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Email to my lover ........
It was your fault I was late today, so I am sending you this email to tell you why.

I knew as I stepped out of the shower I would not see you today, which of course makes me sad first thing in the morning. Lifting my leg onto the edge of the tub I grab the bottle of raspberry lotion you like the smell of so much, squeezing some onto my hands and rubbing the lotion into my long legs feeling how smooth they feel. Glancing in the floor length mirror, I love the way my body glows with my summertime tan. I continue sliding my hands over my butt, hips and waist, until I had to reach for more lotion, rubbing the lotion across my tummy, scooping out some cream that got into it my belly button to continue up along the underside of my breast. I massage the lotion across my breast paying special attention to my hardening nipples. Squeezing them together, moving from side to side as I watch in the mirror amazed at how big 38DD really is. I catch the clock out of the corner of my eye, looking at the time how late it is already, I rush to rub lotion on my arms, shoulder, and neck.

Barefoot, sliding across the hardwood floor of the bedroom, I pull out a dark fuchsia lace bra and boy short panties. Quickly bending over to pull the shorts up, with a snap of the waist band in place, I turn to wiggle my ass in the mirror as I hook the bra, adjusting it just right. Moving to the closet, I reach and pull out a loose flowing sleeveless low-cut blouse, the kind you say men look at me in, tugging it over my head. Running my hands over my breast and flatting the top, my bra straps just peeking out. I lean over again to grab my skirt twisting it up my legs over my hips into place. I quickly swipe red lipstick on my full lips and blush across my cheeks deciding not to put any eye shadow over my deep hazel eyes.

In the next moment, it happens. I am standing in front of the mirror brushing my honey colored hair up into a high ponytail, I glimpse my breast pressed forward in the mirror the nipples just slightly hard trying to poke through the bra and blouse. I pause when a breeze from the air conditioner hits my neck causing goose bumps that remind me of your lips trailing just below my ear. I close my eyes and can feel your body pressed against the length of my back with your hard cock rubbing against my butt. I can feel your strong arms wrapped around my body as your fingers start to massage my breast. I breathe in a deep breath as my body begins to respond to your every touch, every squeeze, and every pinch. The sensation, so real I open my eyes expecting to see you behind me there. What I see, as I look in the mirror are my breast overflowing from my bra and blouse with the material gathered around the bottom of each pushing them up and out. My hands are on my breast rolling my hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger with a pulling motion. I close my eyes squeezing my breast together to use one hand, back and forth on my nipples, as I slide the other hand down between my legs. Closing my eyes, I feel your fingers gently parting my legs while it lifts my skirt up around my hips all in one motion. Quickly your palm moves to start fondling roughly against the front of my panties. I moan and cry out as the lace is pulled and rubs my sensitive clit sending shivers through my body. At this point I realize again, it is my hand, not yours, but I have pushed myself too far.

I hurry across the room pulling my skirt up higher on my hips and then falling across the bed on my back with my knees pulled up in a wide ‘V’. I pull my panties to the side sliding two fingers along my silky pussy lips. My body shudders instantly with the light motion between my lips. I start to rub my clit harder with a tapping movement against the sensitive button. I am amazed at how wet my pussy already is as my fingers start to become soaked in my juices.

I am so excited, with the need to cum so hard now. My back arching off the bed as I press two fingers hard into my tight hole. With my eyes shut, I feel your thick hard cock slamming deep into me as the moans escape into the empty room. I feel your body against mine holding me to the bed with each stroke deeper into my pussy. My breast bouncing back and forth as I move my hips to meet your rhythm to let you deeper into my wanting pussy. Our bodies are moving as one in perfect timing with hips crashing and grinding. I feel you pushing my legs forward back towards my head so your cock can be buried so deep into me. I feel you stretching me to accommodate your throbbing cock, knowing you are going to cum deep in me soon. I cannot take much more as my body starts to tense pulling your cock into me. My moans are so loud in the room now as my pussy clamps tight on your cock with an intense orgasm squeezing you. With my eyes rolled back, my body twists on the bed, a moan escapes deep from my throat, as I cum in powerful wave after wave, my pussy milking your cock, until I feel your pulsating load shooting deep into me.

After a few seconds with my body still shaking on the bed, I slowly open my eyes to see my own fingers plunged deep into my clasping pussy. Trying to catch my breath, as my chest heaves with the harden nipples rising and falling, I come out of my orgasmic fog to realize you are not here. I sigh thinking how intense that was as if you were here. Forcing my eyes to focus on the clock, I see the time and how late I have now become. Pulling my fingers from my pussy, lifting for a quick suck to clean the juices, I jump up to start to get ready for my day again with a smile on my face.

And that is why my whole day was backed up and why it was your fault.


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