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It's All About Me, I Tell Ya

just a short story i thought of driving home from a definitely not boring day in classes
I woke with a jolt.

Wow, that felt good, kind of like a mild electric shock.

Usually I am asleep or just kind of sitting here, but every once in a while I get woke and to take over and run things around here. That is a big power trip I tell you, really gets to my head when I let it.

Yeah, I know, everyone says the brain is in charge (quite frankly I'm not so sure the brain isn't a myth) but, when I wake up, believe me, I run things, just like I am getting ready to do now.

See, I am Amber's clit. Now, I need to get to work, because things can go pretty fast at times like this. I have already wasted too much time.

Ok, first off, hey anyone know why I got woke up? Is Amber gonna fuck her boyfriend or what?

- Don't ask me
- Hellifiknow
- Nobody tells me nothing

Well, that figures...

- I'm hungry.

Oh hush stomach. I've got a job to do.

Hey, eyes. What's going on? You see anything of a nice hard cock around? That's my favorite.

- No, no cocks that I can see.

Hmm, I'ts getting hard to think here. Why is everything so damn wet?
Hey Bartholean?
Hell I can never remember your name... You, the one making it so wet around here.

- You talking to me? It's Bartholin, but you can just call me Barth. But, let me alone

Why you got things this wet and sticky?

- Don't blame me. I just do what I am told and from the orders coming in to get all this stuff made, that Amber must really be getting worked up over something.

Yeah I know. I can tell.

- Hey, what's going on down there? I smell wet pussy.

Oh, hey nose, no time to talk. But, yeah, things are getting pretty soppy and sticky around here. I really wish Amber wouldn't wear them damn thongs all the time. Although, I guess we should be thankful she at least has them on. When she dresses without panties it can REALLY get to be a mess.

Ok this is getting to be too much. I need some relief and I need it now. I get a lot of blood pumping in me and I am all swole up. If we aint gonna get any cock, I need something and I need it now.

Hey fingers, WHat the hell are you doing anyway? Get down here and give me a good rub or something!

- What are you nuts? We are in the middle of a college classroom! I am busy writing some crap about ethics or something. And besides, Amber's skirt is too long today. It's only another hour I think until it's over.

Well hell you are no good then! I am NOT waiting any hour.

Hey what about you muscles over there. She been working you out for years now. Can't you do anything to help? How bout it keegs.

- It's kegels and no I can't. She isn't positioned quite right or something for me to do you any good.

Well damnit. And for crying out loud Barth, give it a damn rest. I like it wet, I do, but this is getting ridiculous.

- You sure are grumpy when you don't get what you want. I told you, I'm just doing my job.I can't help you.


Hey, you over there. Hey, asshole?

- I told you I don't like that name, jerk. Call me anus. It sounds more important.

Ok ok. Anus. Can you help me out here? I am getting pretty desperate?

- Pfft. I aint doing any favors for anyone! Everyone just takes me for granted. You should see the shit that I have to put up with! Besides, I keep telling everyone, I am just for an exit ONLY!

Damnit. Come on keegs, pleeeeease.

- It's kegels and nothing I can do right now. Hey try getting a lot of blood and really start throbbing or something to get her attentionand maybe she willshift around a little.

Hey great idea. Come onnn blood, come to me.. Oh yeah that's it. (throb, throb, throb)

- Keep it up clit, I am starting to feel something. Oh here it is, my orders to get to work. I love my job.

Ahhh finally.. go kegels go. go kegels go.... This feels great!

Ohh here come those spasms I love... YES YES YES, FUCK YES!

AHHHHHHHH damn I needed that.

Ok everyone, take 5. I'm gonna rest up a bit....

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