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sometimes what we imagine comes true
I woke to the sound of surf in the small, tidy room. French doors opened onto a charming patio, and the next step was in warm dry sand. This two week vacation was a dream come true, a fantasy realized, on Isla de la Paz Hermosa, a small island in the midst of an emerald sea.

It was not a resort in the traditional sense. The decor was serene. The fabric and paint were a light, tone-on-tone brightness. The wood of the furniture was dark and rich. Upholstery invited one to rest in loving and cushioned embrace. There were no televisions, but a library of sorts filled the walls of one long hallway. The music in the bar each evening was soft and sensual jazz provided by a quartet. The atmosphere was only part of the reason I had chosen it. The main factor was its clothing optional policy for beach and pool.

During the first few days I had spent my days on the beach experimenting with the best method to avoid sunburn on tender skin. My skin was now golden and sprinkled with ever darkening freckles. Not a sexy look in my mind, but you get what you get when your skin is fair.

He was on the beach every morning when I walked. His face was bold; his mouth sensuous. I couldn't see his eyes because of his sunglasses. I wondered in my own curious way if he wore them to hide his true self from those who might look too deep. He was comfortable in his nudity and would sit on his towel reading or just watching the surf. I imagined so many things as he sat remote and silent in the bubble of quiet that surrounded him.

There was a storm on the night before everything changed... a big storm. The staff had come to check each room and secure the exterior doors and the patio furniture early in the evening. Their smiling faces and efficient manner did little to assuage my anxiety over the lightning and wind that was forecast. There was a precision about their movements as they assured me that all would be well. I ordered a bottle of wine and prepared for the assault to come.

The roaring storm lasted for several hours. Something kept hitting the glass of my window, but the promises made by the staff held true. My room was secure even from water that might have leaked under the door in a less prepared facility.

I slept fitfully and roused as gray light began to filter through the white gauzy drapes. Birds sang quiet little melodies outside my room. The shower was a welcome balm to body and soul. It is funny how that can be. I slid on a pale pink thong swimsuit bottom which had been my one concession to modesty for this adventure and walked onto the softly lit beach. There was surprisingly little debris, and I actually found it comforting to examine the little piles of flotsam that dotted the pale sand.

He sat close to the water, welcoming the sunrise with closed eyes. One strong, broad hand sensuously stroked his erection as the other cupped his shaved ball sack and caressed his inner thigh. It was like watching a moment of pagan worship. The close-cropped hair and trim body added to the meditative quality. A few pearly drops had appeared on the tip of his penis, and it was all I could do not to kneel before him and lick across that broad head. I willed him to open his eyes so I could truly see him but also feared discovery of my intrusion on such a private moment.

Ragged breath and the swelling blood flow of arousal took control. My legs refused to walk me away or even to support me any longer. I sat tailor fashion on the sand a few feet away. I was snared in his thrall at this point physically and emotionally.

Pulling the heel of my right foot near my butt, I tugged fabric aside and felt the increasing wetness of my slit. My fingers massaged my clit in time with his movements. Skin flushed as I concentrated on his hands and even the movement of the hair on his tanned body.

His fist squeezed and more pre-cum leaked over his hand. He lubricated his shaft and stroked faster. The finger of the other hand teased his anus. My whole body was absorbed by this one man, at this beautiful now, and on the feel of our hands bringing us closer and closer to some metaphysical unity.

I wondered who or what he was thinking about as he stroked. I wanted it to be me!

A small moan caught in my throat as I slid two slim fingers inside my swollen and juicy pussy. His eyes slowly opened, but even the momentary panic could not motivate me to flee. His eyes made me think of a northwestern rain forest... brown and green and cool and peaceful and dangerous and wonderful.

He watched my movements as I watched his. The intimacy was overwhelming as I fucked myself deeper and faster and with complete abandon. I worked my clit with my other hand as I sat in paradise with a lover whose name I did not know.

We came at roughly the same time. Eyes locked as the aroma and sound and sensation united us. We sat for stunned seconds just looking at one another.

I got on my knees and felt sex dripping down my inner thighs. I crawled across the sand feeling feral and feline. The spell was strong, and I wiped my face across his belly smearing his cum across my cheek. My tongue lapped at his navel, tasting him. I did not know if the groan I heard was his or mine.

I kissed his mouth, got slowly and unsteadily to my feet. The silent sun glinted on wet sand and bodies as I walked away.


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