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Longing For Your Touch

Going to the tanning bed is my time to relax. I always wear something easy to remove as I tan naked. So I slipped on a pink dress with nothing under it and headed out the door. On the drive over thoughts of my lover raced through my mind. His smell, his taste, his touch... 

I entered the room and closed the door. The soft fabric felt like hands softly caressing my body as I slowly brought it up and over my head.  He had never left my mind. As I lay there with the heat of the lamps and the air of the fan it made me aware of every inch of my body. My hands wandering up and down until I was startled back to reality by the sound of the bed turning off. I quickly dressed and left.

I didn't want to go home, not yet so I drove to a remote area where I knew I would be alone. My body was hot from tanning, but inside as well from my thoughts of him. I got out of the car, lit a cigarette and drew in a deep breathe and let it out hard. The crisp night air caused my skin to tingle. I threw down the cig on the ground and lifted myself up onto the hood of the car.

I left the ignition so that the radio would continue to play. Sitting on the hood of the car, I could feel not only the vibrations from the base of the music but the heat on my bare ass from the engine.

Mmm my hands felt so good on my body! So good that I slipped off my dress, walked back to retrieve my ring vibrator and returned to the hood of the car. Chills ran through me as I laid back on the hood and a gasp escaped my lips.  As I opened my eyes I saw how beautiful the star filled nite sky was and felt wrapped in their protection like a blanket.

One hand moved to my breast and the other with the vibe to  my clit. I was dripping wet from all the sensations! The cold air raising goose bumps on the front of me, the heat on my back and the knowledge that I could be discovered. Then there were my thoughts. My hands were his hands moving from one nipple to the other then finding it's way to my wet depths. My right hand ever staying on my bud. It may have been my hands but in my mind he was there with me, feeling every inch of me and touching me in all the right ways. As I envisioned his mouth on mine tongues entertwined I felt the first orgasmic wave jolt through my body. My hips tightend feeling the still hot metal beneath me. I moaned and panted screaming his name as the final wave took me over the edge.

I'm not sure how long I laid there on the hood of the car. But the feeling of my cold tears running down my face brought me back to reality with both joy and sadness. The joy that even the thought of him touching me could bring such euphoria and the sadness that he wasn't really here with me.

When I knew my legs could hold me, I dressed and got into the car. I don't really remember the drive home, my experience was hipnotic. What I do know is that I long for his touch and the feel of his body next to mine.
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