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Just a fantasy, nothing more than a fantasy

He was a stranger but I wanted him never to stop...
I opened my eyes to darkness. I felt the fabric against my face, knowing that I was blindfolded so I couldn't see anything. All I knew was that I could feel someone breathing heavily in my face. I was startled at first and attempted to lash out and try fighting the intruder. However my hands seemed to be bonded to something.

I was scared, and I had every right to be afraid. I was alone with a complete stranger who had me tied to what seemed to be the bedpost. I wanted to scream and as I opened my mouth to scream, I felt hands rubbing up and down my left arm. I got goosebumps from their touch, but the touch was so gentle I was not afraid anymore. I don't think they wanted to harm me in any way possible, they just wanted to please me in a way that I couldn't do alone.

The intruder continued rubbing my arm, but had started rubbing my right leg as well. My breathing became shallow, as I was getting turned on by being tied up by an unknown stranger. Was it a female or male companion? I didn't know at that point who it was let alone if it was a male or female. I honestly didn't care because of the way they touched me; so gentle their touch was.

I was breathing even harder now as I felt the intruder's lips come down onto mine. I moaned into their mouth as their tongue found mine, and even though I felt inexperienced I continued to kiss them. I didn't think they minded me being inexperienced however because their hands were now under my blouse and were feeling through my bra.

I could feel my nipples get hard and I could feel the wetness between my legs. I wanted more and more of this complete stranger. My fear was completely gone, replaced with a feeling of lustful thoughts; need and want.

"Oh yes touch me ... more," I whispered and whimpered in their ear. They weren't at all forceful but were gentle as possible with me. They didn't do as I asked right away; they just continued kissing me and rubbing their hands across my bra. Grabbing and rubbing me through my bra I felt the urge to finally find out if they were male or female. I was tied up however and couldn't touch them in in way possible. So I begged in a low whisper so low you could barely hear it.

"I want to touch you, I want to feel you... let me."

I knew they were debating on doing as I asked or ignoring it completely. If they untied me they had to face the consequence of me fleeing and running away, or I could manage to pull my blindfold off and finally see who this secretive person was. I however didn't intend too run away from them at all, neither did I want to take my blindfold off.

I had a feeling if they were going to hurt me in anyway possible they could have done so from the start. But I was thinking they wanted this to be an experience to remember. Besides I liked not knowing who they were. I found it was best not to know who they truly were. It was better this way for both of us. I was also enjoying every minute of their touching, kissing, breathing, and everything else for that moment.

I could feel them breathe in and out hard, and finally after what seemed liked forever, I felt the intruder untie me from the bedposts. I think they were giving me a chance to flee and run away but I didn't want to run away. I was enjoying their company too much to run away.

I did however, reach out and put my hands behind their head and pull them close to me. They responded by kissing me more passionately than ever before, and as they kissed me I moaned as my head fell backwards and my left hand slid down their back, touching their ass as I did so.

I heard them groan as I squeezed their ass cheeks. My body weight shifted and I could feel him finally, yes it was a guy, for I could feel his hard cock being pressed against me as my body came into contact with his manhood. I moaned, enjoying the feel of him against me. I didn't want to lose the feeling so I slowly reached out and brushed my hand against his crotch, with the barriers of his jeans keep me from acessing more than that. He stopped kissing me for a moment and I thought I did something wrong so I didn't continue with what I wanted to do to him.

"I'm so sorry," I said after what seemed forever. I managed to choke the words out. He of course didn't reply to me, instead I felt his hands on mine, and he gently massaged them for a moment before he led them to his crotch.

My heart was racing and my breathing had become shallow as I swallowed my spit, unsure of what to say or do next. I hadn't touched a male's manhood in a pretty long time so I was unsure of what I should be doing; then again I enjoyed touching his manhood. I honestly enjoyed the feeling it was giving me in return. A feeling I hadn't had in a long time, a very long time in fact. He squeezed my hand in response to my silence, causing me to squeeze his crotch. I think he enjoyed it for he moaned again.

Without warning his lips crashed back down upon mine and he was once again kissing me in a way I haven't ever been kissed before. No other; male or female has kissed me like he did and I enjoyed how he was kissing me, though I of course was very inexperienced. I just let him kiss me like that and pretty soon I was growing more confident and felt more comfortable with the intense kissing between us. Now I could feel his hands slip under my blouse and unhook my bra. I moaned even louder as he squeezed my breasts; rolling my hard nipples in between his smooth fingers. He was getting hot and sweaty. I couldn't see it but I could feel the sweat from his body, I didn't want him to stop.

"Don't stop... don't ever stop please." I whimpered, losing control of my senses as I continued to rub him through his jeans. My other hand found its way inside my panties and I could feel how wet I had become from the moment I opened my eyes. I was so turned on by his touching me and me rubbing him through his jeans I couldn't help but rub my little nub.

I could feel how hard and wet my pussy had become and as I continued to rub myself and him, I felt his lips move from my lips down to my breasts. He teased me by barely touching them with his tongue.

"More... please suck my tits ..oh god yes." I moaned out loud. He responded by finally bringing my tits into his mouth and he started to suck softly and soon did so more roughly, which I loved even more. As he sucked, my hand got tired of being so patient and so I took another step forward and slipped my hand inside his jeans. I was eager to feel his manhood so I pushed down his underwear and finally felt it poking my hand.

It was very hard and needed some affection and attention. As I started to rub the tip between my fingers I could feel the precum oozing out. He must have been as excited as was to touch him. I continued playing with his tip while I rubbed my little nub harder. I moaned in pleasure getting his attention for a moment. I could feel his hands trying to pull my skirt and panties completely off. I didn't object and helped him remove my barriers.

'I want you... oh yes I need you... Touch me now," I was whispering to him but you could tell by the tone of my voice I was becoming eager and inpatient. He chuckled at my tone of voice and my choice of words.

Slowly he touched me, but not where I wanted to be touched. He was being a tease and he knew it. He laughed in a cruel way I didn't recognize, but I enjoyed it anyway. I didn't show it but I did. I had my hand fully around his manhood now and was slowly stroking it up and down, rubbing my fingers over his tip as I did this. After a few minutes I quickened my pace and rubbed harder. He groaned again as I felt him grind into my hand, and I liked how his cock felt against my hand as he did so.

"Yes oh yes I love how your rock hard cock feels in my hand.... oh god I need your touch please..." I whimpered once more against his chest, breathing heavy. He obeyed my request and I could feel his thumb slowly push into my pussy opening. My face was twisted in agony and in pleasure as he pushed it all the way inside me. I squeezed his rock hard manhood as he kissed me and fingered my pussy.

"Yes ... oh yes you bad boy.. fuck me with your fingers." He continued to slide his thumb in and out of my pussy and started rubbing my most sensitive spot. I rubbed him harder and harder, so hard I rubbed the skin over the head of his dick. He rubbed me even harder and soon added another finger, now having two fingers inside of me as he finger fucked me.

"I'm cumming...I'm cumming...Oh yes it feels so good." I struggled to get the words out of my mouth because of how I was feeling. The best orgasm I've ever had just happened and before I could come down from my intense high, I felt him cum all over my hand. I loved the way the sticky cum felt between my fingers and rubbed even though he had cum already. He removed his fingers out of me and collapsed on top of me, breathing breathlessly as he did so.

"Was I good enough?" I said as a grin formed on my face. He didn't say anything, but he kissed me again, making me smile. His worn down body felt so good against me I didn't say anything I just kissed him back in response...

To be continued...???

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