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a special request

This was an evening she dedicated to herself. An evening of pleasure and self indulgence meant solely for her.

She walked around her bedroom lighting berry scented candles, soft sensuous music playing in the background. Her big double bed was made with fresh, fragrant satin sheets. Her favorite pink toy lay on the bed next to her pillow. Her naked body felt fresh and relaxed after the long bubble bath she had taken and the glass of champagne she had drunk.

She lay down on her soft bed and felt the luxuriant fabric cool against her warm skin. Her hands were already running over her warm soft skin, running slowly down her neck, fluttering over her supple breasts- the sensation causing her nipples to harden, down to her soft tummy, over her sides to her hips, to the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. She concentrated on the sensation of the sheets and the touch of her hands on her skin and felt the arousal in her body rising, her breath becoming slower and shallower, her pulse quickening and a pleasant tightness beginning in the pit of her stomach.

She reached to her toy and ran her delicate fingers along the soft yet rigid silicone. She took it and ran it along her skin from her thighs all the way up to her mouth, pausing along the way to circle her hard sensitive nipples with it. She took it into her mouth and licked it as though it was a lover's flesh, enjoying the erotic sensation of it in her soft wet mouth. She was already moist, her silky smooth pussy beginning to flow with her sweet juices. She ran the toy along her slit, collecting her own moisture, and brought it back to her mouth- she loved the taste of her own sex and the sensation just made her wetter. When she had moistened her toy she ran it down her skin again and positioned it between her thighs, just teasing herself with it. She savored the hungry reaction of her body, stoking the flame of her desire with her slow motions. She pushed it into her pussy and moaned. When it was all the way in she flexed her pussy muscles and moaned at the pleasant sensation of being full.

Her hand went to her hard little clit, a skilled finger touching it the way she loved, rubbing it slowly at first then faster. The touch to her clit made her want more, she was squirming on her bed- one hand on her clit the other pinching her right nipple, her toy in her pussy. Her skin was flushed and hot, she felt desire coursing and tingling through her body. She was moaning and sighing at the practiced way her soft gentle hands touched her. Her hips involuntarily moving up and down- as though to meet the thrusts of a phantom lover.

She reached to the toy and pushed a button in its handle and it began buzzing and vibrating deep inside her. Her breath quickened and she let out a scream of desire and pleasure, she started pinching her clit shudders going through her each time. She could feel her body building up to the ultimate pleasure and spurred it on with her hands. The air was filled with her cries of ecstasy and the sweet, tangy smell of her sex.

Her hand left her nipple and went to her toy, moving it in and out of her now sopping wet pussy. The squelching sounds joined her voice and caused her to be even more aroused. She loved her body and the way it reacted to sexual pleasure, the deep knowledge that her body was sexy both to her and others, and that her actions now would be arousing to anyone that might observe her was increasing her pleasure.

She felt the familiar tightening of her pussy and knew inside that she was close. She increased the intensity of her actions, pinching and rubbing her clit furiously as she fucked herself with her toy. Her hands a blur as she ascended higher and higher. again she pushed a button on her toy and the vibrating inside her increased. the sensation of it against her tight inner walls sent her through the roof, she screamed, her back arched, her toes curled and her pussy muscles started contracting and juice flowed out of her and soaked the sheets. the room was filled with animalistic screams of pleasure as she kept cumming for what seemed to her like forever.

When she finally surfaced from her orgasm she pulled out her wet toy, turned it off and laid it next to her, after which she curled up and fell into a deep blissful sleep.

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