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Jiana Part 1 - wanking for her

Jiana Part 1 - wanking for her

A family holiday steams up by the poolside with an unexpected request
We'd known each other since we were kids. We were in the same class at school while growing up. Our parents were friends and we all spent our annual summer holiday together in Tuscany. That's pretty much where the similitude comes to an end.

Her parents were Italian and she had grown up under a pretty strict regime and was always top of the class. My parents were English and had a very laissez faire attitude to education and I was more middle to bottom. That's not to say that our class positions were in direct correlation with our respective parent's approaches, it's just how it was.

She was beautiful, in a very perfect Barbie doll sort of way. She was slim, about five foot ten, with long, dark, straight, perfectly set hair, her parent's Mediterranean skin and piercing green eyes. I was tall and imposing from a young age, with long blond hair and blue eyes. I was more interested in football than with school really. Like a young stag I was ever eager to prove my physical prowess and through a similar primitive selection process to that noble animal I earned myself a position of respect among my peers and got myself into a lot of trouble along the way.

She was the secret desire of all of the boys I knew but had never actually had a boyfriend. I think, even from a young age she aspired to find the perfect man to bring back to her parents but underneath this traditional, old fashioned approach she was slowly discovering her sexuality. I, on the other hand was brash and bold and would brag of my (imaginary) sexual exploits to anyone that wanted to listen and to many that didn't.

When on our family summer holiday each year we were really close however and spent all our time together, much to the chagrin of Jiana's parents. Since we were away from the world, we simply enjoyed each other's company and often spoke surprisingly openly together. What was funny about our relationship was that when we went back to school it was as if we were strangers. I didn't want to be seen fussing over a Barbie girl and she probably didn't want to be associated with a loud mouthed trouble maker.

In the summer before our final A level year at school, we and our families head back down to Tuscany as usual. We spent that first week catching up on the gossip from each other's respective worlds as we lay about by the pool. Personally, I made the most of that time with Jiana sprawled out in her bikini, drinking in her ripening body from safely behind the lenses of my dark glasses.

Her body was still youthful and lithe, although the slight widening of her hips betrayed her body's journey towards womanhood. Her regular swimming meant that her legs and her bum were beautifully toned and they almost seemed to be calling out for me to caress them. Her breasts were ample but firm, with nipples that would sometimes protrude from her light blue, triangular bikini top when we broached certain subjects. Often at such moments my body would also react against my wishes and I would have to try and bend at the waist to conceal my body's primitive longing.

On one such day, when our dad's were off playing golf and our mum's were I don't remember where, we idled about around the pool alone, me swigging at a beer and her nursing some monstrosity of an alcopop.

"So what do you really think about Jason Felling then?" I asked, smirking at her.

"Seriously Jack, you're such a prick sometimes!" she threw back at me.

"What?" I laughed. "He's top in chemistry and maths and he did make that public declaration of love to you on Valentines day!"

Now I was starting to laugh even harder.

"Do you remember that corny banderole he hung across the bypass?" I continued "Jiana you're my one and only!"

Now I was really pissing myself.

"Fuck off," she retorted but started laughing too.

"Well I would fuck off, you cramp my style but I can't understand a word of what these Italian geezers are on about. I need you. I mean how would I buy my beer?"

"Yeah and who will you turn to just before the exams next year when you realise you're floundering?" she said.

"True," I conceded.

We both just sat there for a while after that. The sun was baking down on us and I couldn't help but notice a bead of sweat run down Jiana's neck, down across her deeply tanned olive skin, and continue down to find it's way deep between her cleavage. I just lay there taking in her body dreamily.

"Hey Jack," she said, stirring me from my reverie.

"Yeah," I replied.

"How many girls have you slept with?" she asked, without looking at me.

"Ah you know, more than most, less than some," I bragged.

"How many is that then?" she pushed.

"You always have been one for mathematics, precision, numbers!" I teased.

"Well there was that one I did in the park," I smiled, "she was the first lucky one."

I flipped up my thumb to signal one and proceeded to work my way through an imaginary list, flicking an extra digit up as I went, until I got into double figures and thought that was probably enough so left it there.

"That second one, in the swimming pool changing room. That wasn't Mandy Phillips was it?" she questioned.

"It was as it goes," I smiled, looking pleased with myself. "She was a very lucky girl actually. I took her twice!"

"Oh," she commented, looking suddenly uncomfortable. "Coz she told me a different version of that story," she continued in a low, what seemed slightly nervous voice.

"Oh yeah, well she's a lying bitch. Everyone knows that!" I said as a wave of nervous anger suddenly swept through me. She promised she wouldn't say anything when I slipped her that fifty quid!

"OK," she said simply. "No worries Jack. Just what I heard."

We both just lay there. She circled her foot round and round at the end of her lounger and I took a swig from my beer and worried about what Mandy Phillips had been spurting around school. Jiana just lay there rolling her foot round in fucking circles though.

"So what did she say?" I eventually spat out.

"Who?" she replied vacantly.

"That Mandy fucking Phillips!"

"Well. Look. It's probably not true anyway." she replied guardedly.

"Look just tell me Jiana will ya!" I almost shouted.

"Well, she said that she caught you wanking over her as she took her shower. That you were peering through a hole in the frosted glass round the back."

"Fucking lying bitch!" I steamed.

We both went silent again. After an awkward few minutes I got up.

"I'm getting a beer. You want something?" I asked.

"Sure I'll have another one of these," she said, swilling the strange looking green liquid around the bottom of her bottle.

I came back through the French windows and passed her her poison.
I sat, downed half my beer and sighed deeply.

"What else did she say?" I asked, more relaxed now.

"That she thought you were a dirty bastard who'd never get layed."

"Huh, shows what she knows then," I said, trying to puff my feathers out and regain a semblance of pride.

"Yeah," Jiana replied absently.

We both slipped into silence again. I felt like she didn't really believe me. I'd had enough of this awkward conversation and got up and dove in the pool. I swam a few lengths, flat out; probably trying to evacuate the shame or some equally ridiculous and futile mission. Whatever it was though it helped to let off some steam.

As I hauled myself out of the pool and started walking towards my lounger, I noticed the light blue triangle of Jiana's bikini top on my lounger. Confused, I didn't know quite what to do. Well I wanted to pick it up and touch it or something but obviously didn't. Then the realisation hit me and I slowly and inquisitively brought my head around to Jiana. She was lying on her back, with her arms draped up over her head behind the headrest and her perfect bare breasts were just there sitting up for me.

I froze momentarily, not understanding what was happening. Maybe she just decided on some topless sunbathing. She'd never done it before and certainly not in front of me but who knows? In which case I should just act cool and try and get an eye full where possible. Maybe I could even get away with a cheeky photo on my phone if she was distracted.

She had mentioned topless sunbathing in a conversation a couple of days previously and how it would be nice to get an even tan. I had mentioned that I strangely found the tan lines a turn on, almost like wearing underwear when you're naked. A strange turn on admittedly but I had told her about it. So maybe this was the opposite; to do what she wants to do and show that my opinions would have no influence on her. Or maybe the gods were looking down on me and on the contrary she was wanting to show me her tan lines.

These particular tan lines were very distinct after a week's sun too and her breasts were full and ripe. She had large areolas, which is something I would often put in the search engine when looking for some good porn to get off on as well. Lucky bastard!

Jiana's voice suddenly interrupted my bungling musings.

"Does that mean you like it?"

"What's that?" I said, not knowing what else to say.

She looked over and pointed at the bulge that had formed itself in my shorts.

"That," she said, pointing at my shorts again "tends to be a sign of arousal. I was just wondering if you liked what you saw, but I assume that you do."

"Is there a hidden camera somewhere? Is that Mandy Phillips on some kind of revenge mission through you or something?" I demanded, as I put my hands down to cover my embarrassment.

"No, but I've often wondered if her story was true because I found it a real turn on," she said and looked straight into my eyes with a look of lust that I had never even dreamt could appear on her face.

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah Jack. Look, you've got a pretty good view of my tits here. Why don't you wank over them? Wank over me."

I couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth. Normally I was the crude one and I suddenly felt a little disarmed, although my cock was crying out for attention.

"Well, truth be told, I did get to bang Mandy in the swimming pool showers you know. It's just that it was a couple of weeks after she caught me in the act. I got her so horny that she was practically begging for it afterwards. Don't believe her shit."

"Oh yeah," she giggled, "well show me what she found so hot then Jack," and she raised her eyebrows at me.

I still just stood there awkwardly. Jiana looked up at me and proceeded to bring her finger to her mouth. She opened her lips wide as her brilliant green eyes were trained on mine and closed her lips poutingly around the finger, before sucking down on it and giving out a quiet moan. She started gently fucking her mouth with her finger.

Any lingering hesitation I may have had dissolved in watching her innocent mouth work so decadently. I slipped a thumb either side of my swimming shorts and started pulling them down. I noticed Jiana's eyes following my every move as I pulled them out and over my stiff pole. I then let them drop down my legs. One foot stepped out and the other flicked them away from me. I sat down on my lounger and tentatively moved my hand out and wrapped my thumb and two forefingers around my swollen head.

I looked across at her, drinking in her naked flesh and gently pulled back my foreskin to reveal my gorging, purple mushroom. We were locked together in a mutual trance. She absentmindedly started to run her fingers down her chin, her neck and down between her boobs, before circling them around her generous areola and erect nipples. I started moving my hand up and down my shaft and was rapidly rewarded with a trickle of precum oozing out of the eyehole. I left my foreskin pulled right back, took some of the natural lube offered to me and started to caress my bulbous head, concentrating on the sensitive slip of skin that serves to join it to the shaft.

She had started taking her hard nipples between her fingers and to my delight gave out a deep moan as she twisted and pulled on them. Her long, dark hair was draped down across her shoulder and her green eyes were sparkling on me.

"Jiana, you're so fucking beautiful," I said, "so sexy," as I continued the circling motion with my fingers.

"Mmm, just keep pulling on your cock Jack, I want to see you cum for me," she responded.

I got up and moved my lounger around so that it was parallel to hers, a few centimetres apart, with our heads at opposite ends. This afforded me a perfect view of her legs and meant that neither of us had to strain our necks to look at each other. Her legs were laying flat, slightly apart. Just enough for me to see the crutch of her bikini bottoms but in a very "soft porn way."

Nevertheless my imagination hardly needed much stirring and I continued gently massaging the head of my penis, moving my foreskin back up to cover my bell end and drawing it back down slowly. It was so good that I wanted this moment to last. For some inexplicable reason I didn't want to simply jump on her and fuck her. Well I did but this is what had turned her on in the first place. This was what she wanted and so I didn't want to cross what I deemed to be the agreed virtual barrier and possibly kill what I already had; which was already more than I ever would have imagined.

Her cheeks were getting flushed now and her breathing deeper. She had started moving her hand across her stomach, skirting the top of the elastic which was the last vestige of privacy that lay between us.

"I want to see you masturbate too Jiana," I said.

Jiana just smiled seductively and let her hand trace along her thighs.

"Open your legs baby," I said, breathing heavily myself now.

She brought her knees up and then let them fall softly to either side of her, the soles of her feet touching. I let out a low moan as I took in the dark patch in her crutch, knowing that her juices were flowing with mine. Nature was preparing both of us for what would normally be the inevitable penetration that would follow. I could make out her mound through the thin material and felt my cock throbbing in my hand. I had to slow my movements to stop exploding on the spot.

She brought her fingers down between her legs and delicately let them glide along her sex, through the thin material. Over the damp patch.

"I don't think I can last much longer," I lamented.

She reacted by moving her hand to the other side of the fabric barrier. She pushed up and down along her wet slit and plunged what was at least one finger up inside of her. I started massaging my balls and had stopped stroking my length, which was drenched in my own precum as I wanted to see more of her but her fingers remained at work concealed behind her bikini bottoms.

"Stand up Jack and wank over my tits. I want you to cum on them. I want it to absorb into my skin and maybe even have a little taste."

I stood up and positioned myself at ninety degrees to her purt, young mounds, with their hard peaks.
She gave me a satisfied smile and concentrated her fingers on her clit as I started massaging my length again. She started moaning and whimpering as she built up a rapid rhythm between her legs and I knew that I wasn't going to last much longer. I didn't have a great view between her legs but from this angle I could clearly see a thin strip of trimmed pubic hair and her fingers rubbing in a small circular motion.

"I can't hold out much longer," I grunted.

She started rubbing her clit frantically.

"Oh fuck, mmm, me too!" she managed to get out.

I was stood over her, on the edge and she suddenly brought her free arm around and took my balls in her hand and started squeezing.

"Oh shit, yeah baby," I spluttered and with a few more quick motions of my wrist I felt a warm rush of pleasure seam through my body and then my warm cum was jetting out of my cock; stream after stream. I looked down at her and was greeted with the beautiful sight of my seed all over her chest.

Jiana moaned loudly, she was really close too. Her breaths were short and deep. She just scooped some of my milky mess up from her tits and brought it to her mouth, as she now writhed around in search of her own release as I just watched on.

She sucked down hard on her cum covered fingers as her other hand was electric. Suddenly her body jolted, she arched her back, opened her mouth involuntarily and high pitched moans of ecstasy were released as her body twitched in pleasure.

I peered down on her, drinking her in while I had the chance, watching the contentment on her face. Her eyes were now shut and gradually her breathing calmed and slowed. At this point I knew that I needed more.

On that holiday I didn't get any further though. However, we continued with similar masturbation sessions when the opportunity arose. When back at school, things went back to usual and we lived in our separate worlds and I didn't meet her again properly for many years...
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