to get me to enjoy porn with them but everything I was shown turned me off more than turned me on. That is to say, until my current guy and I started reading erotic stories on a well known internet site. I couldn’t believe how wet these stories made me.

To get all the benefits of this erotic literature site I signed up. I wanted to be anonymous so I used my middle name and picked someone who looked like me off the net to post as my avatar. I received many friends requests and instant messages that I ignored. I was there for the sexy stories. I quickly got into a routine that I looked forward to all day long.

At the end of my busy day I would begin to prepare for my “date” with the next author and their story by running a nice warm bath, thick with scented bath oils, and surrounded by a number of scented candles. I would slowly undress in front of a full length mirror as if it were my favorite lover. Slowly unbuttoning my jeans, I would ease them over my hips and down my legs flicking them towards the hamper with my toe. Crossing my arms and pulling my t-shirt over my head as I shook my long hair free, I would stand starring at my bra and panty clad figure. I guess all that running did pay off. Unhooking my bra and sliding off my panties, I would run my hands over my body enjoying the pleasant sensations running through my skin. My nipples would harden from the excitement and slight chill in the bathroom.

I would slowly step into the luscious warm water of my bath and ease myself down into that heavenly liquid enveloping my naked body. Ohhh, that always felt so very good. I would sink down into the water up to my neck with only my breasts and knees above the waterline. My breasts looked so sexy illuminated by candle light as they floated in my bath. I would slowly massage the bath oils into them. Only I knew how to do this right, to achieve the maximum ecstasy my breasts could give me with the proper massage. As I replayed the story from last night’s read in my mind, my hands reached down to my labia. My fingers knew the route I liked them to take, slowly circling my lips with slow increasing pressure, mmmmmh. Picking up the bar of bath soap, I would slip it under the water guiding it along the pushed out lips of my vag. Yes, just like I like my guys to do when I am ready, teasing me by gently pushing the tip against me, oh so close to penetration - I loved that tease. Just a little harder, a little more pressure - it will go in. No, please, push it in I begged myself. Water started to splash on the floor as hips, hands, and soap all moved in rhythm together. Entry of the soapy bar into me with my thumb pressing on my clit would send me over the top into ecstasy. Into heaven.

Glowing from the orgasm and the warm water, I would towel dry and walk naked from my bathroom to my bedroom. Picking up my iPad and sliding onto the cool satin sheets of my bed, I remembered why I love sleeping nude. Every inch of skin loved the silky feeling from being surrounded by that luxury. Sliding the power on the iPad, I would begin the search for my next sexy story online.

As usual, while I looked, I received a half-dozen requests for chats. I usually didn't take advantage of this feature of the site. They were always so predictable, so similar; “Hey babe, wanna chat?”, “Eight inches here, want to play?”, or “OMG Sexy, I love your picture. It made me hard.” It reminded me so much of the bar scene in college--just what I dislike, drunken twenty-somethings trying to jump my bones before they puke or pass out from the beer. This night, however, I felt particularly lonely and wanted to talk to someone even if he was a stranger. I picked Paul, he didn’t have a personal avatar and he was almost twice my age at 40. But he was pleasant and polite and seemed interesting. He didn’t tell me his penis size in the first five minutes, in fact, he never did. We did a lot of flirting, He was intelligent and knowledgeable and interested in getting to know me, not some phony avatar. Time flew and suddenly it was 3:00 am and we had been chatting for three hours. We friended and were back at it the next night, and the next. We had so much in common. I had to keep reminding myself this was an illusion. I didn’t know who this guy really was--if he was a guy. Maybe she was a 300 pound serial killer texting me from prison. You never really know. But I was starting to fall in love with the illusion.

After a while we agreed to 100% honesty. Paul said he suspected I wasn’t the girl in the avatar and doubted my real name. I confessed. I told him my real first name and described the real me. We were soulmates. He insisted he had had a vision of the real me, weeks before we met. Oh ya right. Remember Kay, this is an illusion it is not real.

This cyber affair continued for weeks. I had my first cyber sex experiences, we exchanged e-mails, and we talked on the phone. Trust developed, even when at 4:00 am when he called me Ashley. He was so tired and so what if he got the name wrong? I trusted him.

And now, here I was on a plane to San Francisco to meet him in person.

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