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Just another early morning

Based on a real experience..

I awoke with an annoyed groan, leaning over to hit the “dismiss” button on my alarm clock. The luminescent green numbers shining through the darkness, heralding the start of my usual 7 am day. With a huff, I slipped back onto my pillow, willing myself not to surrender to the lure of more sleep. My mind started to drift a little, slowly becoming aware of my surroundings as my senses roused themselves, discovering, with a light smile, my left hand was nestled between my legs, cupping my warmth. Then, like a dam breaking, the memories of the dream I was having all rushed back to me.

It was you. Ever since that morning over a week ago, when you had met my gaze across the busy café, and stared for what seemed like an eternity, I just could not get your image out of my head. You were like an airbrushed fantasy from one of those magazines, god, I had never seen something so divine. That perfectly sculpted face, the hard jawline, the shaggy hair, the light stubble. I had almost melted when you locked those soul searing green eyes onto mine. I could only imagine how much the perfection continued under the fabric of your shirt, and good lord, imagine I did.

I became aware of my heartbeat beginning to race while my mind relived those few moments, my chest rising and falling as my skin heated up, unconsciously, the hand between my legs had pressed itself down a little more firmly, the heel of my palm making tiny circles as I fought with my desire. Straining my ears to listen for any tell-tale sounds of my housemates waking up, I heard none, and in that moment decided to indulge myself in this little fantasy.

I was back in the café, mysteriously empty now save for you and me, you didn’t say a word, simply rose from your chair and strode over to me, looking down with those gorgeous green eyes as my breath caught in my throat, suddenly at a loss for words. You took my hand, made me rise, and then unceremoniously lifted me onto the table, stepping between my legs until our faces were but an inch apart. Then you kissed me, and my senses exploded.

I let out a soft moan, my left hand was now grinding it’s heel between my legs with a purpose, the warmth emanating from my core escalating into an inferno, a very slight dampness darkening the cotton of my pyjama bottoms. I lifted my shaky hands to the cotton shirt I slept in, freeing each button, one by one, until to material fell apart and exposed my modest bra-less breasts to the cool morning air. I didn’t have large breasts by a long shot, no, mine were small and shapely, “a perfect handful” as my ex-boyfriend had once called them. I looked down at them, my nipples more erect than I had ever seen them before, I ran my hands along my inner thighs, rubbing them, teasing myself as the light breezes from my aroused breathes washed over my tingling nipples.

I was back at the café again, our faces mashed together in needy kisses, tongues exploring each others mouths, I was letting out little aroused moans as I felt your large powerful hands roaming over every inch of my smaller body, lightly squeezing and groping at the areas you enjoyed. I was melting under your touch, I was yours and you knew it. Without warning, you had ripped off your shirt, exposing those gloriously hard muscles to my eager fingers, before pulling my own garments off over my head, leaving us both nude from the waist up. You kissed your way down my neck, my body tingling with excitement, thoroughly enjoying the light scratching of your stubble on my skin, my breath caught in my throat and I groaned like a bitch in heat when you slurped your perfect lips over one of my exposed nipples, suckling lightly and using your tongue like you knew intimately how my body worked.

I was beyond horny now, my hand had slipped under the waistband of my pyjama bottoms, snaked it’s way into my underwear and was shamelessly rubbing quick circles over my incredibly hot sex. I was breathing hard, the only sound you could hear other than the slight wet sliding noises coming from below the sheets, as my puffy labia were spread and closed by the eager fingers, coating them in a slick layer of my arousal. I could feel my body responding rapidly, an orgasm was approaching. I had always been able to give myself very swift relief, and with your image locked in my mind, it was only driving me more and more into the spiralling vortex of pleasure. My greedy fingers sped up as my back arched up slightly, my burning pussy tingling in anticipation, my tiny exposed clit being mercilessly attacked until sheer euphoric pleasure erupted from the little nub, spreading throughout my body, making all my muscles suddenly tense, and then fall limp, as the calming wave washed over me. I lay there, breathing hard, my breasts rising and falling quickly, it had been a quick and dirty orgasm, nice, but my body wanted more, my fantasy was not yet fulfilled.

I moaned as I removed my hand, the movement alone causing tingling bolts of pleasure to surge through my soaked sex, the hypersensitive flesh still raw from it’s ordeal. I took a moment to suck lightly on my fingers, I had always enjoyed my own taste, and this time was no different. Slipping my fingers beneath the waistband once more, I slowly tugged down both my pyjama bottoms and underwear, leaving them wrapped around halfway down my upper thighs, just exposing my throbbing pussy to the dark morning air, breathing heavily as the heavy scent of my arousal invaded my nose, and the brisk cool air made my clit tingle even more.

In my mind, our lust for each other dominating our senses, my hands had wandered down and unbuckled your belt, pulled down your smart looking trousers while your lips pleasured my eager nipples. I had felt around until my small hand wrapped around your cock – I could not see it, but it felt glorious, the perfectly shaped rock hard shaft of flesh in my grasp, I heard your moan into my breast as I squeezed it, felt the veins bulging and throbbing as your eager organ responded to my touch. My dainty little hand began stroking you back and forth, rubbing your gorgeous cock while you shivered, you had stopped your slurping and nibbling, you were just stood there, trembling lightly, breathing on my nipple as my hand wrapped itself around your member, pleasuring you.

And then without warning, you let out a gorgeous animalistic growl, taking hold of me by force, ignoring the surprised squeal as you turned me over and yanked down my jeans. Another sharp yelp coming from my lips as I felt your powerful hand landing a slap on my panty-covered ass, just hard enough to show me you were in control. A soft moan escaped my lips as you knelt down and shoved your face between the back of my thighs, kissing my panties and inhaling my scent.. ohhh gosh you are sooo naughty...

I had turned myself over on the bed by now, breathing hard as my arousal peaked, my firm little rump sticking up in the air, face and chest pushed against the bed, whilst my fingers teased my slippery sex.. I grabbed a pillow as my mind filled with your image, biting down hard onto it as my two middle fingers slid themselves smoothly into my searing hot hole, stifling a moan as my hungry cunt sucked the fingers inside and squeezed down on them… mmmhh…

You slid your fingers beneath the waist band of my underwear, dragging them down to meet my jeans, your large hands sliding over and groping at my ass while you leaned in to taste my over-excited sex. My aroused breathing became a little ragged as I felt your slippery tongue invading my most sacred of places, your expert touches were driving me into a proverbial maelstrom of bliss.

I gasped as I felt your lips move up and your teeth biting lightly at my flesh, grabbing the tablecloth just out of reflex when I felt your kisses trailing up my naked back and to my ear, your heavy breathing loud against me as I felt your powerful body leaning over mine, and a little whimper escaped me when your rock hard cock nestled itself between my legs and started rubbing, back and forth, spreading apart my soaked pussy. I knew what was coming, and god I wanted it.

Your hand slid up under me, grasping around one of my perky breasts, groping it as your perfect cock pushed it’s way inside me, claiming it’s prize, my arousal coating your thick flesh as it sank entirely down into the silky warmth. Your groan as you felt me squeeze you, your breathing as you pulled back and began to fuck me, your hand groping my breast, it was all too much, I was drowning in pleasure.. I was building up to a never before reached peak of bliss.

Your breathing became heavier and heavier, your lips against my ear, your hands molding my flesh as it succumbed to your will, I could feel your abs tighten against my back as your pace increased. I knew you loved it, I knew I was making you cum, and those perverse thoughts only heightened my own pleasure. I gasped as you pinched my nipple, your deep stroking thrusts becoming faster and faster with each passing second.. it was too much.. I couldn’t take it. Feeling your thick cock pulse as my squishy cunt sucked and squeezed at it, feeling it twitch again when you rammed it as deep as you could into my willing body, before rivers of gushing cream erupted from it’s tip and filled every last bit of space, even leaking out past out intimate connection and making a mess of my smooth thighs..

I was pulled back from my imagination by a blissful explosion of pleasure, letting out a silent scream as my entire body literally froze, I was paralyzed by the orgasmic contractions that sucked my fingers deep into my pulsing cunt, my eyes widened in shock as a light spray of girl-cum gushed from my innards – and that was when I blacked out.

And so there I lay, due in at school in 1 hour, with my friends all waking up around the house, face down on my pillow, passed out in an orgasmic coma, naked ass pointed upwards with two fingers still shoved deep inside the still twitching sex, leaking my fluids all over the bed.

What a lovely start to my day..

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