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Kitten Chapter 6-7

That will do Kitten, that will do.
Chapter 6

She went to reach for her phone and text him that her mission was accomplished.

"I'm finished with box 10 and dressed appropriately. Do you want to see?"

She waited again adjusting her skirt, smoothing her necklace and playing with her hair. She found herself very anxious to read the return text as she planned her photos feeling sexy and confident yet rather submissive to his direction. She even began to snap photos of herself as she anticipated his response.

"I do want to see. But in person. Time for you to meet me. Be at our place in 15 minutes"

Our place of course was the restaurant. She was shocked that would be walking into such a familiar place dressed to the nines like she was. The waiters knew her by name and would certainly notice her tonight. She had decided to do as instructed even before the instructions came, but this was a bit different. However, she did not waiver from her commitment and began to gather her things to leave in a timely fashion. She checked her hair and makeup adding a little more gloss to her lips. She peppered herself with her designer fragrance paying attention to the valley between her breasts and her inner thighs with light touches of the sweet perfume. She grabbed her keys and purse and wondered if she needed a coat for the evening. She looked outside and the autumn sun had already set and a coat would indeed be needed to stave off the coolness but she felt she did not have one that was appropriate so she decided to go without and made her way to the door.

When she opened the door she knew this was going to be a night to remember. There in the driveway was a beautiful black Lincoln town car with a personal driver. The driver beckoned her to the car with a wave and opened the rear door where she could see someone else was seated in the back. She walked to the car and slipped into the backseat to find him waiting there for her.

"You are delicious tonight. Far too alluring for our usual place so I thought we would detour to another location. Champagne?"

He was dressed in a dark suit with a dark tie with small pink stripes so they matched incredibly well, as if this was planned all along. Champagne was handed to her as she settled into her seat and took her glass. They clicked their glasses and the car began to move.

The care moved along with purpose as it snaked its way downtown for dinner reservations. They chatted in the car about the pictures that were taken and sipped champagne. He continually placed his hand on her nylon encased legs even venturing under her skirt slightly as they drove along. She played the sensual woman crossing her legs and allowing the slit to be open far more than she would normally showing her stocking tops and even the hint of the garter. When she adjusted in the seat the leather skirt would rub against the leather seat making the creating noise of fine material. She finished her champagne and set the glass aside. He gladly handed her his glass as he was not fond of the bubbly so she could finish it off as well. The mix of the champagne and his touch had her intoxicated as she leaned back in her seat allowing the slit to slide open revealing her garter belt clasps and pretty lace panties.

"I am yours tonight," she whispered to him.

He smiled back, looking at her intently and purposely, "Yes you are my dear. You are mine and I shall direct you as I please."

She swallowed her last sip of champagne then smiled at him, "Yes Sir," she murmured, looking intently into his eyes as the car came to a stop at the restaurant.

Chapter 7

The dinner was quite an adventure. She was not allowed to order as he took care of the entire meal himself. The wine was exquisite, the meat was tender and flavorful, and the dessert was light and creamy. The under the table action kept her in a complete state of arousal. His hand rarely left her leg that was covered by the table cloth as he stroked along the slit of the skirt reaching the inner thigh on occasion. He played with her stocking tops running his finger on the inside of her stockings and them tracing along the suspenders and then over to her sheer panties and back.

In a constant state of arousal from the delicious red wine and his hands running along her thighs and occasionally over the sheer material that protected her smooth slit. She attempted to return the favor but each time her hand was repelled by his and he would shake his head at her gently with a small smirk on his face. He was certainly controlling the scene and her arousal rose with each touch of his hand until she was afraid she was going to bust.

She excused herself from the table to head to the ladies room. She slid out of her seat allowing the slit in her skirt to open and reveal her stocking tops and the garter that held them up. She was sure he saw her maneuver as well as others in the restaurant. She was playing the role tonight and loving each second of the fun. She arrived in the intricately decorated bathroom and found it quite to her liking as privacy is something she was craving at the moment. She entered a stall locking the door behind her and decided she had to release some of the pressure she had been feeling.

The fully walled room offered complete privacy once the door was securely shut. She knew she did not have much time and decided to take a personal approach. Sliding her skirt up until the slit fully revealed her small black panties. She slowly brought her right hand to her mouth to lick and wet her fingers and held her skirt with the left hand. She plunged her fingers into her wet and swollen cunt as her body shuddered from her own touch. A deep moan escaped her lips as her wetness was finally stimulated fully with her fingers growing slicker as she stroked her warm pussy. Her body shook as she concentrated on her swollen clit circling her fingers around the delicate little nub then pushing it from side to side. She felt her nipples harden under the bra and used her left hand to plunge under her low club pink blouse and into the bra to squeeze them and pull them from under the bra.

She had never had an orgasm so quickly from this type of stimulation but her body began to quiver and her breathing became shallow as she quickly brought herself to the peak of ecstasy. She moaned deeply again as her body began to move uncontrollably. She was sure that moan was loud enough to give her away but she could not stop. She clamped down on her upper lip as the orgasm spread up from her wet slit over her erect nipples and up her red flushed neck. Her breaths were very short as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body.

Slowly the orgasm eased from her and she regained control of herself. She felt her face flushed and her body tingled from the experience. She grinned to herself as she had never had an orgasm before in a public place. She teased herself for being a little slut and smiled as she wondered if he would know when she returned. She took care of personal business and exited the stall to some funny looks from the women in the room. She just smiled and said hello as she freshened her face and lips and walked confidently back to the table.

She immediately knew that he was aware of her experience in the ladies room the smile and nod that came as she returned. She quickly felt his hand once again on her leg as she was instructed that he had paid for dinner and it was time to leave. She nodded and once again moved out of her seat walking through the restaurant to little whispers and looks. He noticed the happenings and smiled and nodded to others at their table as they strode out the door and back to the car. She wondered what the ride back home would bring.

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