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Jacking and Jilling with Heather

More Fantasy
Heather grinned with a gleam in her eyes, told me she would be over to my swimming pool within five minutes, and then quickly disappeared into her house.

I went into my house, took off all of my clothes, wrapped a large beach towel around myself, and then went out to my swimming pool to wait on Heather.

I didn’t have to wait long until Heather came through the gate in the wooden privacy fence between my front yard and the back yard where my pool is just inside the fence.

She was wearing a pretty robe that I had seen her wearing several times through her and Tim’s bedroom window. Their bedroom is just a few yards away from my bedroom, and I’d watched them enjoy what I thought was really wild and furious sex several times. I wondered if they knew I could see them and were putting on a show for me to enjoy. Whether they knew or not, I enjoyed jerking off while watching them.

Heather walked up to me, smiled, winked, and asked, “Are you ready”? I answered simply by removing my towel and displaying my rigid throbbing cock. When she saw it her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

 “Holy Moley!” she said. “I wish Tim had a cock like yours. Yours looks like a large salami and his is like a teeny weenie in comparison. He never satisfies me when we fuck. He cums within a minute or two and then he’s done for hours. I get so horny and frustrated that I usually have to masturbate in order to enjoy an orgasm. When I saw you jerking off over here a few days ago I was peeking through leaves of your muscadine arbor and couldn’t see what a HUGE dick you have.”

She went on to say, “I see you’re ready, and so am I”. With that, she removed her robe and stood before me in all of her naked glory. I could see her shaved mound was puffy and her twat was wet. Her joy juice was oozing out of it and running down the insides of her thighs. She began to massage the nipples of her tits with both hands until they looked like a couple of .44caliber slugs.

My mouth watered at the sight.

“I can see you’re good to go, so let the games begin”, I replied. “But I told you when we talked the other day that I respect both you and Tim too much to fuck you.”

“Yes, I know, stud, but instead of tiny balls below a teeny weenie, you have what looks likes large marshmallows in your nut sack. I hope you’ll let me toast them for you with my mouth, or at least my hands.”

“Hon, be my guest……..anytime you want to,” I hoarsely replied as my dick throbbed violently at the thought of her doing that.

“Heather, I don’t know if you can swim or float, so I’ve put two air mattresses in the pool that we can lie on while we enjoy jacking and jilling, either solo, or doing it for one another. Which would give you the most pleasure?"

“Can we do both……or more? If we can, let’s do a solo session first and then masturbate one another separately, one at a time, and then get each other off together at the same time. Let’s make it a joysome threesome.”

(Obviously, Heather was into masturbating, big time…… kind of gal.)

“Hon, we can do all of the above, then have a curtain call, and then repeat performances if that would pleasure you”.

 “OMG, YES! Let’s get started!!"

With that we both stepped gingerly into the water, which had gotten warmer from the sun than it was the first time I was in it only a few days earlier. We each climbed aboard an air mattress and, holding hands, pulled them side by side.

We turned our heads to the side, facing each other, so we could watch one another.

Heather spread her legs and began to gently rub her mound. Soon she wet her fingers in the water and began to run them up and down her slit while smiling and moaning a bit. Then her clit emerged from its hiding place and she grasped it between two fingers as she began to moan louder. She fucked her clit with her fingers as if it were a small dick that she was jacking off until she reached the point of no return, bucked wildly nearly falling off of her air mattress, had an enormous orgasm, and squirted joy juice like a whale spurting, or a volcano erupting.

In the meantime, I had enjoyed getting my rocks off while watching her.

 We both rested for a few minutes, and then Heather said it was time to go to Act II of our “playful” (pun intended) performance.

We reached out and grasped each other’s hands, and pulled our air mattresses next to each other. I had a few inches of cord attached to the sides of both of them, so I tied our mattresses together so as to leave both of our hands free to play with, and pleasure, one another.

It was, by now, nearly dark. We had lost, in our lust, all track of time.

Heather reached over and grasped my cock with both hands, while I rested one of my hands on her mound and the other one on her nearest breast.

The nearly-darkness was shattered by the headlights of Tim’s truck pulling into his and Heather’s carport next door.

We were busted!!!!

Where do we go from here?

You, dear reader, may, or may not find out. It depends on whether I can dream up more fantasy in my imagination, and if I do, whether I have time to write a sequel and get it published.


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