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Loner's Paradise

When a socially awkward kid is home alone, he allows himself a little fun
Kayden shuts the heavy, wooden door to his house as the bus pulls from the curb. Sighing, he loops his left foot behind the right, using the force of his toes to get the black New Balance shoes off. Switching feet, he does the same thing to remove the left shoe. He reads his watch and calculates the amount of time he has before his mom gets home. 3:45. I have about 1 hour and 45 minutes, he thinks, smiling to himself as his book bag is abandoned by his shoes. He bounds up the stairs two at a time, taking a hard left right at the top of the landing into his pale blue room. Closing the door, he decides against locking it. The stress and agitation of Senior year melt as the green button on his computer lights up.
Typing in the password to his user account, Kayden’s mind flashes back to the highlights of his day. The girl at the pool during gym class. Her bikini at least a size too small, her D cup chest almost overflowing from the flimsy material that held them up by a mere knot in the back. A bottom that left nothing to the imagination once she got in the pool to partake in gym class. It was blatantly against the rules to wear a two piece suit for gym class swimming, but it seemed she didn’t care. It took all of Kayden’s power to keep his second head down when she got out to dry off and go change. Whenever boredom hit during the day, his mind would wander to that scene of her climbing out the pool, the lips of her womanhood so easily seen.

Snapped back into reality by the now loaded user profile, the teen uses his right hand to press on the Google Chrome button while his left hand wanders down his light happy trail to the forest of hair-and what lay among it-below. He cups his warm sacks, moving his fingers to the tip of his dick. His finger moves atop it slowly, exploring the smoothness of it as blood slowly fills the shaft of his penis. Clicking on a bookmarked website, his eyes take in a nude woman who is on her knees, her voluptuous, red lips encompassing the head of a guy’s hard, thick dick. The guy’s hands are tangled in her brunette hair, his back arched back ever so slightly. The boy scrolls down to the video under the large picture and clicks play, his room suddenly alive with the sound of sex.

The moaning of the girl in the video causes Kayden’s dick to start to harden at a quicker pace than before. His pants bulge a little and he finds the jeans restricting and almost painful as his manhood begins growing to it’s full six inch length. Unbuttoning them, he hurriedly shoves them down to his hairy ankles, keeping his boxers right at the top of his knees. The homemade video is rather dark, but it’s easy to see the husband slipping his two longest fingers into the wife’s wet, tight pussy. She moans, the wetness audible as the lips spread apart.

“You like that, don’t you?” The husband teases her, playing with her clitoris just until she’s about to burst, then stops. After a few times of doing this, the wife whimpers, telling him to just “put it in”.
Kayden has been squeezing his glans gently until this point. Small beads of lubrication have oozed out, cascading down the sharp incline of a full erection. No longer able to sustain, he forces his boxers to the same place as his pants, and pushes himself back a little. Leaning down in the leather chair a little, the teen stretches out his legs and grips his thickness with his hand. He moves it tentatively, slowly, trying to tease himself to the point of no return.

He stares in pure fascination as the husband slips his penis inside her, eliciting a moan from his wife. He pulls her into another position so that her ass is in the air and begins pounding her, his balls slapping against the wetness of her pussy. The moans of the two drive Kayden up the wall, making it hard for him to keep going slow. He pushes against his stiff manhood, hoping to calm himself a little. When the wife comes, she squirts her fluid all over the bed and her husband’s dick.

No longer able to control himself, the boy begins furiously moving his hand up and down his length, his mouth formed in an almost perfect “o” as a moan attempts to escape him. The pleasure is overwhelming, electricity pulsing through his body. The closer the husband gets to climax, so does Kayden, his hips bucking up, his hand moving faster than he’s ever known it to. He gasps for breath every now and then, feeling his balls move closer to his body. Almost in sync with the man in the video, he cries out, “I’m coming. I’m coming.” His voice is higher pitched, his face flushed, orgasm right there, almost tangible for him.

Kayden locks his hips in an upward fashion as thick, white ropes of cum explode from his very red, throbbing knob. He cries out, so captured in his own orgasm that he is no longer aware of the people on the screen. After about five thick spurts and several seconds of dribbling cum, his orgasm slowly subsides. Kayden looks at the damage. Cum is splattered all over his pubes up to his pecs. His hands are visibly shaking, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Sitting up, he takes a minute to let his breathing regulate before beginning to clean up before his mom returns home.

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