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Julia’s Release

The continuing adventures of Julia.
Chapter 1

She’d had enough. There is only so much a person can take. No more lies, no more cheating, no more period. It was well past midnight when Julia finally decided to pull off at a roadside motel on the two lane highway. The pink and blue neon sign flashed “Vacancy” and that is what she needed right now. Her eyes were red and swollen but dry now, “finally, all cried out” she thought. As Julia pulled into the dimly lit parking lot she began to feel relief. She had left him. They had been together for 15 years and finally her marriage was over.

She parked in front of what looked like the front office and went inside. It was well lit with the older style lamp shade casting a yellow glow about the room. The old fashion bell chimed as she walked in. There was no one there. Tentatively, Julia pressed the button on top of the silver bell on the clean counter. “Be right there,” a deep male voice came from somewhere behind the counter and through a door.

Julia glanced around the office while she waited for the voice. It was neat and clean, but in need of a serious decor upgrade. The furniture looked well cared for, but from the 50s. The same could be said of the wallpaper. She wandered to a display near the door and rifled through the brochures of tourist attractions in the area; Visit Beech Mountain, Nantahala National Forest, DuPont State Forest, and more just like it. She picked up the one for Nantahala National Forest and began reading it when a voice cleared behind her. “May I help you miss?” Julia internally smiled to herself. “Miss” she hadn’t been called that in ages. While only 35, she had noticed a few crinkles at the corners of her dark green eyes and she couldn’t remember the last time she had been carded when picking up a bottle of wine. Her auburn hair still held up without needing to be dyed and only a gray strand or two.

Julia turned to the voice and found that her mouth immediately went dry. He had to have been at least 6’2”, chestnut hair with a few grays of his own. He looked as if he hadn’t felt the need to shave in a day or two. His sharp jaw lines lead to a quirked smile. The smile was ultimately in his baby blue eyes, so much so that Julia found herself smiling in response. He wore a well-loved red flannel shirt and blue jeans.

“How can I help you miss?” As much as Julia wanted to read more into that statement, she decided that what she needed right now was just a place to shower and crash for the night before hitting the road again.

“Just a room for the night please.”

“Sure thing, Miss. That will be 63 in cash please.”

“Cash? And don’t I need to register or sign in or something?”

“I only deal in cash, Miss. And I figure that each guest here has a personal reason for stopping in and it’s none of my business or anyone else’s.”

The subtle power he put behind his words made Julia take a step back. This man, this stranger, exuded confidence. Not taking her eyes from his, Julia pulled her simple black wallet out of her purse and took out 80, all the cash she had on her at the time, and handed it to him. As he took the money from her, his rough finger grazed the back of her soft hand. Julia gasped as goose bumps appeared up and down her arms. She was the first to break eye contact, looking down at the connection. He quickly made change and set it on the counter instead of placing it in her stretched hand. Turning to a peg board on the wall behind him he grabbed a key with a room number tag on it, no key cards here, and beckoned her to follow him out the front door. “This way Miss.”

He politely held the door for her and allowed her to go through first. Once outside he took the lead and began walking up the row of rooms. “How many rooms do you have here?” Julia questioned, trying to make small talk. “Just 12. No need for anymore out here really. And I can manage it on my own.” Well, at least he was up for some talk Julia thought. “Here we are Miss, room one,” He smiled down to her. In heels Julia was only about 5’4” and for some reason, she was glad she had some on now. He unlocked the door and once again held it for her. The way he held it was a bit awkward and Julia had to brush her body past him to get through. She nearly shivered as the goose bumps reappeared. “If you need anything, just give me a buzz. My name is Brian.” Handing her the key, he bade her good night and gently closed the door. Looking around she couldn’t help but notice that this whole situation felt a bit familiar to her.


Julia stood staring at the door. She blinked a few times and shook her head trying to shake off the eerie feeling. Shower. God yes, she needed to shower, time to wash away her past. Julia turned the hot water on and it immediately started steam up the small bathroom. Unpacking her toiletries from her suitcase she grabbed her razor. “Dammit!” she noticed, she forgot shaving cream. Ah well, soap it is. Luckily she did remember her shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo will have to do for shaving. She stripped quickly and methodically and stepped behind the opaque shower curtain into the hot flowing water. Gawd it felt good! The tension in Julia’s shoulders drained down with the water flowing over her body. Being a natural redhead, she didn’t tan a lot, but she had a nice glow about her body. Her perky 34Bs welcomed the caress she gave as she lathered up. As she washed, she noted with some surprise that her nipples were very hard. It was definitely warm in here so it can’t be because she was cold. She began to notice other things. The familiar tingle was emanating from between her legs. She was aroused! What brought this on?

Julia thought back to the last time she and her husband, soon to be ex-husband, had made love. Well, had sex actually, there was no more love in it for her. Had she been aroused at the time? Nope, not at all. He clamored on top of her and did what he needed to do, rolled off and started snoring. Disgusted by the whole process, Julia didn’t even take the time to finish herself off with her favorite toy. Shaking her head she discarded the image.

Picking up her razor she started to shave her legs. She continued with her arm pits, but then decided on something new. Her ex, yes that is what he is now, liked her o’natural, as he called it. Lathering up well, she shaved it all off. No more hair. The feeling was exhilarating. Another symbol of her new found freedom. When her lower lips were completely bare she ran her hand over their puffiness. It felt so sensitive. On one swipe of her hand she couldn’t help to notice a moistness that didn’t come from the shower. Oh yes, she was definitely aroused. Tipping her head back she rinsed the conditioner out of her hair. Suddenly she felt goose bumps on her arms and the little hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Jerking her head up she quickly glanced around. She felt like she was being watched. Grabbing the shower curtain she jerked it back, but no one was there. Chalking it up to nerves, she turned the water off and dried herself, then wrapped one towel around her body and the other twisted in her hair. After brushing her teeth she headed straight for the bed. Suddenly she was exhausted, the recent events overwhelming her. Flopping down on the bed she didn’t even have the motivation to grab her hair brush, but knowing her hair would pay for it in the morning, she sighed and got back up. Reaching into her back she felt around without really looking. Grabbing a handle she pulled out what she thought was her brush. Her favorite Rabbit stood proud in her hand. At least she didn’t forget that important item! Still holding it she then found her brush. Tossing the Rabbit on the bed, she quickly brushed her long hair out and put it in a loose braid so that hopefully it wouldn’t be too crazy in the morning.

Cuddling down into the bed, still nude, she flipped the T.V. on and started surfing. As usual, not much on at this time of the night, it had to be after 1:00 a.m. by now. Turning it back off she rolled over onto something uncomfortable. Wiggling it out from under her hip, she pulled the Rabbit out from under her. Looking at it, her nipples once again perked up. Suddenly it’s as if her body was on full charge. Pinching her left nipple with her right hand, she turned the device on. It hummed erotically and turned her on even more. Giggling to herself she realized that she had more pleasure with this electronic gadget than her husband! At least with Rabbit she could count on a good orgasm. She let the vibrator tickle her nipples and then dragged it slowly down her flat belly. She turn it so that it was head down and slowly pushed it down so that it grazed lightly over her outer lips, and only the vibration was felt by her clit. Julia moved the Rabbit up and down a few more times, teasing herself, enjoying the new sensations that her baldness rendered. Giving that nipple a hard pinch she finally penetrated her pussy with her temporary lover. It glided in easily after all her earlier arousal. Oooohhh did it feel good. It was a larger size and filled her perfectly. She held it at the right angle so that her clit was neglected for just a bit longer. For now she just pumped it in and out of her, eyes closed, pushing it deeper each time. She switched to her other nipple giving it some attention and at the same time finally gave her clit the attention it craved. She lost herself in the sensations, picturing a faceless man filling her with his every inch. Slowly that face took shape. Suddenly she was picturing Brian, the hotel owner, hovered over her, breathing hard and straining as he pleasured her. His strong hands on either side of her head as she stared into those piercing blue eyes. Groaning she picked up the pace of the Rabbit and pushed it faster. She bit down on her lower lip trying to control the impending orgasm. Opening her eyes so that she could watch it, movement caught the corner of her eye. Turning her head, but not stopping, she could see the flash of red, move away from the crack in the curtain. This put Julia over the edge as ripple after ripple of orgasm ripped through her body. Removing the vibrator, she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

To be continued...

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