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Lonely Summer Night

Lonely Summer Night

I groan in frustration in the darkness of my room. It must be past midnight but I’m not sleepy; it's too hot. I’m lying here in this large bed, on my own. The only sounds I hear are the critters and the dogs barking down the street. It’s pretty dead at this time, just a car passing by, once in a while. I turn on my back, aware that it is going to be another sleepless night.

I sit back for a few seconds, my shirt feeling tight on my body. I pull it off and throw it away before laying back. Summer is not my favourite season; I hate the heat but unfortunately, the air conditioned broke up and has not been fixed yet.

Rolling back and forth in bed is pointless and a cold shower sounds unreasonable. I need to be up early tomorrow. I have to meet an important client and looking like a rag doll is not going to impress anyone, well maybe the jury of a Halloween contest…

Even on late hours, the sarcastic side of my brain is fully active and more cynical than ever. I sigh and get up. I feel around for the light’s switch, bumping into the furniture before finally flicking the switch on. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness. Mumbling to myself, I make my way to the kitchen’s fridge to drink some water. Once I’m done, I’m back to my bed, this time switching my laptop on.

Since I’m already awake, I might as well do some productive work or try to bore myself out until I fall asleep. I decide to check my mails, wondering if Brad has replied to me yet. I sigh, feeling lonely again. I miss him; the man I’ve been sharing this house and this bed with. I also miss his voice and his touch… and of course; our passionate nights together.

I can feel the small familiar tingles on my skin as a flashback of him between my legs comes into my mind. I notice that there’s no mail from him and remember that he’s probably already in bed. He’s only been gone since two weeks and I’m already yearning for him, even though I’m aware that he will only be back after another week.

I set the laptop on the bed and lay back, closing my eyes. My mind is full of images of Brad touching me and teasing me like he does and I can feel my panties dampening a bit already. I sigh and slowly start to caress my body gently, imagining that his hands are on me. I run the back of my fingernails on the contour of my breasts slowly and drag them down my stomach before moving up again. I cup each breast in the palm of my hands and squeeze them gently at first, before I increase the pace a little, kneading them.

I can feel my body shaking, my hips undulating and I bite my bottom lip. I can feel how wet my panties are right now. I’m so horny already and this is only the beginning. I drag one hand down my body while with the other hand I squeeze my nipples, feeling them harden almost instantly. I open my eyes for a moment, staring down at my body. I can almost hear him saying in his rough voice, “Damn, your tits are amazing. And those nipples…”

I’m missing the feeling of his mouth over them; the way he would use his teeth and his tongue on my nipples while he would reach between my legs. “Oh Brad, I wish you were here tonight!” I whisper as I part my legs and glaze my fingers over the wet patch of my panties.

I whimper at the contact and repeat the gesture again, applying a little bit of pressure. “I’m so ready for you, baby.” I gasp out, rubbing my fingers over my covered sex. I can hear the bed creaking under me, the sounds echoing in the room but that does not stop me. I’m imagining Brad’s fingers teasing me while he whispers softly in my ear the things that he would do to me… those things that would probably shock my mother who has already shown how much she disapproves of him.

I can’t help but giggle at that thought for a second. “You’re such a dirty girl, Tasha!” I mutter as I continue the little torment through the thin material of my panties. I’m panting a little already. For some unknown reason, rubbing myself through my panties is such a turn on. I just love the feeling of the wet fabric over my sex but right now I need more. I hook my fingers into the waistband of my underwear and slide them down my legs.

Relaxing back against the pillows, I spread my legs wider and run my fingers along my inner thigh while I keep squeezing my breast with my other hand. How I wish for an extra pair of hands to help right now. I glaze at my sex lightly again; the way he would until I would finally beg for him to touch me there. And I whisper to myself, “Brad, please stop teasing me. Please fuck me with your fingers!”

I slip a finger inside me, moaning softly as I wiggle it inside. “God, yes! This feels so good!” I say between gasps of pleasure. Feeling how wet I am, I add another finger and increase the pace a little. I’m squeezing a breast with my left hand while I finger fuck myself with the other one. I know Brad enjoys watching me touching myself. I can almost hear him grunting out, “Yes, fuck that little pussy with those fingers. Go on, naughty girl.”

I pull out my fingers from between my legs and bring them to my lips and I lick them clean. In my mind, I’m imagining that I’m tasting myself on Brad’s fingers and that he’s watching me intently, ready to shove his cock inside me. I reach between my legs again and push my fingers deep inside me, my moans starting to get louder. I’m starting to lose control and I don’t give a fuck!

“Oh Brad! Oh yes! Mmmm yes!” I cry out, fucking myself with my fingers, my hips rising from the bed that’s creaking under me, louder than ever. I close my eyes, trusting my fingers in and out of my pussy faster and faster, my body shaking madly. I’m sweating, I can’t think but I know I won’t stop.

“So fucking close…” I groan out, my mind full of images of Brad slamming his dick inside me while he tells me that I’m his little fuck toy. I can almost hear his voice; he’s urging me on, telling me to let go and cum for him.

“Braaaaad!” I scream as I fully lose myself into the amazing sensations taking over my body. I can feel the rush of emotions inside me, I’m curling my toes, raising my hips, panting heavily and my body is still shaking before I fall back against the crumbled bed sheets.

And I lay there, trying to catch my breath, a small smile of satisfaction on my lips. I’m feeling exhausted and a little sore. My arms and legs feel heavy. My hips hurt a little from all the action. I’m missing his warm body and his kisses right now. I’m slowly finding it hard to think. I’m nodding off and slowly drift off to sleep, forgetting about the light and the laptop that somehow did not fall off the bed.

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