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It's great to be a guy

Thinking back to past orgasmic pleasures...
Laying down on the couch in just a shirt and briefs, I slide my left hand over the cotton covering my flat stomach. I can feel a pleasurable stir within my tight briefs as I move my right hand down to caress the soft fabric covering my cock. That feels wonderful, I think as I slide my right leg off the couch—spreading my legs to give my hand easier access to the front of my briefs. My right hand slides up and down over the material covering my penis as it strains against its cloth confines. A gentle need begins to build in my groin, a clarity of focus, this feels so nice, I have to keep doing it. My left hand reaches under my shirt to caress my chest and abdomen. My thoughts go back to Tina. Tina liked my touch when we made love, she liked my hands on her slim body...


I laid on my back and let Tina mount me. I watched, and felt, my shaft slide up into her belly. She slowly rocked her impaled pussy back and forth on my pelvis as I used my hands to caress her skin. From her face to her ass and thighs, I moved my roaming hands as I watched her face reflect the pleasure I was helping to give her. The sensation of my cock inside her as she worked to rub her clitoris against my rough pubic hair might be the focus of her concentration, however, I knew my hands on her body were, for her, key to her reaching orgasm.

The focus of my caresses changed as I neared orgasm. When Tina mounted me I felt her abdomen by putting my palms up against it, as if I was going to push her off my shaft. This let me feel her muscles move as we fucked. Later, I moved my hands up to cup and play with her breasts. I liked holding them like a bra would, pushing them together, and even letting them fall so that I could watch them jiggle. Pinching her nipples made Tina squirm, and, because I was buried inside her, her squirming would give me a wonderful sensation in the depths of my groin. As my excitement grew, my hips began to meet her slow grinding with increased urgency and I moved my hands to feel her ass. Squeezing her ass gave me immense pleasure because somehow, in my mind, it was more intimate and erotic than even playing with her tits. Finally, my hands moved to grip her hips as I thrust greedily toward my plateau of pleasure.

With my eyes gazing into hers, I moaned loudly and ejaculated deep inside Tina. As my seed pulsed out of my cock into her womb, my hands moved up her back and pulled her down against my chest. The feeling of her soft breasts pressing her pebbled nipples into my sensitive skin was wonderful. The sound of our labored breathing filled the room as I held her tight and my cock continued to pulse inside her.


The shirt comes off and I continue to caress the front of my briefs. A tightness begins to form in my groin and my balls feel heavier as my right hand rubs the soft fabric intently. My breathing grows deeper and more regular. If I keep this up, I think, I'll unload into my briefs. My thoughts go back to when that has happened before. It is fun, sometimes, to orgasm fully or partially clothed. It feels a bit different, and erotically so, to have your covered cock spasm in the tight gap between your underwear and your abdomen. When I'm in the mood it makes me feel like such a dirty boy. It feels even better when it is helped along by a lap dance from a pretty girl...


Trixie, or at least that's what she told me her name is, slid her thong-covered ass up and and down on the crotch of my jeans as I leaned back in the comfortable strip club chair with my legs spread. As I watched her thong-covered rear, pleasure streamed from my throbbing erection throughout my body as I enjoyed her movements through my clothes. We were deep into our 'battle of the lap dance' which had begun about 15 minutes ago.

I'd been in Club Erotica for a while, sitting close to the stage to watch the dancers move their lithe bodies, and turning down lap dances from several girls, before Trixie, a voluptuous blond in a matching lace bra and thong, had pushed her ample chest into my shoulder.

"Would you like a dance?" she whispered in my ear.

"Yes, that sounds nice," I answered and she led me by the hand to a comfortable looking chair in a dark corner of the club. I could still see the dancers on the stage, but it was quieter and a bit more private than the tables closer to the stage.

A lap dance is really a battle. Trixie wanted to keep me hard, desirous, and paying song after song. I wanted her to take me to release as quickly as possible. If she can read my excitement and keep her tits and ass away from my groin when I'm near release then she gets more of my money. If I can fool her then I get to orgasm blissfully, albeit into my underwear, and keep more of my money. As the next song started, Trixie spread my legs and the battle began.

She rose and removed her bra, hanging it in my face so I could drink in its feminine scent—her scent. She moved slowly in front of me, letting my eyes caress her curvy body, then she pressed her chest against my chest and blew into my ear. She moved downward, her breasts rubbing my abdomen and groin, to kneel in front of me. She used her hands to rub my inner thighs and groin. Trixie was winning the battle—at this point I would have paid any amount of money for her to keep going. Trixie was wary and stood anytime my breathing became labored, removing her tantalizing touch from my body until I had stepped back from the brink.

Trixie might have won the opening salvo, but I was not routed yet—I had a strategy toward my overall objective of, well, blowing my load. I had selected Trixie because she was a voluptuous. A skinny girl might look good in panties, but as she rubs her bony ass into your crotch you soon realize that crushing pain in that particular location does not excite you (unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing). Trixie's soft ass and tits felt wonderful and the growing pleasure emanating from my groin began to turn the tide of our 'battle of the lap dance' in my favor.

During the third song, Trixie made a costly tactical error.
One of her tits brushed against my cheek as she leaned over and pushed me over the edge. I won, I won, I thought as I moaned softly and my body convulsed. If Trixie didn't already realize that she had lost the battle from my movements and moaning, she became aware of her defeat as she turned and settled her soft ass into my groin. She could easily feel my engorged cock spasm as it unloaded energetically, for what seemed like an eternity, inside my pants. She looked around at my face and, being a good sport, gave me a knowing grin as she pressed her warm rear into my groin until my pleasure-drenched spasms subsided.


Having an orgasm fully or partially clothed is definitely an unconventional erotic sensation, however, it's not what I desire today. I want a harder orgasm, so I slide my briefs down my legs and kick them off. I let my penis spring upward and enjoy its release from the tight confines of my briefs. I can feel the air cool my sensitive shaft and balls. It feels nice to let be naked and hard, I think, but it feels even better to be outside—naked and aroused in a warm breeze—with a beautiful girl. My thoughts go back to Jenny. Jenny liked to skinny-dip in the backyard pool on her farm and she liked to look at, and do other things to my nude body out in the field...


"Holy shit," Jenny exclaimed, "John is driving up the lane."

I looked up and saw the dust the tires on her brother's car raised as it slowly progressed up the half mile dirt road that ran from the paved road to Jenny's family farm house. I started wading in the water toward the edge of the pool. Jenny and I had been skinny-dipping in the in-ground pool between the house and a large barn. We had started out swimming in our underwear, but I had talked her out of her bra, "Really, Jenny, you'll be more comfortable." Then, she had talked me out of my briefs, "It's not like I can't see your boner, Ben, I mean it is going to burst out the front of your underwear." Finally, her panties came off, "Jenny, your soaked panties can't be comfortable for you to swim in, I mean they aren't hiding anything—they are so transparent I can totally see your bush." Her parents were away for the weekend, and we thought her brother would be in town all day. It appears we were mistaken.

I watched Jenny leap out of the pool, enjoying the rear view of her dripping body as she dashed to a chair covered with our clothes and snatched up her damp panties. I climbed slowly out of the pool, far more carefully than Jenny had, making sure I didn't catch the rock-hard erection protruding from my groin. I stood and walked toward the chair, water dripped off my body and my shaft bounced slightly with each step. The odd bouncing sensation made me aware how aroused Jenny's lithe swimming had gotten me. Jenny pulled up her panties in a snap of white cotton. She checked the lane then scooped up the rest of our clothes into her arms.

"No time," she said, "let's get out of here so he doesn't spot our naked asses." We both ran away from the pool, across the yard, and into the large wheat field behind the barn. At first, I enjoyed watching how her soggy panties clung and bunched around her rear as she ran, but after 20 yards or so, my boner, as Jenny liked to call it, began to wane, clearly not enjoying the running. Once we got into the field we crouched down.

John's car stopped, he got out and went into the farmhouse. Jenny sighed, then pulled our socks out of the jumble of clothes.

"We're going to have to hang out by the picnic tree until John leaves," she told me, "or at least go up there and hang out until we dry off and can get dressed." We put on our socks and walked through the waist-high wheat to a large tree about a quarter mile from the farmhouse. An ancient picnic table was slowly rotting in a small clearing around the tree. Wheat seemed to stretch for miles around, however, Jenny's family farmhouse could just be seen in the distance.

"Oh, pooh, your boner is gone, let's see if I can't help you to get it back." Jenny squatted like a catcher and held my hips with her hands. Her mouth engulfed my flaccid penis and I felt her tongue dance over its sensitive skin. I lifted my head as I enjoyed her tongue. The sun was bright and warm on my face as I grew erect in her mouth. It felt heavenly to be outdoors with this pretty farm girl working on my erection.

My cock slid out of Jenny's mouth with a wet slurp. "Your boner is back," she said pushing my erection against my abdomen with a hand. She moved her mouth down and began to tease my balls with her warm tongue. The warm breeze quickly cooled my sensitive penis.

"My boner is getting cold," I told her. Jenny stopped lapping at my balls and looked up at me. She stood and stepped back toward the picnic table. She gazed eagerly at my nude body. My eyes enjoyed her figure and how her damp panties did little to conceal her bush. I love to see a girl's panties—a pair of simple bikini panties makes her body all the more enticing to me.

"You had better warm up that boner with your hand," she said, "show me how fast you can stroke it." I gripped my shaft and began to stoke firmly. Jenny gazed at my groin and her left hand moved to the crotch of her panties. She began to rub herself as she watched me stroke. For a few minutes we stood in the bright sun and watched each other masturbate. I could hear the wheat moving in the breeze. I wondered if Jenny was going to let me cum onto the ground, to fertilize the wheat rather than her. The answer was no, she wanted my seed for herself.

"I want to feel that boner inside me," Jenny said as she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She turned around, spread her legs slightly, and held her ankles as I moved up behind her. She reached up with her right hand and guided my shaft inside her. Warmth spread through my penis as it slid into her, I gasped aloud at how good it felt. She moved her torso up and placed both hands on the picnic table to steady herself. My hands reached around her torso and felt up her breasts. I began to thrust. Jenny reached back with her right hand and gently caressed my hanging balls as I moved.

"Harder! Slam that boner into me," Jenny orders, "I want to feel you spurt inside me!"

That, I'm sure, will not be a problem, I think as I try to keep the pleasure going by not thinking of how good fucking her actually feels, of how soft her breasts feel in my hands. I want it to last, to enjoy the sun, to enjoy the warm breeze. Jenny slides her hand off my balls and begins to rub her clitoris. I watch my cock move and listen to the slapping sound of my abdomen against her rear as she uses her finger to bring herself to orgasm. When she arches her back and cries out, I let go and, with a loud groan, ejaculate.

In the middle of the wheat field with a soft warm breeze blowing across my nude body, time seems to stop as I fill Jenny's pussy with 'spurt' after 'spurt' of my cum. It feels absolutely wonderful.


I grip my shaft tightly and feel the warmth return as I begin to stroke. Yes, I think, I am going to blow cum out of my fucking dick all over myself. I stroke quicker at this dirty thought. I'm aroused enough now that I want to be dirty, to think dirty thoughts, to moan loudly, to exclaim aloud, "I'm gonna fucking cum." I want to push myself over the top into a mind-blowing orgasm. My thoughts go back to fucking Gina. Gina and I didn't make love, we fucked, she liked sex to be dirty and loud...


Gina liked to talk dirty when we fucked. Not during foreplay, but when I mounted her, her vocal inhibitions fell away like I flipped a switch inside her vagina with my erection.

"Your cock feels so nice," she exclaimed as I thrust my cock into her pussy from behind—loud slapping sounds filled the room as my abdomen slammed repeatably into her ass. "It makes me feel stretched, so full. I know it makes me a dirty girl, but I want you to keep thrusting and thrusting your huge cock inside my tight pussy until you cum. You are making me so wet. Your cock feels like a rock. My nipples are so hard. I want you to cum in my pussy.
I want to feel your cum fill me."

Now, I've omitted many moaning sounds, "Oh God!"s, "yes"s and "fuck"s. To be honest, Gina had mastered the 'art of erotic moaning' to a level that most guys would probably get an embarrassing erection just listing to her moan. A recording of her erotic prattle while my cock slid in and out of her could probably some guys cum in their pants.

Her dirty talk made me orgasm
hard. What do I mean by hard? Isn't one orgasm the same as another to a guy? I mean, we groan and then spurt, right? Well, what I mean by hard is that I'm thrusting my erection into her while she tells me how "wet" she is and how good my "fucking cock" feels as it slides around inside her "steaming hot pussy." All of the sudden I notice, as she tells me to "slam it in harder" and squeezes my ass with her hands, a churning feeling at the tip of my cock and realize that I'm ejaculating. I'm surprised—you could even say stunned. Typically, a guy knows when he is crossing the 'point of no return' and enjoys the inevitability of orgasm for several wondrous feeling thrusts. Not so in this case, her erotic talk had gotten me so worked up that I'm ejaculating before I even realized I've reached my plateau. Gina always noticed the churning too and would tell me to "pump that cum into my pussy! cum baby, cum!" My penis would convulse again and again as it worked to expel almost painful volumes of my seed deep inside her tight pussy.


I'm jarred from my thoughts as the first splash of cum hits my chest. Pleasure courses through my whole body as I stroke my cock and continue to ejaculate. The warm rain of cum on my skin excites me, the firm hand on my shaft excites me, my taught muscles excite me as I enjoy my orgasm.

It's great to be a guy.

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