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Lazy Days

A woman fulfils a need
She stepped out of the shower. A slight smile tugging at her mouth. It was Sunday and there was nothing pressing she had to do. Well not exactly true, she could feel her body pulsing. She had gotten a little carried away when shaving. It felt so good.

As she dried herself, she ran the towel over her freshly shaved mound and moaned slightly. She was so sensitive. It felt so good.

She slipped her fingers into her cleft. Feeling the slick wetness between her lips. Her hips bucked slightly as she grazed her clit with her thumb.

She loved the feel of the smooth skin beneath her fingers. She could feel the slickness spreading. Running down and over her lips before traveling onto her thighs.

She quickly patted herself dry, needing so much more than a finger or two and moved into the bedroom. The bed was still unmade, the curtains drawn. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

Her hands moved up to her breasts. Cupping them. Loving how they were so full they spilled out of her palms. She squeezed them gently then rolled her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Loving the zing of pleasure that shot straight down to her core.

Her nipples pebbled into tight little buds. So sensitive. She increased the pressure of her fingers. The mix of pain pleasure so intense.

Her one hand travelled down to waist. Then further to her mound. She stroked herself a little. Loving the smooth feel. Enjoying the tingles that raced to her core. She moved her hand lower. Lightly touching her swollen lips. She was already so wet.

Her middle finger slipped into the crease between her lips. She ran it up and down. Delving deeper on each pass. She gasped as her finger brushed her clit. Already engorged and exposed from its hood.

She brought her other hand down and separated her lips. Needing to delve deeper. Needing to feel more.

With her other hand she moved two fingers down and circled her opening. Once, twice, before pushing them inside her. She could feel her walls pulsate as her fingers moved deep into her. Contracting against her fingers as if trying to keep them there.

She moved her fingers in and out, slowly twisting them as she withdrew them. On each withdrawal she moved them up and circled her clit. She loved the feeling of fullness and then the sparks. She was so wet. She could feel her juices running down her thighs.

She moved her fingers back inside of her. Rubbing them against her bumpy sweet spot. The sensation was intense. Shocks of pleasure shooting through her. Her fingers becoming more and more drenched with each rotation.

Her other fingers moved to her clit, still swollen and exposed. Still needing friction in order to cum. She ran her clit through the v of her fingers, squeezing slightly before coming back and circling it. Pressing slightly harder at each rotation.

Her fingers were causing such friction. Such pressure. She could feel it building inside of her. She could feel her stomach start to clench. Her hips came off the bed. Her whole body was tense, waiting for the release she could feel building inside of her. She was breathing heavily and a sheen covers her body.

But it's not enough. She needs more. She needed to feel more filled. Stretched beyond what her fingers could do for her. She needed to feel a hard length inside if her. She removed her fingers from inside her body and reached over and opened the draw next to her bed.

Her hand went straight to the box and opened it. She pulled out her favorite vibrator. A big bright pink Rabbit that filled her to stretching. She brought it to her wet swollen lips and moved the tip backwards and forwards a few times before lining it up with her channel and pushing it inside her.

Her inner walls immediately clamped down on it. Pulsing around the hard length filling her. Splitting her open. She fucked herself with the phallus a couple if times. Twisting it as she pulled it back. The thrusts getting harder and faster. But still she needed more.

She turned on the rotation function. The imbedded balls now rotating and grazing her sweet spot with every thrust. She activated the Rabbit. It's ears began vibrating against her swollen clit. It felt so good. She could feel the tension mounting inside her again. She was getting close. Her channel tightened to the point it was almost too tight to move the hard length inside of her.

She increased the vibration if the Rabbit and pushed the phallus as far into her grasping channel as she could. She rotated her hips, making sure that the friction on her clit and sweet spot was just where she needed it.

She could feel herself gush fluid as the intense sensations on her sweet spot caused her to squirt. A prequel to a shattering orgasm.

Her body tensed completely. Her hips pushed off the bed. She shoved the toy as far into her body as she could. She moved the Rabbits ears over her clit.

Her whole body stilled. She could feel the tension snap like a too tight wire. Her channel licked down on the length inside of her. Her clit shot sparks of pleasure through her. Almost painful in their intensity.

As soon as the initial release had faded slightly. She lowered her hips and started moving the toy again. Slowly this time. Milking the last of her pleasure from her body.

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