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Intriguing Marshall PT3

Daughter goes off and masturbates alone but someone else sees her
He felt good. Yes he did. Smiling as he rode away he knew he felt very good indeed. All his body felt good as saw her beneath him as he “wailed” away at the woman and saw her screaming for more and more. That is until both came. Yes, that is until both came, and he knew she had seeing as her body shook and countered multiple times as it never once repulsed as the two unfamiliar parties fornicated dramatically until the very end.

As he rode away he could “feel” her all over him. As he rode away he saw her hand crawl and climb around him and then he felt those same hands clamp down on his large and wide frame as she tried as best she could to get him closer and closer as he fucked the woman’s evils away.

Even his privates seemed to “feel” good too he thought as he rode up the trail and back to town and now smiling while he rode. He smiled more and more as he “saw” her bosoms, knocking and jumping as these two fornicated for what seemed a lifetime in her bed and as each came, especially the woman who orgasmed more then enough times then he could count.

As he rode away he told himself how he also could feel that aroused womanly warmth of hers expunging any immediate desires either had for one another again. The feminine softness which reigned all over her body wrapped itself around him when he thought about her some more when he pictured even her legs as they curled up around his waist and pulled his body down on hers.

And as he rode away smiling he heard more screams then he ever heard. She had clamped his body down on hers so that he was unable to get loose of her. No, he didn’t want to get loose but she was much stronger then he could imagine.

“Man, okay” he began to say “that woman had some, I don’t know, but she had power I’ve never seen before in my life. I gotta get back there soon and real soon too.”

And just as he said it, he smiled as his face lit on up.

A few days later, more like a week he was in the Marshall’s office and heard it. “What was that?” he said to one of the others.

“You didn’t hear?” the other Marshall said.

“Hear what?” he asked.

“That woman out in” and the other Marshall explained.

Gabriel, without letting on at all, listened intently.

“Oh really?” he said. “Does someone look in on the homestead? I mean like the sheriff’s office or someone?” he said in an unpretentious like tone of voice.

They said it depends and he asked what it depends on. The head Marshall explained as he listened. His head was telling him all sorts of things, many which can’t be repeated. He didn’t care. His loins “burst” with, of all things, “joy.” No, he did not smile openly but yes visions of him and her swiftly treaded throughout his mind.

Tell me about it, he told himself. If anyone can do it, if there’s anyone who is able to fornicate, she can do it, and she can do it in the most powerful of ways.

“Gabe?” the head Marshall said. “You were out there, what was it, late last week? Isn’t that right? Everything seem alright to you?”

He was undecided. He hadn’t let on that the two of them were a lot closer then before and there was no reason, whatsoever, that he should let his boss know that either. “I guess” he said as he looked at his boss “but you know these citizens. They can be itchy.” He rolled his eyes and nodded, adding “I don’t know boss.”

“Well, you and Harry head on out there tomorrow and see how that homestead is” the head Marshall told him.

Gabriel looked at Harry and nodded as if to agree with his boss, doing what he was told to do. He thought it was dumb and asked if there was anything else required. Later, he somehow convinced Harry he could do it alone and would be back to head out on their trip to hunt up the guy they were scouting for.

“Hiiiii honey” she said to her daughter as Maxine walked up. They hugged and Maxine’s mama felt terrific seeing as her daughter was back in town again. Maxine bedded down her horses and sat and talked with her mama for the day. They were laughing and talking and Maxine explained to her mama what she did and how the operation was going. “No, I’m not any closer at this point to purchasing this operation. There’s so much to learn.”

They ate lunch. They went into town together. Gabriel started out as he soon headed out of town. He never knew. He never knew Maxine was her daughter and of course used to live there too. Still he was more then happy, at that point, to check in on her, the mother on this day. He never knew she happened to be Maxine’s mama. They had the best anyone could have had. Fornicating with that woman was blissful, absolutely incredible he told himself as he thought about him and her the other day, although all the times with Maxine entered into his thoughts as well.

It was Maxine who was to be floored, if she found out that he did it with another woman although they weren’t an exclusive couple as of this point he told himself even though he’d like that to be the case. Nothing was a definite and he knew that too.

“So honey, have you any suitors me and your daddy want to know about?” she asked.

Maxine, having wanted to lie to her mother seeing as she currently didn’t said no and that is when the memory of Gabriel came to her. His big and wide bulking shoulders along with his wide masculine frame over her, she’d smile inside and out and even close her eyes as she’d picture Gabriel down over her as he fornicated, madly, with her out in the wild lands of this country. The only “thing” to resoundingly resolve her issues nowadays was that fat wooden dildo she had whittled and yes, she did use it too.

By chance, thankfully, seeing as she’d be there for a few days, she did bring it along.

“Here honey, I’ll help you unpack” her mama told her. “Is this all you have?” and followed her into her old room.

Maxine, not wanting her mama to see her dildo for fear she’d figure out what the contraption was to be used for, said she could unpack her clothing herself thus telling her mama no thank you. She left her bags atop the bed and alone. Thank god, Maxine thought as she shook her head as she followed her mama out of the room. I don’t want her to see that. No I do not.

Meanwhile, the eager Marshall Gabriel was headed out of town, and thinking lustfully at that point of her. No, not Maxine, but her mama, the triumphantly jubilant and crazed sex goddess, or so he determined her to be that.

“Hmmm, I wonder” and he smiled as he began to say it “if she and I can spend some time in the sack, or anywhere for that matter.” He began galloping along as he thought about her more and more and more, but he didn’t go faster. He just started out in a trot to a full gallop, happy that he was alone for the ride to the woman’s homestead.

“Mama, I’m going to take a ride out in the country” she said, taking along with her a pistol and her wooden toy not wanting her mother to know of it. Her mother asked if she wanted company knowing she too was lonely and wouldn’t mind it that day. “No mama, I just want to be alone.”

The woman, all alone now, did not see him riding up a little later on. In fact, now that she was alone she filled the tub, out back, with warm water, and got undressed. She knew she needed bathing so with her clothing off and all alone, or so she thought, she stepped into it, but as she did, he arrived and knocked at her front door. No answers so he knocked again and again there was no answer.

“Hmmm, nobody home?” he asked aloud to himself. “I’ll walk around back and see if anyone’s back there.”

“Oh uh Marshall” she cried out, lying fully naked beneath the water. He was unable to see details of her succulent and luscious figure, which he had often thought about. “Please Gabriel, please do not stare this way” she said in a desperate plea for whatever reason. Her daughter, who just left might come back she feared and see him and her together. She didn’t want that. No, she didn’t want her daughter seeing that the Marshall and her had collapsed into a fit of lustful behavior.

But yes, having seen her in the tub and knowing she was naked as could be he most definitely was growing mightily full of lust. And yes at first he did stare even more at her, although she knew he was unable to see any details of her tremendously sexy physique. As he stared, with a smile on him too, he worked at seeing her body even more but she knew now he couldn’t.

“I sure bet mam you look uhhh delicious as ever beneath that water. Might I find out?” he asked in his solicitous tone of voice as he grinned, naughtily. Having heard his question, she turned a deep shade of red knowing it would be wonderful if was in the tub with her but knew that couldn’t happen seeing as her daughter was in town. She said no thank you and not today but despite how she responded to him he added “Yes mam, I sure would do that with you.” His tone of voice suggested only one thing. it suggested he was in a naughty mood.

“No, not today Marshall, not today” she said in a tone suggesting something was terribly wrong and that is when he looked at her in a different light.

“And why not?” he said. “Why wouldn’t you want me to get undressed and slide into the tub with you so you and I can ‘play’ around?” Again, he smiled, using quotation marks around the word play as he sought an explanation as to why she didn’t want to fornicate with him that morning.

She knew she felt she had to give him a reason but didn’t want to offer it as of yet. However as the seconds moved on, she felt she had to. “Because Marshall, although you and I had the most wonderful time together last week” and then she lied “it was a one time uhhh situation, sir. That’s all.” She knew then she wanted him badly. “It was a one time occasion” she went on to tell him knowing she just lied through her teeth as each stared into the other’s eyes. He was dumbfounded and put out.

She knew it wasn’t the truth. In truth, she knew it laid down inside and in between her legs. All of her are down there was quickly beginning to tighten up. She could feel his commanding power down inside that area as she pictured his steering influence as it wielded itself new treks which she couldn’t wait to once again feel down inside herself. She wanted him. She knew she needed it more and more as well.

Seeing as he was the tall and handsome and most broad shouldered man she’d ever known and seen in her life only had her body screaming wild tones of a sexual manner as if whatever she deemed it, clawing at her from within.

Those moments were wearing on her, quickly. Not knowing where Maxine was, all she knew is Maxine could show up at ant moment. Yes, if Maxine did show up and here was the Marshall happily looking down at her as she lay naked in the tub, what would her daughter think? She didn’t know but she knew she did not care to find out either.

“Ohhhhhh god” she cried out for the umpteenth time.

Her body unclothed to an extent while she lay out in the grasses, stretched out in every direction as her fat wooden and whittled dildo was being shoved up inside her and had her screaming joyfully quite loud.

“Ohhhhhh ahhhhh” she screamed again and again.

This thick tubular mass had been going in and out and around her now swollen privates and provoking heightened erotic endeavors of one sort or another within Maxine’s swollen privates. A refined woman never swears, she had always been told but this day for her had become truly different. Maxine in the heightened state of being had her swearing crazily. So much so that it could be heard all around her.

“Oh fuck yes” she said once again. “Ohhhhhh fucking yes oh yes ohhh yes” she cried out endlessly while her body seemed to change and maneuver into various positions as she pushed and pulled at it and enhanced her condition. She was so heightened from doing herself and so ecstatic as well that she either couldn’t or didn’t want to stop it at all. “Ohhh my” and she grabbed another breath of air. “Ohhh my god, oh my fucking god yes! Fucking yes” she screamed out again. It only seemed to get worse but she was beyond a doubt horny as ever, horny as hell and by this time he was on her mind. Gabriel of all people lingered in almost all her thoughts as she masturbated and finally climaxed.

And up on a ridge, some of them were watching her while she was going at it on herself. They did not understand it. What was this female doing? Why was this woman screaming bloody murder or something like that they asked one another? What exactly was she doing with whatever she had down in between her legs?

They’d find out as she plunged “whatever” it was, wildly and crazily into her privates and enjoying the triumphant results of doing it nonetheless. The rather “friendlier” group of Indians watched but couldn’t understand what she was up to. Why was it that the woman down below is screaming? No one is with her they had said to each other. I don’t know, another had said with an inquisitive look on his face. Not that any of them did, they kept asking the same question of each other.

And also, another of them asked is why this woman was half naked as well? Why was the woman on her back, and partially naked, and doing what appeared to be the wild things as if in bed with a man?

What she’d been doing and how she was responding to it all had truly confused the Indians as they peered down at her. They couldn’t begin to know why as they watched her playing with herself. Why was the woman lying on her back? They did not know at all and had been watching the young and most beautiful woman doing crazy and wild things to her body. They turned to one another often. They asked what she was doing exactly. None actually knew. They did not understand. Each wanted an answer too.

He stood up and in his tongue he said “I will go.” Of all of them he was he was the oldest of all of the Indians in the group. He was about Gabriel’s age, maybe a year or two younger and repeated himself once again as the rest looked at him. None were in agreement seeing as this woman was too young for him or so they thought and seeing as she was much too beautiful as well, maybe he wasn’t the right one to go.

“Yes, I will go to her” he said in his commanding tone. “I will say hello and smile at her. We will talk. I shall ask her what ahs is doing. I will find out too. This woman will tell me. She is woman. I am man and all women and men talk, do they not?” he asked his fellow tribe members.

Still they resisted but did not stop him from walking down off the ridge down to her “camping ground.” She was screaming. She was still pushing it in and around as her body appeared to move all about as Maxine’s whittled device continued to fill up her privates, ambitiously. She could not help herself as her arms waved about while moved the solid wooden structure all about as it cloaked her swollen vaginal tombs with lustrous joy.

Maxine, while she orgasmed, had felt her privates tightening up. It was a joyous feeling to her. “Oh lord, yes oh yes ohhhhhh my god yes,” and then out of nowhere the noises became even louder. “More oh yes more!” She yelled and shrieked at even louder levels as the Indians watched and listened. She filled her hole with a possessive glory. All of a sudden Maxine had cum again. Her body was dripping and oozing the sweet nectar of the gods. It did feel great. This was her third time too. “Ohhhhhh my god” she said as her eyes flickered open. She swiped her privates and then licked her fingers. Smiling she told herself how good it tasted. She did it again. She was breathing exhaustively and deeply for what seemed forever as she pulled her contraption from out of her pussy.

Once she had, she put it to her lips. Looking at its beauty she looked at it. She smiled and said “You are soooo beautiful” and with that she kissed its tip. She pulled herself back together but hadn’t buttoned up the pants as of yet.

Out of nowhere, she heard it. He slowly appeared from somewhere and excused himself. He excused himself again and with that she dropped and tried hiding the tool she’d been using, sliding it beside herself, and quickly trying to hide it beneath the grasses.

Immediately she knew it to be an Indian by his broken English and swiftly tried dressing herself. In his broken English he said “I mean not to scare you and I mean not to harm you either.” She understood and relaxed a little. “I have question for you.”

A little more relaxed, she sat up with her pants still undone, but pulled up as she wondered and looked at him. He appeared friendly enough or so she thought she recalled the one time, weeks ago when she agreed to fornicate with a couple Indians who weren’t as friendly. She and Gabriel were out on the trail when she’d done it with the Indian. She enjoyed those moments too and now wondered about this man.

He was direct. “What is it you do by hand? I see you doing something. This can be done by man? This can be done by man?” he told her. “I not see man around here. You enjoy yourself but there is no man around? Why woman do this?” he went on to say.

Is woman doing something to her own self?” he then asked more pointedly as his eyes then snaked down over her thighs and then up towards her privates. He smiled for a short moment and then allowed his eyes to look at her bosoms. When they did, she smiled. She did like it that this Indian crouched and looked at her body as he then said “Whatt does a woman do with herself that a man does? Is this true you do manly thing to self?”

She didn’t know how to answer his question. He was ultra curious as to what it was she had used and asked to see the piece she was using a little earlier. However, she refused to let him see it. Her body and the surrounding area which the toy had expunged its vivacious performance had softened. The muscles and tissues within her once tight and innards began to relax. Maxine definitely could feel it all and now wanted to go back home, although she did think about going back at it with that fat wooden toy of hers too but didn’t and couldn’t with the friendly Indian there.

He wanted to see her again and again as they talked, arousing the inner “demons” of his soul. Being and Indian that he was he hoped she’d be the perfect bride but she also knew it was time to go and took leave of him and headed home. He watched and smiled as she got on her horse and noticed she was buttoning her jeans before she did.

She rode off and wondered. Is he still looking at me? Wow, if he was, he could have seen my privates. Wow, could he have seen them at all, she wondered? No, she convinced herself of. He couldn’t have seen them. Not unless he was close up, she told herself. On her horse, she headed out, and headed to her mom and dads.

“I have a daughter Marshall. If does come back while we are doing anything, especially now Marshall” and then she questioned him as to his first name and he finally told her. Hers was Mary. “It could be a huge disaster Gabriel. However Gabriel, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you but by god, oh my lord yes. I do want you Gabriel. I had a really special time” she said as she shifted the towel she was in and knew she needed to get dressed. “Now is just not the time. It isn’t, it is not” and she was shaking her head a number of times as she repeated herself again “it is not Gabriel.”

He apologized and complimented her beauty again and she smiled and giggled at remarks. “You will find out here and usually alone. All I need is to know where are too.”

He got ready to leave and with that slapped her ass and then left. She loved how it felt being slapped on her ass and couldn’t wait until this man returned.

“Mama,” she called out, “ohhhhhh mama” she said again.

Her mother, now dressed, walked out of another room. “Did you have a nice morning dear?”

Her mother looked into Maxine’s eyes. Something was wrong. Something was not right about her daughter and Maxine mother knew it too. She’d heard of that look before, seen it in fact as well, but never from Maxine. As of that moment, her mother hadn’t been able to figure it out, but she knew she would. It was all a matter of time she told herself however she was sure she would seeing as she was Maxine’s mama. The result, well the result, to both of them was shocking to say the very least.

In short time, Mary did figure it out and when she did she smiled. Yep, Mary knew what was going on. Her daughter while away had gone out to play. Yes she had. Her daughter, of all people, had gone out to play with her body.

My daughter did that, she asked herself. I can’t believe it.

“Maxine dear” Mary finally said. “Honey, can you come here honey?”

Mary was sitting in the kitchen and smiling. Having a cup of tea she looked sweetly at her daughter while Maxine walked in. Mary quietly waited. Maxine wondered what was going on. Mary was patient as she held the cup of tea with both hands.

“Yes mama?” Maxine said.

“Sit down dear” her mother said serenely. Maxine did as told. Mary looked at Maxine and smiled right into her eyes. Jokingly, although Maxine couldn’t tell she was teasing her she said “You bad, bad girl you” as she her head. “I should’ve known better Maxine. You told me you were going out for a ride, out in the country. Right then and there I should have known. You bad, bad, bad” the mother went on to say again. Then she said it. “Naughty is a better word dear” and out of nowhere, Mary smiled her most naughty smile. Maxine was perplexed. Maxine showed she was clueless and she was as mary leaned down and started to pull hers out.

“What mama?” Maxine said again.

“You dear, and I, are just alike” said Mary to her daughter.

“Pardon me mama?” Maxine said.

“What were you using out there or were you much luckier then I think? Was there some fine gentleman about dear? Was there someone I am not aware of that you know about out there?” her mother asked.

“Mama, what are you talking about?” Maxine said as though she was innocent.

Her mother smiled. Then she picked it up. Raising it up, she shocked her daughter to no end. Her daughter, when she saw it, appeared floored. Maxine was looking at her mother’s own invention. Much like Maxine’s, her mothers was a little longer, a bit fatter, but also had more ridges on it. Maxine’s eyes had bugged out as she studied it.

“Mama, oh my lord mama” Maxine said as Mary handed it over to her daughter.

“Yes dear I also used to use one, many years ago too. But I have not used this in a long, long while. It had brought me many a good time when I was alone dear” and then Mary as if using it, closed her eyes, to recall those times. She smiled openly. “Ohhhhhh yes honey” she went on to add “I recall those days. I sometimes still want to try use this, still want to try it out.” But I’m not using it because of my suitor lately although you don’t need to know about him.

She handed her toy to Maxine and Maxine had no choice but to take the larger then life dildo like contraption from her mother. She stared at it. Maxine felt its ridges. It was amazing as her fingers felt along them all. Before too long she found herself closing her eyes momentarily and when she did, her mother was smiling.

“Care to use that when you go out on one of your day trips?” Mary said. “Or do you have someone to fulfill all your dreams already?” her mother asked.

Maxine said no at first and then Mary said “I do need to go into town a while. Care to go with me or” and as she said it she was truly smiling “would you prefer to stay here, alone?”

Maxine, sitting and facing her mother, simply looked at her mother’s device. “May I think on this mama?” Maxine said.

Smiling, and then winking at her daughter, Mary then said “Honey, why don’t you go into your room, and get undressed alright? Then maybe you can comfortably sit on it.”

Her mother left and Maxine did as Mary suggested. Before too long, Maxine was on her back and enjoying her afternoon, alone.

“How was the afternoon alone dear?” her other said later on.

From the backyard tub and lying down in it Maxine smiled. “It was great mama, just great” and from there Mary leaned over and kissed her daughter’s head.

Mary was thrilled that her daughter dearly enjoyed her conquering tool and told her to use it whenever she felt like using it.

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