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It's just touching...

Vacation roommates seek some relief
Jake stroked his hard cock in the shower as his eyes glazed over. Almost there, but at the same time he was enjoying the feeling of holding off. Tiffany was waiting for him to get out, he knew, and he was taking a little longer than he should, but fuck it, it felt good to finally get a chance for some relief.

Tiffany…fuck. As soon as the name popped into his head (as did her lovely face and beautiful, tanned body), Jake felt his balls tighten up just a little more, his cock swell even harder in his hand. He hadn’t planned on rooming with Tiffany on this post-college trip with their friends, but somehow the other four had paired off over the course of a week in the Virgin Islands, as happens in paradise.

That left Jake and Tiffany – each with a significant other back home – to share a room. This wasn’t a problem in theory – he liked his girlfriend…though things had been rough over the last year. He had wanted her to come along. But she insisted on taking an internship straight away after graduation, and opted to save the cash instead, leaving him with the mixed message. “Don’t worry about me…go wild!” She had said while giving him a hot, wet farewell blowjob, but then adding the confusing admonition to “Be good” as well.

The real problem was that he had had a crush on the gorgeous sex-goddess Tiffany since his freshman year. She had only gotten hotter over the years—the most amazing pair of DD breasts, slender waist, and, with her heritage a mix of Caucasian and Thai, an incredibly exotic look that always drew attention.

He ran a hand over his chest and abs, and continued stroking. He couldn’t help but moan softly. For his part, Jake had started off college almost painfully shy and bookish. He had done a good job of coming out of his shell over the years, though, and even managed to develop a muscular body from doing yoga, despite his lack of athletic enthusiasm. But sadly, he figured he had long blown his chances with Tiffany after he drunkenly confessed his love for her at a party early on in their freshman year. She would always see him as the shy little boy. Which was… probably for the best. Right?

“You jerking off in there or what?” Tiffany called out from outside the bathroom. Jake snapped out of his horny daze. She had no problem being blunt, and if anything seemed to take pleasure in teasing him. He had lost track of time, and had been in there quite awhile he now realized.

“Yeah Tiff, you caught me red-handed,” Jake said, trying his best to sound jokey as he regarded his stiff dick in his hand. Did he pull it off?

“C’mon Jake I have to shower and get ready, dinner’s in 15 with the crew – hurry up! You’ve been in there forever.”

"Alright I'm out, I'm out. Just a sec," Jame responded. 

Jake shut off the shower, erection still at full mast. He was now in the awkward position of figuring out how to hide it, seeing as it wasn’t going down any time soon. Jake reached out of the shower and grabbed a towel. He wrapped it around his waist, pinning his cock against his body as best he could. He checked out the mirror. Still pretty obvious. No problem. He would simply open the door and skate by, turning away to hide it.

Jake opened the door.

“Finally!” said Tiffany.

But rather than executing his plan, Jake stopped in his tracks right in front of Tiffany. She was still in her tight little bikini, nipples quite hard from the cold hotel air. He was blatantly staring, still buzzing with erotic thoughts, and couldn’t do a thing about it. She was starting too, though, both of them caught a bit off guard. Her eyes went straight to his not-so-hidden cock that was now perfectly outlined by his towel.

Tiffany looked Jake up and down, a smile curling up on her lips.

Finally, Jake broke the moment, but in his attempt to slide past, only managed to brush his cock along Tiffany’s thigh. Oh great, he thought. This is just the best.

“Sorry!” he managed to get out as he shut the door, leaving Tiffany to do her thing.

By now all bets were off. Jake shed his towel, and rather than getting dressed, hopped over on his bed fully naked to finish what he had started in the shower. He cupped his balls in his hand, relishing the feeling of his thick, stiff cock in his hand, closed his eyes and moaned, thinking he was covered by the shower noise.

Soon after he reached into his bag by his bed, and pulled out some lube. In for a penny, right? He squeezed a liberal amount over his cock and began stroking in earnest, the room filling with the sounds of his heavy breathing and the wet stroking motions he was now making over his cock. Jake was lost in pleasure.

“Could’t hold off huh?” He heard Tiffany’s matter-of-fact tone. “Forgot my shower caddy.”

Jake opened his eyes and froze. Caught, this time very much red-handed, and red-faced. Tiffany stood there in her towel gazing upon Jake, looking amused. Jake tried to explain himself.

“I’m sorry, you know, it’s been days since I’ve – and well, with you around frankly…”

“I get it, you’re backed up,” said Tiffany, as if Jake were simply a machine that needed a tune up. “Probably need to shoot a nice hot load don’t you?” She leaned against the desk across from Jake’s bed, looked him up and down, and folded her arms.

“You have no fucking idea,” said Jake.

“So why don’t you finish, then? Go on, it’s just touching…no one needs to know…” Was there a hint of arousal to her tone? Desire perhaps?

Jake didn’t need any encouragement really. His hand went straight to his stiff cock and he started stroking, but now taking his time, finding that he loved being on display.

“How about you?” Jake asked. “All our friends pairing up, you without your boyfriend…must be getting to you.”

Tiffany’s eyes were locked on Jake’s swollen cock. “Yeah…” she said as though in a dream.

“You have a chance to get off?” Jake asked.

“No…” Tiffany trailed off as her hands ran up over her breasts.

“Why don’t you drop that towel and join me?” Jake said, trying to match Tiffany’s original matter-of-fact tone as best he could. He could tell she was right there. “It’s just touching yourself,” Jake said with a smile. "No one needs to know."

Tiffany smiled back, and without a word, let the towel drop. It slowly cascaded around her breasts and poolEd at her feet. God her body was perfect, and her pussy completely shaved. Jake was beside himself as she slid her hand over her slit, which was already glistening with wetness.

She slid up on to the top of the desk, and propped a hand behind her, spreading her legs apart, opening up her pussy. It was dripping, and looked so delicious. Her finger brushed her clit slowly and deliberately, like plucking the string of some delicate instrument. She began to let out a series of soft moans, and her head lolled forward, then back languidly, her long hair falling over the tops of her breasts.

“Yeah, that’s it, stroke it,” she gasped.

Jake imitated the motion of Tiffany fingering herself on the underside of his cock, brushing lightly against the underside of the head. It twitched and bobbed up and down while he flicked. Tiffany this time let out a longer, almost pained moan, which Jake matched. Now they were dancing, playing off each other's arousal and finding their rhythm. Tiffany’s chest was flushed, her nipples rock hard, but no longer due to the cold air. She pinched them and squeezed them with one hand while the other stroked her pussy with growing intensity.

For a while there was just the sound of ragged breathing and wet stroking as their gazes were locked onto each others’ bodies. They were both entranced.

Jake was broken from his reverie when he thought he heard Tiffany say something between long sexy moans. Jake looked straight into her eyes. He just caught one word.

“…cum,” she said. But he couldn’t quite make out the first part.

“You want me to cum?” Jake responded. “You want to see me shoot all over my chest for you? God I’m ready.”

“No, I want your cum,” Tiffany gasped. Then looking him squarely in the eye: “All over me. Please,” she added, a hint of begging in her voice.

On fire now, Jake stood, approaching Tiffany with his hand still locked onto his hard dick. It felt positively huge and swollen in his hand. He was, for once in Tiffany’s eyes, an animal, capable of turning her on, of overcoming her with lust. He enjoyed this power as he approached.

“Shoot it. Shoot your hot cum all over my tits. God I want it sooooo bad,” She whimpered.

Jake lost it as he stroked faster, approaching, leaning in seductively but not touching her. The tip of his cock was so close to Tiffany’s pussy he could have just fucked her so easily, and done so much more. He could feel her body heat, smell her sweet breath. 

But he managed to hold off. His lips were parted and he let out a deep, passionate scream, groaning out the words “Oh fuuuuck I’m gonna cum. Fuck fuck fuck!”

Tiffany's moan matched his. She arched her back, inviting Jake’s load. His whole body contracted for what felt like ages as the orgasm welled up from deep inside, then outwardly as Jake erupted.

One long jet caught Tiffany right on the lips. She licked at it, all the while holding Jake’s gaze, her face a mask of wanton lust. Another landed on her left breast. She hungrily, without any apparent control or thought, scooped it up with her hand and brought the slick cum to her pussy. Her own wetness mingled with his cum, virtually pouring out from her swollen pussy.

Jake’s ropes of cum kept flowing, beginning to subside as it was Tiffany’s turn to let go. Jake's cum apparently had done the trick. She scrunched up her body on the desk in a series of cascading contractions, screaming and whimpering like she was being violated by some unseen force. “Oh god, oh god, oh yes,” yelping and screaming like Jake had never heard anyone before. It was the sexiest thing he had ever fucking seen: a goddess, bathed in cum before him, orgasming in wave after wave like a woman possessed.

Finally, her body subsided and returned to a more relaxed position. Tiffany slumped on the desk, a rag doll of post-orgasmic bliss. Jake sat back on the bed.

“Holy shit,” was all he could manage.

After a moment of sharing the bliss in their respective corners, Tiffany looked up.

“Shit, we’re late dude. Way late.”

“God I know,” said Jake. “We really need to shower off though,” he said surveying the mess made between them.

Tiffany stood up and headed over to the shower. She stopped on her way and glanced back to Jake, still spent on the bed.

“You coming with?” she asked innocently. Jake smiled back, almost bewildered, unsure how to answer.

“What,” she said, back to being matter of fact, but with a hint of irony this time. “It’s just cleaning.”

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