It's Only Looking

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All of my best friends getting it on.
I had always been a bit into the voyeurism/exhibitionist scene. I had never done anything; I had always just wanted everyone to see me masturbating, getting off to me getting myself off type thing. I just had never had the courage to speak my mind. Until tonight.

We were all college students, usually horny, always having sex or masturbating. There were five of us hanging out in my dorm tonight. Two of my best girl and guy friends. We were having a few drinks while flirting with each other when I decided that tonight was the night. The worst that could happen would be an awkward moment we would all eventually brush off.

"Have you guys ever heard of a circle jerk?" I asked.

My guy friends both looked at each other and then laughed.

"Yeah, I'm in. I know what you're going to ask and I'm in already," said Jesse, the most outgoing one of us all. He was tall, with blonde hair and brown eyes so dark they were almost black. He had an amazing body, toned all over and gorgeous.

My already tipsy friend Maria also nodded. "I'm so horny right now. Yeah, even just thinking about it." She was already starting, lightly touching her pussy through her jeans. She had short black hair, blue eyes, and was currently experimenting with her sexuality.

My other male friend, Chris, was already into it. He had undone his pants slightly and nodded at me. Chris was the type of guy that was so cute, but not smoking hot. He was the sweetest man ever and every girl loved his bright blue eyes.

The last one to consent was Alex. She was the most shy out of everyone, and I wasn't sure she'd want to. "You know what," she said, "what the hell. Let's do this. I'm in."

After that, none of us knew where to start. I started by getting up off the couch and taking off my shirt. Everyone was watching me as my shirt fell to the floor, leaving me in my bra.

Jesse's hand was in his pants as he watched me. I could see him jacking off slowly.

Maria was playing with her big tits. She had already taken off her shirt and bra and was fondling herself, looking at Chris, who had his dick right out in the open and was stroking it, watching Maria's tits move with her every touch.

I started to play with my tits too, undoing my bra and shoving my hand right down into my pants. I could feel my wetness already, between the two men's rock hard dicks and my female friend's boucing tits. Their nipples were rock hard. Soon Alex had her pants off, spreading her legs so everyone could see her panties. She still had them on as she pulled them aside, rubbing her clit and driving her fingers into her wet pussy while grabbing her tits with the other hand. She was breathing hard as she looked at Chris, tugging on his long cock.

Chris's hand was moving so fast up and down as he looked at Alex's wetness straight across from him. He grabbed his balls and started to grind his teeth together. He had a huge dick, and the tip was throbbing and purple.

Maria also now had her hand down her pants, like me, and was fingering herself to the sounds of everyone else's horny breath. She was breathing hard and rammed her fingers into herself one last time before shouting out in orgasm. She had nail marks on her tit where she had grabbed on so hard.

Maria's orgasm started a chain. Chris was next, his cum spraying everywhere, some landing on the floor and some landing on my legs. Watching Chris set me off, and I moaned loudly as my vagina squeezed hard with orgasm. Alex and Jesse seemed to finish at the same time, Alex was quieter, grinding her teeth and moaning softly and Jesse was spraying his cum, mostly onto his stomach.

We all looked at each other now, exhausted and dirty.

"So, who's up for a five person shower?" Jesse asked.

We all looked at each other and smiled.

To be continued......