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Lady in white (memoirs of a cabbie)

this is a story of a cab driver who happens to be in the right place at the right time
(Id like to thank Celtickiss for the inspiration and helping to put the finishing touches to it)

It was the weekend and a late shift was on the cards for Kevin again. Being a black cab driver meant a busy weekend, but he enjoys the variety the job brought. He’d seen it all; men and women alike pissing in the street, being sick, falling over from the amount of they’d alcohol consumed. Seeing people at their worst made him laugh wondering about his own behaviour when he’s out.

His cab idles at the front of the queue: it had been a steady night so far when a gorgeous slim blonde in a short white figure hugging dress approaches his cab. The thin straps of the dress show no traces of a bra, prominent nipples emphasize the lack of underwear. Kevin licks his lips involuntary as her generous cleavage and exposed thighs provoke explicit images. She opens the cab door, cleavage threatening to overspill the material confines as she slides into the seat.

Tearing his thoughts back to the present he relays his usual, “Evening love, where can I take you?” while trying to calm his heavy breathing: an unconscious reaction from his erotic thoughts.

Her soft voice caresses his ears through the intercom, “ Rushmoore Street please”.

Peaking glances in the rear-view mirror as he types in the street name and starts the meter. The roads quiet, he sneaks glances at her; shoulder length hair frames her angelic face in a blonde glow. An unusual sound catches his attention, turning up the intercom volume he hears it again, she’s whimpering. Glancing in his mirror shows her lips parted, eyes closed as she lets out a low moan. She can’t be doing what his oversexed mind is thinking...could she. Another low moan, she’s definitely playing with her pussy. In the back of his cab!

His mind tries to focus on the road as his shaft swells in his shorts. The woman engulfed in her own pleasure, biting her lip trying to stifle her moans as she nears climax. Stealing another glimpse when her eyes lock with his, he diverts his gaze to the road as she quickly straightens herself, hands in her lap. Her breathing ragged as she thinks about being watched by the hot cabbie. Finding herself more turned on knowing he was watching her she tugs her dress up. Emboldened by the lusty gaze from the cab driver her manicured fingers slip into her wet folds. Rubbing her excited clit she moans loud enough to get Kevin’s attention. This time meeting his lust filled eyes with her own she slides one of the straps down and kept pulling, exposing her lush tits. Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes, he thought after being caught she’d stopped for good.

Adjusting the mirror to see more; his eyes flitting between the road and show she’s giving him. His cock painfully trapped in his shorts as her fingers plunge into her bare snatch, fucking herself fast, moaning as her juices pool on seat beneath her.

Needing his own release he releases his cock and strokes himself slowly, imagining her fingers wrapped around him. He nearly loses control of his load and the cab as she raises her breast, her tongue flicking out teasing her hard nipple before her lips suck it into her own mouth. Her moans intensify as does her pace as two slick fingers delve deep, her other hand pulling and twisting her nipples. Kevin increases the pressure on his shaft, harder than he’s ever been before watching this angel’s legs splayed in ecstasy, profanities escaping those plush lips that should be leaving traces of her pink lipstick on his cock. The familiar feeling sweeps over him as he feels his balls tighten, moaning his release as warm cum shoots over himself. His mystery woman eye’s locked on him as she screams, her hips arching off the seat. Knowing that him cumming had sent her over the edge makes him smile; she smiles shyly in return as she licks her fingers clean.

She’d pulled down her dress and righted the strap by the time he reached the destination. Putting himself right, stopping the meter he clears his throat.

“There you go love, that’s £6.70 please.”

Paying the exact money she gets out of the cab, leaning to his open window she whispers,“There’s your tip babes” handing him her cum soaked thong.

Holding them he shouts “What’s your name?”

A voice from the dimly lit doorway replies “Anna” and she was gone.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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