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Linda at the Barbershop

Linda at the Barbershop - by Bald-Ed

The deal that I have with Linda, I give her buzzcuts and she fucks my ass, is a great success.
I give her a number 2 buzzcut every weekend and we are both happy with that.
We are also very happy with the strapon sex. It gives us both a lot of pleasure.

Although Linda looks great with a number 2 buzzcut, I asked her to go shorter. I wanted
 to give her a number 1 at the sides and a number 0 at the back. You know, fucking a
woman with a shaved nape doggie style is the ultimate pleasure.
Linda said that she doesn't mind going shorter, but she doesn't trust me to do it
"OK, you are right", I said, "I might do it sloppy, but do you mind doing it in
 a barbershop ?"

Linda got excited and immediately agreed. I knew why: My Italian barber, Roberto,
 was a very handsome man. I knew that Linda would enjoy getting a haircut from
 him. In fact, Roberto was not only a very handsome man, he was also an excellent
 barber. From time to time I would visit him, just to enjoy the treat.

"Listen, Ed", said Linda, "I am accepting your offer, but you should know that
I am going to enjoy his treat. So, you can sit and watch him giving me a haircut,
but the deal is that you don't interfere, whatever is going to happen there."

I accepted her condition. I even started to entertain myself with the idea of her
 being abused by Roberto. We've decided to go there on Thursday afternoon, when the
shop is not too busy.

I phoned Roberto and fixed an appointment with him. I explained to him that Linda wants
 to go shorter and he sounded quite happy with the idea that he is going to give Linda
 a severe buzzcut. Well, who wouldn't ? you get to shave a nice woman and you are also gonna
 get paid for that.

We went to Roberto on Thursday afternoon. When we arrived there was only a boy in the
 chair, getting a short buzzcut. His mom asked Roberto to go even shorter and the poor
 boy ended up almost bald. I could see the tears in his eyes. The boy and his mom left
 the shop and then it was just Linda and I left in the shop together with Roberto.

Linda suggested that Roberto will give me a headshave. Although it was not planned I didn't
 object. Roberto shaved me first with the clippers and then with a razor. When he finished
 he applied a lotion on my head which gave a shiny look. Linda was very happy and she
 kissed my bald shiny scalp. It was her turn now.

Linda sat in the barber chair and Roberto covered her in a cape.
"So, what are we doing today ?", asked Roberto.
"well, what about a number 2 on top, number 1 in the sides and number 0 in the back ?", I've
"Isn't it too short ?", asked Roberto.
"No", said Linda, "it is fine with me".

Roberto didn't waste a second. He too the hungry clippers, put a number 2 guard on them
and started to buzz Linda. The warm teeth of the clippers made Linda horny. I could
see it (later, at home, she said that her pussy became wet in seconds.)
Roberto got excited as well: a huge bulge that he couldn't hide appeared between his legs.
He pushed his cock against Linda's shoulder. Linda felt it and smiled at Roberto.

I didn't mind at all. I sat there, in the waiting area and witnessed everything, but
 couldn't care less. On the contrary. It made me horny as well. My cock became very hard.
The idea that a handsome man is shaving my wife and they are both enjoying it sexually drove
 me crazy.

After finishing with the crown, Roberto replaced the number 2 guard by a number 1 and started
 shaving the back and the sides. As he did it, Linda moved her hand below the cape
and put it on Roberto's bulge. She started to give his cock a gentle massage.

Roberto pretended that he doesn't notice what's going on and continued with the buzzcut. He
removed the guard and started to shave the nape.
The whole scene was hilarious: Linda sat there with a severe military haircut while Roberto
 with his stiff cock is shaving her.

I couldn't stop myself and started masturbating. Both Roberto and Linda noticed it, but ignored
me. They were busy with themselves and didn't care about me.

Roberto decided to shave the sides of Linda. As he moved to her side and gave her whitewalls,
Linda got even more aroused. She opened the zipper of Roberto's pants and freed his huge cock.
She started to suck it.
Amazingly, Roberto didn't say a word and continued to shave Linda's sides.
He gave her a great haircut: it was number 2 on top, changing gradually to number 0
at the sides and back. He finished the haircut while Linda sucking his big cock deep in
her throat.

Roberto pulled Linda's head firmly and started to fuck her mouth stronger. Linda pulled down
 his underwear and grabbed his butt-chicks. She pushed his cock even deeper into her
throat. At this stage Roberto finished the haircut and was just busy with fucking Linda's
mouth. As Roberto became more intensive, Linda inserted her finger into his bum-hole.

I've enjoyed the whole scene and continued to masturbate. The thrill of looking at my
wife being mouth-fucked in the barbershop by the handsome barber made me cum loudly.

Roberto noticed that and it made him even hornier. He decided to cum on Linda's head. He
pulled his cock and just finished off on the buzzed scalp of Linda.
Linda's head was full of white cum which started to drip on her forehead, nose and finally
on her mouth. She licked every drop and swallowed it. She moved her hand to her clit, below
 the cape and came within seconds in a loud intense orgasm.

Roberto took a tissue and cleaned Linda. "You are so beautiful", he said. "next time I'll
 shave your pussy as well !"

I thanked Roberto. "You are a true genius". I gave him a large tip for his fantastic work.
I took my sexy wife and left the shop with a big smile on my face.

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