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Kitten Chapter 3-5

That will do Kitten, that will do.
Chapter 3

She stared at the first box with both the feeling of a kid at Christmas and the nervous feeling of student about to take a test without studying. She wasn't sure if she was ready but she was dying to open the box and begin to solve the mystery. She decided to pour another glass of wine first and enjoy the moment. The dark shade of red left a stain on the glass after her first sip and she sat the glass down to grip the package and undo the ribbon.

The pink and black box was filled with pink and grey tissue paper wrapped around the treasure that was inside. She reached in and began to pull out a black push-up bra trimmed in the lightest pink lace. The cups were not quite full cups thus creating an ample amount of cleavage to display if one so desired. Next was a scandalous pair of panties to match the bra with a sheer panel of black lace right in the most delicate spot. There were thin straps of material that connected the front sheer panel to the back panel, that was thankfully larger. Looking in the box one more time revealed a matching garter belt with shiny silver clips for stockings trimmed with pink bows. it was quite the ensemble. She felt her face blush as she looked at the lacy material displayed on her bed.

She slipped off her long white robe and stood there in the nude staring at the daring lingerie. She was aroused and slowly ran her finger over her firming nipples and down over her freshly shaved slit between her legs. She reached and placed the bra over her shoulders and across her breasts fitting them into the perfectly shaped cuts. With the straps adjusted and her breast having ample cleavage. She slid into the panties to find them luxuriously soft and sexy. She swept into the garter belt and caught a glimpse of her in the mirror. She was thrilled so far and anxious to see what was next.

The next box was very small and light and as she opened long, sheer nylons were exposed from the tissue. The delicately black stockings were the perfect addition to the outfit. She sat on the bed and ran the stockings up her long smooth legs, the ballerina legs she had been blessed with and kept in shape. She attached the shiny garter clips to the top and followed suit with the next stocking. Her body was now adorned with exquisite lingerie and sheer black stockings. She felt very sensual as she examined her curves that were framed from the stockings and lingerie thinking that she was in need of the proper footwear to complete the look. Then she remember box number 5.

With stilettos on her mind she went to the box that was no obviously a shoebox. She pulled off the paper and read PRADA across the top. The name took her breath away and she slowly opened the box to reveal the most beautiful black strappy stiletto heels she had ever seen. She slipped them quickly on her and felt the soft leather surround her stocking clad foot. She clasped the back, gently adjusting it to fit her securely and rose from the bed clad in luxury from her toes to her tits.

She examined herself in the full length mirror. Her hair straightened and flowing over her shoulders, the lacy panels in her bra and matching panties, the sheer black material covering her legs, and the sleek and shiny heels adorning her feet. She felt as if she was a model about to be adorned with fur and diamonds. She was so excited for the next boxes but remember the note and went to retrieve her iphone to make the text.

Chapter 4

She stared at her iphone and wondered how to communicate that she had received her boxes and followed instructions. She typed one message, then another, erasing them as she went. Finally she settled on something short and sweet to see his response:

Finished with box five

She sat and waited for a response lightly running her hands over dramatic ensemble. Tracing her hands over perky breasts that were pushed up and out with the bra. Letting them linger over the sheer panties as she lightly stroked between her legs feeling herself warm to her own touch. She leaned back and ran her hands over legs tracing her stockings down to her ankle and feeling the silky smooth material. Losing herself in the moment she hardly her the chime from her phone as a reply had come:

Very good. You have done well. I want to see what you look like

She gasped and wondered what he meant. Then her phone buzzed again.

Take a picture and text it to me

She gasped with the request. Then realized it wasn't really a request at all, it was a directive. She had never done such a thing in her life thinking it was beneath her or something only slutty girls do. She wavered with her thoughts as she had to admit the thought of a directive did arouse her. She wanted to give in, do as she was being told, and see where it went from there. She continued to stare at the phone and her instructions before moving and making her decision.

She rose from table and went back to her bedroom. She wondered how to accomplish this task and decided that multiple pictures may do the trick as she could choose the best to send to him. She laid across the bed adjusting to get as much as she could in the photo but the first was blurry. She tried over and over again from different angles, standing in front of the mirror, and sitting in a chair. She noticed that her modeling aroused her as she went and she began to get more provocative as the photography continued.

She began to let her bra strap float over her shoulder revealing more of her breast each time. She would slide her panties down in the front to show more skin, or slide her hand inside her panties to touch herself during the photos. She was shocked at her arousal as she flipped through her pictures and decided he would get a treat. She would send more than one to him to fulfill his order. She selected five different photos to forward and she was sure that one of them revealed the top of her nipple from above. She sent them and waited for more directions.

Chapter 5

The arousal she felt from her modeling session lingered and she continue to play with her phone and herself. She took more revealing photos of herself exposing more of her skin and intimate areas. She was losing herself in her modeling when the phone chimed once again and she received more instructions.

Very nice my kitten. You are very beautiful and alluring. You may continue with the boxes. Text me when you have completed that task

She went back to her table where the boxes were located and carefully arranged boxes 6-10. She was so excited to finish this part and she tore into the box six. She found an elaborate pair of earrings. They were silver teardrops encrusted with small diamonds. She wondered where all this was beginning to lead and she quickly slid the earrings onto her ears so she could move on to the next box. There she found a beautiful necklace. It was a flowing low hanging silver necklace with a diamond pendant mounted on some black onyx stones. It was a great blend with the earrings. He did know how to shop, she would give him that. The next box was a bit taller and deeper and once the tissue was pushed aside a set of glorious bracelets were revealed. They were bands of silver bangles with black onyx stones dotted along them, perfectly matching her ensemble.

Only two boxes were left and she moved to box 9. Opening the box she found a very soft pink silk blouse. The blouse had a low scoop neck and small black pearl buttons down the front. The arms were bloused out and flowing with seams down the arms. The neck came to a point where the first black pearl button resided and spread across the chest. She slowly slipped it on buttoning it down the front noticing that she would reveal ample cleavage with all the buttons fastened. The silk was very soft and felt gentle against her skin and flowed across her body making for a lovely fit.

There was one box left and it was almost a disappointment to be on the last one. She had followed his instructions to the letter and it was now time to finish this part of the night. She carefully opened the box and pushed back the tissue paper. Reaching inside she found a buttery soft black leather pencil skirt. The leather was supple and smooth with a nice shimmery black glow. It had a slit in the left front of the skirt, that ran from the bottom of the skirt dangerously up to her mid thigh.. The waist band was a tad higher than most skirts allowing the skirt to fit over her hips and narrow at her legs down to her knees. She quickly slipped it on and zipped up the back.

She skirt fell just above her knee and was complimented back the black stilettos and sheer black stockings. She went back to her mirror and studied her profile. Her blond hair was straightened and lengthen to a nice shine. The silk pink blouse showed a soft feminine side to go with the shimmering black leather and stilettos. She was beautiful, sexy, and dressed to be desired. She felt desirable and confident as she continued to study herself in the mirror. He had gone to a lot of trouble for her and she would certainly reward him tonight.

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