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Kitten: Ch. 8-10

That will do Kitten, that will do.
Chapter 8

She slipped into the car with great anticipation of what was to come on the ride home and later at her home. She quickly crossed her legs letting the slit in her soft leather skirt open and spread as her stockings and garter belt were revealed to him. She waited for his touch as she looked over into his eyes but it did not come as she expected. He leaned closely into her space looking her dead into her eyes and slowly shook his head from side to side with a serious expression but slight smile on his face.

"You played without permission at the restaurant. Now you must be punished."

The words shocked her but she remember her commitment and nodded in his direction, and waited for the next instruction. He quietly told her to show him what she had done in the bathroom and was told that if she lied or did not show him exactly what she had done then the punishment would be severe. She nodded again and promised to be a good girl and do as she was told.

"Begin now Kitten" was her final instruction.

Her heart was racing as she watched him closely. She took him at his word and felt the rush of being controlled and on the edge. She slowly raised her skirt puling it back and up to reveal herself in the car. Her hand was actually shaking as she brought it to her lips to begin to lick her fingers as before in the ladies room. Her cunt was swelling and become wet even before she began to lower her hand. Her body quivered as she suck her fingers and began to have them descent to her sheer black panties. She slipped them into her panties and felt her wetness swallow her fingers as she spread her lips for the second time tonight. She inserted her finger to moisten it further and spread the juice over her lips and around her clit. She gasped as her finger grazed her swollen sweet spot and moaned deeply, much louder than in the bathroom.

"Did you moan like that Kitten? It seems far too loud. That is one mistake. Do not make another one" he whispered to her being very careful to control his emotions.

She looked at him carefully wondering what she has gotten into but saw the very small smile creep up from his lips and continued nodding quickly. The sense of being controlled was totally arousing her and she could feel herself building toward another orgasm. She raised her left and slipped inside her silk blouse to massage her erect nipples and pull them free from the bra. She pulled at her free nipples with her left hand and stimulated her wet clit with her right. She was writhing in her seat but careful not to make any noise as if she would be heard. He began to run his hand over his cock that was beginning to bulge under his finely tailored suit. He stroked himself slowly, confidently, and very controlled. She sensed his arousal and it fueled her flames of passion.

"May I cum Sir? May I" she frantically whispered to him.

"Only if you came before Kitten. Only." was his reply.

She shook her head furiously as her rush intensified and she began to arch her hips forward. Her body began to quiver and her breathing became shallow and rapid as the waves of orgasm struck her again. She ran her finger back inside her cunt to feel the sensation as her body spasm and her neck arched as the feelings roared over her body in strong waves. Her body continued to shake as her hips rolled and her and her shoulders flexed up and down in heaving motions until her body began to quiet down and the control returned. Only then did she realized the car had stopped moving. She looked at him and smiled and he returned the gesture.

"Very nice Kitten. Please clean your finger for me"

She replied with a purr, "Yes Sir."

She lifted her glistening finger from her sheer panties and brought it slowly to her mouth where she rolled out her tongue to take long licks of her on fingers tasting her own juice. She placed each finger slowly into her mouth drawing it inside with a sucking motion and cleaning it with her tongue.

"Very good Kitten. Prepare yourself we need to exit the car now." he said as he rolled out of the door on his side and came over to her door. She slid her skit back down and adjusted her breasts to fit back into her bra hidden under her beautiful silk blouse. Her car door opened and she realized she was not at home but was at the O'Henry Hotel, a posh very expensive hotel in the center of town. He held out his hand for her and she slid from her seat and took his arm as they entered the plush lobby.

Chapter 9

They glided through the lobby as heads turned to follow her as they made the way to the elevator. He inserted a key and boarded the elevator to the 19th floor and the penthouse suite. She looked at him with wide eyes and whispered to him about the lack of a bag for the night. He looked and smiled without saying a word communicated there would be no need of a bag tonight. She smiled to herself and felt this would continue to be a night she would never forget.

The elevator opened into the elaborate penthouse suite. She slowly walked across the marble floors marveling at the extravagance he had gone to for her. He walked purposely across the floor to the living area where there were two chairs set up and facing each other. One was a plush black leather wing back chair the other a simple wooden kitchen chair from an ordinary kitchen table. The wooden chair looked very out of place in the room and she wondered why it was there. He took a seat in the plush black leather chair and pointed to her to have a seat in the wooden chair directly across from him. She sat down sheepishly looking at him and wondered of the plan for the rest of the night. She reminded herself once again that she had fully submitted to him tonight and she would follow through on the promise not matter what it took.

He smiled and said to her, "I'm disappointed in you. You have not followed my directions tonight and you must suffer the consequences. All you had to do was be my slut for the night but you became selfish and now you must pay."

She looked shock as she stammered back to him, "I was selfish, I didn't follow directions, what do you mean? Your slut?"

He placed his finger to his lips to quiet her, "Yes, Kitten, tonight you are my slut and you shall do as I say and only as I say. From here out you are not to speak unless I ask you a question. Do you understand? If you do just nod your head."

Slowly she nodded her head up and down locking her eyes onto his.

"Good, Kitten, good. You are my slut now. You were self at the restaurant to go and pleasure yourself without permission from me. I allowed you to visit the ladies room but did not give permission for any pleasure. That was selfish of you. Was it not?"

She began to see the game being played and enjoyed the control she was under so she slowly nodded her head yes again.

"Very good Kitten. And now you will be punished for your selfishness. You do want o be punished don't you? Slut?"

She nodded again and steeled her body for whatever was to come her way. She was instructed to stand and move around to the back of her chair where she would stand with her feet spread and her arms on the back of her chair. He stood and adjusted her legs farther away from the chair and slightly farther apart. Her body tingled with anticipation as she was touched by him. He ran his hands down the length of her calves and then back up over her knees and insider her skirt to her inner thighs to touch her skin above her stockings. She moaned softly from his strong firm touch that she had so long to feel tonight. Kneeling behind her he slid both hands up under her skirt and slowly pulled down her sheer black panties. The panties fell across her thighs and down over knees and calves until they reached the floor where she lifted one foot at a time to step out of them. He tossed them to the side and leaned against her from behind.

"My sluts do not wear panties. Their pussy must always be available to me. Do you understand?"

Slowly she nodded in agreement with him.

"Now it is time for you to be punished. Are you ready for your punishment?"

She nodded

"No, my slut, I need to hear you say it. Tell me you are ready and why you are receiving your punishment."

She shuttered at his voice and the firmness from his body pressing against her. She felt him begin to disrobe behind her as she tried to affirm him, "Yes Sir. Tonight I am your slut and I was a selfish little slut giving myself and orgasm at the restaurant. I'm sorry Sir. I deserve your punishment, whatever it is, and ask you to teach me."

He pressed firmly against her allowing his hips to pressure her tight leather bound ass as she held onto the chair. He began removing his shirt and tossed in front of the chair for her to see. Then he began to remove his trousers by removing his belt and letting them fall to the floor. His cock had begun to stiffen and soon it was released from his black underpants as she stood there behind her. He bent down to remove his socks and shoes and began to toss everything he had removed onto the ground in front of her. Everything that is beside his black leather belt. He kept the belt in his hand doubled over and pulled tight. He slowly stroked her leather skirt with it until she realized what he was doing. She stiffened as pain had not entered her mind when it came to her punishment. She was unsure of what to do and more importantly what he would do. He leaned in closer pressing he stiff cock up against the tight leather skirt stroking it against the slick cowhide.

"Now, my slut, you will pay for your indiscretion. I want you to pull your tight little slutty skirt up to your waist so I can see your nice ass."

Her breathing began to get very shallow as she followed his order pulling up her skirt and revealing her stocking clad legs and her bare ass.

"How many times have you made yourself cum tonight slut?" he whispered softly into her ear.

"Two times Sir." was her response, still playing along with him but beginning to wonder if it was a good idea. Her body quivering from the touch and anticipation of what may happen to her next.

He growled slightly under his breath and nodded to himself as if working out a calculation, "Then it will be two licks for your consequence. Two licks on each ass cheek. Do you agree slut?"

She took a deep breath and nodded slowly to him, 'Yes Sir, I do agree with you."

He moved away from her and placed his left hand onto her firm left ass cheek. He squeezed it roughly then tapped it gently with his hand. He gave little warning of the first stroke with the belt and small crack echoed across the marble floor. She jumped from the surprise of the belt, but not the pain. Her arousal was so high, she could not feel the pain, or perhaps it was just not that painful. His left hand went to her right ass cheek, squeezing it firmly and tapping it lightly as well. Another crack was heard and this time the pain resonated with her slightly as she gasped from the sudden rush of emotions she was feeling. She quickly jumped but was careful not to let go of the chair or move her hands. The next two cracks from the belt were swift and firm making her jump and even squeal a bit. He tossed the belt in front of the chair and moved in closely now directly behind her. His cock was the first to make contact with her bare ass then his hands and then the rest of his body.

"Now that you have been punished it is time to be used like a good slut should be."

Chapter 10

He reached between her legs with his right hand forcing her to spread her legs and open up a very wet cunt. He could stand the play no longer and quickly pushed his hard rod into the wet flesh. She moaned deeply as she was entered bracing herself against the chair. He thrust deeply with long smooth strokes and built a steady rhythm as he fucked her.

"That's it slut. Take my big cock in your wet pussy. When I am done with that I shall fuck your pretty face. Do you want that kitten? You want me to fuck your pretty face?" he whispered into her ear as h pushed into her wet pussy.

The only reply she could manage, "Yes Sir. Please. Yes Sir. I want you to fuck my face" dribbled from her lips.

As he fucked her harder he began to reach around her and pull at her blouse lifting it over her head. He firm tits were quickly released from the bra by his skillful hands and were there for his fondling. He used one hand to twist and pull at her firm nipples the other to rest on her waist keeping her pulled tight to his body as he fucked her. He suddenly released her nipple and brought the hand back around to grip her waist firmly as he began to thrust harder and harder into her that tight slit.

"Are you ready to taste my cock?" he asked

"Yes Sir. Please let me taste. I want to feel it inside my mouth and taste my own cunt on you." she begged.

He quickly withdrew from her sensing that the end was coming very soon. He grabbed her shoulders and thrust her down to her knees so she was eye level with his dick. He stood there stroking his hard cock as she stared at it. He brushed it across her lips, rubbed it on her cheeks, and pulled it away again.

"Is this what you want? You little fucking slut? My big cock? You want that?" he teased her.

"Ohhh...please let me have it. Please. I beg you. I want to suck it so bad. Please let me have your cock. I need it." she pleaded with him opening her mouth and wetting her lips with her luscious pink tongue.

He teased her with it again letting just the rock hard head of his swollen cock enter her mouth. She licked and sucked at it but did not bring her hands up to take it. She knew he was in control and she wanted his way. Slowly he edged closer allowing a little more of his cock to enter her mouth before pulling it back out slowly, teasing her by rubbing it across her lips. He was so aroused he did not know how much more he could stand of the teasing, but he didn't want her to know that. He decided to feed her his whole cock at once so he stepped closer guiding his swollen tool between her lips. He slowly pushed himself inside that wet mouth pushing deeper into her throat until his entire cock disappeared into her mouth. She sputtered and cough as the long cock slid further and further inside her throat. He held it there for a moment, then another, as she stretched her throat to take his swollen dick deeper inside her.

She raised her arms and placed her hands behind his thighs to pull him closer and let him know that she wanted his cock in her mouth. He began to push in and out with his hips fucking her mouth as she gasped and chocked on the large member. He grabbed two handfuls of her sweet blonde hair and pulled on them to push harder and deeper than ever before. HIs cock continued to swell as it slid in and out of her warm mouth feeling her sucking and licking on it as he fucked her little face. He suddenly took out his cock and began to stroke it right in front of her face, looking at her, and waited for her to plead with him to cum for her. She took the cue even without a word from him as she surmised his intention and his needs, like a good slut would do.

'Please, Sir, please cum for me. I want to see it shoot out and feel it. Please cum for me. Pllleeassse!"

He looked down at her while stroking his cock with long smooth strokes, "And where does a good slut want her cum? Tell me. Tell me and beg for it."

She nodded quickly shaking her head up and down and began to beg again, 'Please, Sir, please. I want to feel your cum on my face. I want to taste it on my tongue, I want to see it drip off my chin. I want your whole load touching me on my face. I'm a good slut and I need it from you. Please, give me what I need. Your nasty little slut needs it on her face. Please. Please"

He knew the pleading had done the trick and he stroked his cock slowly as wave after wave of thick white cum shot from swollen head. Three long streams, then another, and then another covering her face in white vertical stripes. The cum spurted from his cock again and again as it dripped from the tip to add droplets across her lips and onto her tongue. Her face had long white streams running in intersecting lines across her lips and up over her nose and eyes. There was cum dripping from her blonde hair and from her chin down onto the pink silk blouse. His explosion had been more than imagined. He looked down at her as her regained control of his body.

"Clean it off like a kitten" was all that he said as he fixed his eyes downward on her.

She began to lick his cock clean letting the cum dangle from the tip and then rake it in with her tongue. She brought her hands to her face to being the strange of cum from her chin into her mouth using her fingers. She went to her forehead and pulled the lines of cum onto her finger and over her lips lapping at them with her tongue as if she was dying of thirst. She raked and cleared all she could spending extra time on her fingers licking them clean. She looked up for his approval.

"That will do Kitten. That will do" and he smiled.

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