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Jenny's solo adventure with Ruby

Jenny fantasises about Ruby and joins her in her solo fun
I had known Ruby, you may know her as Rubz, for about three weeks. I can’t remember who contacted who but I do remember it was on a Saturday evening. We seemed to hit it off straight away.

She told me that she was happily married and only came here for the stories and a bit of harmless fun. We spent the remainder of the night sending messages back and forth finding out a little about our completely different lives.

I can't put my finger on what I liked so much, maybe the candid conversations or the similar interests, mainly sexual interests, fantasies, that sort of thing.

We chatted most days, sometimes it was just a quick one line message other times it was a series of messages, thirty or forty maybe more, going into detail of what we had done that day.

Each day the messages seemed to get hotter, you know what I mean, raunchier, sexier; the questions that we asked one another had no boundaries and we both answered as honestly as we could. Well, reader that is certainly true from my side and I have reason to believe any different from Ruby's.

On our bio we had both described ourselves as bi-curious. I think a lot of people are like that, some I have spoken to disagree; but will often, after a sexy chat, admit to having thoughts about the same sex. That is not what brought us together but our conversations did start to wander in the direction of mutual love making.

I was, initially, a little reluctant to progress the friendship as she was happily married with a family and I didn't want to harm that relationship.

It was one of our early, shall we say sexual, chats that it transpired that she was chatting with me whilst lying in bed with her husband. He was reading a book and I guess she was just waiting for him to finish.

I'm not going to dwell on that night, well not right now, maybe some other time though. I just need to let you know that we had a very interesting chat where we began to explore our feelings for one another.

We both wrote about what we would like to do if we were alone together, the way we would like to explore each other's bodies. How we would make love all night, in every way possible.

Well the chats got steamier until Ruby didn't respond for a while; I thought she had fallen asleep.

I got another message from her about half an hour later apologising and telling me that her husband, let's call him Andy, had been reading our messages. Well I guess there are not many hot blooded males that wouldn't find it a turn on to read about their wives desire to have lesbian sex. Well needless to say they hadn't been able to keep their hands off one another.

Our chats continued that night for a little while, and we discussed threesomes and other sexual practices that, up until that point, I had never experienced. Okay I’ll say it, anal masturbation.

I think you can imagine that by now I was a little turned on, and that is an understatement. As we chatted I couldn't help but start to work out my frustration. Initially just gently rubbing my breasts, idly rubbing my stiff nipples; then as I became more aroused I began to rub my mound. In the end I had a hairbrush handle thrusting in and out of me as I rubbed my clitoris. Am I the only girl that has more than one use for a hairbrush?

I think we must have all slept well that night, I know I did, I always do after multiple orgasms.

Our chats became more and more arousing after that, I began to hope she was going to be on line so I could have some fun as we chatted, I've lost count the number of times I have climaxed whilst chatting to her.

There was one occasion when we chatted whilst I was at work, I work as a secretary in a small engineering firm, not that that is important. I think she set out with the intention of getting me to do something at work, and by something I do mean masturbate.

I think it was only after maybe a dozen saucy messages that I couldn't help myself and had to retire to the bathroom clutching my phone to have some relief. That was in the form of two fingers curled deep inside my wet vagina as I read and re-read what she wanted to do to me and what she wanted to do to me.

The rest of that day, to be honest, is a bit of a blur; I do know that I continued again when I got home after remembering to buy some new batteries for my trusty old vibrator.

Weekends had now become my favourite time to unwind. I would go through all the previous weeks messages again and spend an hour or maybe more lying in my bed touching myself, imagining that I was not alone, that Ruby would come through the door and jump into bed with me.

Other times I would wake from a horny dream about her and play the dream over and over in my head, acting it out the best I could for fear that I would forget it.

I told Ruby of my Saturday and Sunday morning rituals and she begged me to tell her what I was dreaming about and what I did when I awoke from my slumber. This, dear reader, is a detailed account of my latest horny dream about Ruby.

I imagined that you were at home waiting for Andy to arrive, your thoughts drift to earlier in the day and the conversation that you had with me. You feel yourself getting aroused as you reread the messages and you look at the clock, still another hour before he comes home and hopefully gives you what you desire most. You close your eyes and erotic thoughts fill your mind.

You turn the TV off and climb the stairs to your bedroom deciding that you have a little time for some solo fun before he arrives.

I lie on my bed and picture you slowly peeling off your clothes; the cool night air is so refreshing on your skin. I have to slip out of my pyjamas; sorry to disappoint you no silk negligee; or lacy camisole top and skimpy thong, for me it is pyjamas.

You are lying naked on your bed, the duvet pushed to one side and you start to picture what I was doing earlier.

The chats from the previous evening had ended up with me using my trusted vibrator and I had described to you in explicit detail what I did and how I climaxed over and over.

I picture that you part your legs and slowly start to run a couple of fingers over your pert breasts, your beautifully manicured nails scratching over your stiffening nipples, making them pucker up harder.

I spend a couple of minutes doing the exact same, trying to imagine how you would touch yourself. I lick a finger and rub my saliva over both my erect nipples, the breeze making them throb with cold.

You squeeze them gently and feel the electricity surge in the pit of your stomach, a warm feeling spreading across your mound.

I can feel the ache building deep inside my body, the delicious warmth spreading through my pussy. I close my eyes and carry on.

Your breath catches in your mouth as a hand slips lower, across your stomach and down between your legs. You spread them wider, the heels of your feet touching as you bring them higher, you can feel them touching your bottom.

I copy you, my legs spread wide, the air feels cool on my vagina and as I run my hand down along the neat strip of pubic hair and onto my smooth lips.

Girls, you must agree there is nothing nicer when you are having some fun time alone than to feel nice and neat and smooth. And guys, you do like to see a girl with a neatly trimmed pussy don't you?

You slide a finger along your slit and are a little surprised at how wet you already are. You apply a little pressure and your finger slips between your now swollen outer lips. You bite your lip as you rub up and down your slit.

I am doing the same, feeling my swollen outer lips, my fingers rubbing over them and then just like you I rub just a finger along the wet crease and let out a little gasp as my finger slips between my lips and I rub along my wet slit.

I always move to my clitoris at this moment, I love the feeling it gives me as I rub it lightly from side to side. Not too quickly at this point, just enough to get me thoroughly wet and aroused.

In my mind I watch you do the same after rubbing along your slit for a little while, you move to your clitoris, your finger just rubbing from side to side and I can hear your breathing quicken.

Your finger continues to play across your throbbing clit and you bring your other hand down and using your first and second finger you press either side of your clitoris, forcing the sensitive nub out of its protective hood.

I copy; my exposed clit is so sensitive, I involuntarily jump when I rub my finger across the delicate tip.

Your finger runs over it and then around and around it, the speed quickening and I imagine you starting to pant.

I can see you desperately looking for your toy, you want to feel something in you, but don’t want to stop to retrieve your toy.

As you continue to rub around your clit with your left hand you slip your right hand a little lower, your fingers pressing into and then running along your slit.

I raise my left hand to my mouth, I lick my fingers, I want to make sure that I am well lubricated. I taste myself and imagine it is you that I am tasting. I slip my fingers down to my pussy; my lips are spread now and my wet fingers slide easily along my wet slit.

I bite my lip as I picture you pushing two fingers into your dripping pussy; you are so wet that you take them easily. You Push them deep until you can feel your knuckles pressing at the entrance to your spread pussy.

I can't help but gasp as I push my fingers against myself, I raise them again to my mouth and coat them with my saliva and try again, I work them a little way inside and push and gasp again as my pussy yields and I push them slowly deep inside myself.

You add a third finger and begin to thrust them in and out all the time working on your clit.

I am tight, but try and force a third finger inside. I try and relax and eventually, I slowly slide them in, feeling my opening stretching around them, my pussy walls so slick with my moisture.

You can feel yourself involuntarily raising your hips as you fuck yourself with your fingers, stretching your pussy with your three fingers.

I continue for a while using three fingers, but finally resort to using two; I can get them deeper and can thrust them harder into myself.

You curl your fingers upward now, desperate to find that sensitive area deep inside your pussy. You work your fingers deeper, all the time curling them upward until you suddenly gasp as a finger brushes against the soft spongy area. The feeling is immediate as your feel your pussy flood.

I desperately seek out that hidden spot, the nirvana of a woman's sexual body. Now using just my middle finger, pushing it as deep as I can, curling it as if beckoning until I touch it, caress it and I cry out in utter pleasure.

I wait until the feelings of my first orgasm subside and then continue. I imagine that you have to bite your lip, desperate not to scream out. You plant your feet on the bed and raise your bum, pushing against your fingers. I can hear you hissing the word “yes,” over and over and I know that you have found your first release.

You bring your left hand to your lips and taste yourself. The thumb of your right hand is now rubbing back and forth over your clit as your fingers continue to work inside you. Your hips rise and fall as you rub at that sensitive spot, knowing that your next orgasm is close.

You're panting now and you bring your left hand down again rubbing over your mound and around your pussy, but it doesn't stop. You make sure that your fingers are coated in your wetness and you slide them further until they are rubbing lightly against your tight puckered hole.

I can't help myself; I do the same, all the time imagining we are side by side on your bed pleasuring ourselves. My fingers are coated in my juice and I slowly inch them past my wet pussy and over my anus. I rub lightly across it feeling deliciously naughty and excited.

I close my eyes again and try and picture what you are doing. You rub your first finger across the tight opening, spreading your juice over it and then apply a little pressure. I can almost hear your moan of satisfaction as your finger enters your bum just a little way.

My own finger caresses around my opening and I try and relax. I apply some pressure, and finally I feel my anus give just a little and my finger slips in up to the first knuckle.

In my mind I can see your thumb of your left hand rubbing along the groove from your pussy to your anus, gathering your cream. You pull your finger out of your bum and rub the cream around your hole and then push again. You let out a gasp of pure pleasure as you slide it in, up to the second knuckle.

I pull my finger out and coat it in more of my cream, and try again. This time it slips inside much easier, past the first knuckle, then to the second. I wiggle it a little and the sensations almost blow my mind. I stop, just holding my finger still I imagine what you must be doing.

Your eyes are tightly closed and you are breathing hard. You press harder, up to the second knuckle. You hold it there for a moment and then slowly pull it out making you gasp. Then slowly back in; in and out as you start to finger fuck your bum.

Your fingers in your pussy start to rub your sweet spot again and you can feel another orgasm approach, your stomach muscles begin to tighten and you start to feel your muscles begin to clench just a little.

I can see you raising your hips higher, and moving your finger in your bum faster and deeper, and then you let out a stifled scream as you climax again, you can feel your muscles clamping around your fingers, then releasing, clamping and releasing; your pussy and your bum almost gripping your fingers.

With my eyes closed I can see you; a trickle of your juice runs from your pussy down to your bum; another climax, more powerful this time, your muscles spasm around your fingers. You begin to fuck your pussy with three fingers, pounding them in and out. The squelching with every thrust driving you on, more of your cream pours from your pussy.

I scream as I am overtaken by another orgasm, much more powerful, my body shaking uncontrollably as wave after wave of pleasure floods through me. I remove my fingers and collapse onto the bed, my body covered in a layer of perspiration.

I lay there gulping in air as I imagine you cumming. You cum hard, and you scream out my name and then you collapse and lay panting on your bed, your fingers still inside you, still in both holes. You don't move, waves of pleasure still flood over you as another climax rides over you.

Finally, you open your eyes and gasp as you see Andy standing in the door, his trousers around his ankles and his hard cock grasped in his hand. The large bulbous head of his cock is glistening in his pre-cum; his hand moving up and down his length.

I smile to myself because I know he has been watching it all, taking in every delicious detail of your solo session. And I know what he wants to do, is going to do.

Well reader, you may think that this is just a horny tale but believe me when I tell you that everything that I have written happened, maybe a little detail here and there has been altered but not to any great extent.

Maybe I should give you details of some of our other chats, but that is for another time.

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