Living At My Uncle's Farm

By lustfulnavyboy

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Working at my uncle's farm allows me and my cousin to get to know eachother
Driving down the dirt road in southern Minnesota heading towards the farm where my aunt and uncle are waiting for me. While I'm driving I wonder what its gonna be like working with my uncle for a year or maybe longer. I can't wait too see everyone, my aunt and uncle and my cousins. I'm out in the middle of open fields, the sun is going down, and finally I see the big farm house and barn that was my new home for the next 3 months. I turn into the driveway just as the sun sets over the horizon, the only light is from the windows of the house and a small light coming from the barn. I park my car in front of the garage, grab my stuff and walk to the door. My aunt and uncle answers the door.

"Nick, hi, your early we weren't expecting you till tomorrow".

" Hi sorry my mom couldn't wait to get me out of the house".

"Oh okay, its good to see you, we have a surprise for you".

"A surprise?"

"Ya, your uncle redecorated your cousin Zack's room".

"Wow, really, thank you guys." I give my aunt a hug and got a pat on the back by my uncle.

"Now go ahead and take your stuff to your room, its the whole top floor, and when your done could you go find Amanda she should be out in the barn?"

As I run up the stairs I yell back at them saying "okay ill look for her."I get to the top of the stairs to find a simply decorated room with a bed, dresser, and a desk. let me tell you about Amanda, shes tall, thin, tan, and a simple country girl.Long thin legs and has short blond hair. I go down stairs and smell something good, knowing dinner is ready and that the farm is big I need to hurry and find her quick.

Its dark out when I go through the door, I walk the distance to the chicken coupe and look inside, no Amanda, just some angry chickens. then I see a light coming from the barn door, I walk up too the barn door and look inside. I hear some noise coming from the loft so I quietly go over to the ladder and peek up to see my cousin sitting on a hay bail in the far corner of the loft. My eyes cant believe what I'm seeing, my cousin has a hand in her pants and the other under her shirt. shes moaning lightly with her eyes closed. then I hear her say something I never thought id hear her say.

"Oh please finger me, Nick please finger my pussy."

I feel my cock suddenly get hard. I lightly touch my cock while watching her. she starts getting louder and start going faster I could tell she was getting close to orgasm which just turned me on even more, I start jerking off to her rather. then she starts screaming...

"Ohhh I'm gonna cum Nick I'm cumming." She then pulls her fingers out and starts sucking on her fingers. I quietly get to the top of the landing and say.

"You know its not appropriate to think about your cousin that way."

She surprisingly looks up to see me leaning against a poll with my arms crossed. the color just drains from her face as she see me standing there after just masturbating about me.

to be continued...

its my first story please comment and leave any suggestions about what should happen next.