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Look At Me...

Look At Me...

“You want me to do what?” she exclaimed with a high pitched voice into the phone.

“I want you to bring a toy to work,” he repeated seriously.

“I can’t do that!” she protested.

“Give me one reason why you can’t. Just because you bring it, does not mean that you have to use it.”

She started to say something, but then thought about what he had just asked. She had refused because it was not something she would normally do, or be comfortable with. He did have a valid point, that she might not have to use it. The thought of it was actually making her slightly excited. Maybe this was not such a bad idea after all.

“Which one?” she asked quietly, pulling her box of toys out from under her bed.

“Good girl. I want you to bring the clit vibrator. It’s small and easy to hide.”

She scolded her body for reacting to him calling her a good girl, but she just could not help it. Her body seemed to have a mind of its own when it came to him. She found the little vibrator and held it in her hand, making sure it was still working. It had been a long time since she last used it.

“Okay, baby, I have it here. I will put it in my purse.”

“No. I want you to put it in the pocket of your jeans.”

She thought about it for a moment and was going to say no, but then shrugged her shoulders. Why not? she thought. There was no reason why she could not do that, since it was small enough. She put down her purse and shoved the small white clit vibrator into her left front pocket instead.

“Your wish is my command,” she said, giggling.

“Don’t be a smart ass,” he laughed at her.

“Oh, admit it, you wouldn't want me any other way.”

“If I am not mistaken, you are already late for work,” he replied.

She looked at the clock and yelped, “Fuck!” She grabbed her purse and hurried out of the bedroom. She could hear him laughing at her through the phone. It was the same way every damn morning, she would end up losing track of time when she talked with him. She never wanted to hang up.

“I have to hang up now and drive to work,” she told him, as she locked the front door behind her. She cursed again when she realized she had left her lunch in the fridge. Damn it, she would just have to buy her lunch again today. The guys at the Turkish place around the corner from her office knew her order by heart now, so she might as well go there again.

“Drive safe, baby, and don’t speed,” he said in a stern voice, referring to the speeding ticket she got a few weeks ago.

“I wouldn't have to speed if you didn't turn me on every morning, and come with requests of bringing toys to work,” she snapped back as she got in the car.

“Would you rather we not talk in the mornings? I could always leave you alone and not call and wake you up if that suits you better,” he said calmly.

“Oh, bite me!” she growled.

“Don’t tempt me. But for now, shut up and hang up the phone, and send me a text when you are in line to get your coffee.”

“Will do, talk soon.” She hung up, not waiting for a response.

She tossed the phone on the seat beside her and started the car. As she was driving, she thought about all the things she had to do at work. It was the last couple of days before the end of the fiscal year, and there were deadlines to meet. She was thinking about the conference call she had in about an hour, when her mind started to drift to the toy in her pocket. She was not prude by any stretch of the imagination, but she could honestly say that she had never brought a toy to work before.

She could feel herself getting excited just at the thought of it. He had a way of getting her to agree to things she normally would not. His voice made her shiver and lose track of everything else. He made her smile and laugh one minute, and then the next, with a simple sentence, she was lost in her desire for him.

She was at work before she realized it. She just shook her head as she turned off the car. Once again, she had driven here in record time and on autopilot, not really remembering the drive. She was preoccupied with thoughts of what he might have planned for her and that toy. She knew that she might put up a bit of a fight, but when it came down to it, she would do as he wanted. It would be as much for her pleasure as for his.

She got in line at Tim Horton’s to get her coffee, an extra-large with milk. As she was waiting for her turn to place her order, she brought out her iPhone and sent him a message.

Hey baby, I am here now, just in line for my coffee.

She could see him typing back right away. He must have been waiting for her. The thought made her smile. Clearly, he was as eager as her for what he had planned.

How long is the line? How long will you have to wait?

She frowned a bit at his question, but looked ahead of her before typing back.

Maybe five minutes… Why?

She did not have to wait long for his reply.

Reach into your pocket and touch the toy. Feel it with your fingers.

She looked around her, and then did as he had asked. She reached into the pocket and felt the smooth surface of the vibrator. In the other hand, she had the phone and saw the next message pop up.

Turn it on.

She hesitated, not really remembering how loud it was. But there were lots of people talking around her, so they should drown out any noise from the toy. She pressed the little button and felt it vibrate against her fingertips. She typed a quick message back.

It’s on.

Once again, the response came quick.

Imagine how that will feel against your hard clit.

She gasped when she saw the message. He knew exactly what to say to throw her off. She was biting her lip as she felt the vibrations against her fingertips. She closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like. She could feel the rush of excitement though her body, and her clit started to pulsate in anticipation.

She was quickly brought back to reality when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“Wanna move ahead there and place your order?” She heard a male voice behind her.

She turned around and just stared at the guy that had spoken. She could feel her face flush when she realized she had just been caught thinking about her hard clit instead of moving ahead in line. She tried to come up with something to say, but she was tongue tied.

“Daydreaming, eh?”

She just nodded at him and moved ahead to place her order. While she was waiting for her coffee, she sent a quick text to him.

Great, I was totally caught daydreaming while in line. GRRRRR.

The response back was as anticipated.

Ha ha. You need to focus, baby. I will leave you alone to work, but I want you to keep your phone close by. I am heading out to get some stuff done. I will talk to you later.

She knew that he was right, there was no way she could focus on work if he kept texting her. It was time to get the caffeine into her blood stream, and get the day started.


Her morning passed by quickly with lots of meetings and tedious paperwork. She was in the middle of a conference call when she heard her phone buzz. She tried to ignore it and focus on what was said on the call, but she couldn’t. She picked it up and saw the message from him.

Did you miss me?

She smiled and thought that maybe she should make him wait a bit, like he had left her waiting for hours. Let him wonder why she was not responding. She was finishing the call when she heard the phone buzz again.

I know what you are doing, and it’s not working. I know that you have seen the message, and I know that you are sitting there itching to reply. The longer you keep this up, the longer it will be before I let you cum.

She sneered at the phone when she read the message. She pondered between responding, or letting him wait longer. She knew that if she did take too long, he would, indeed, delay her release. In the process, she would end up begging him to let her cum.

Grrrr, fine. Yes, I am here, she finally replied.

Now, have you gotten some things done at work? Have you been productive? he inquired.

Yes, I have gotten quite a bit done this morning. I just finished a conference call.

Good. Is there anyone around you?

No, not right now. The other supervisor just went on her lunch. Why?

She wondered what he was up to when she heard the phone ring. It was him.

“You're calling?” She could hear the surprise in her own voice. She looked around her to see if anyone could overhear her.

“Yes, I wanted to hear your voice. I miss it when I don’t talk to you for a bit.” His voice was soft as he spoke.

How did he always manage to do that? One moment, he was bossy and forceful, and the next, he said things that made her heart flutter.

"You are sweet, I miss yours too." She could feel herself blush.

"Trust me, baby, I am not that sweet."

She could hear the smile in his voice and she could imagine him sitting there thinking about what he would make her do this time. She thought about it for a bit. He really wasn't all that sweet. He had demanded that she take a toy to work, and then turned her on while she waited to get coffee. Then he left her feeling frustrated and waiting for hours. Yeah, sweet was probably not the way to describe him after all.

“Fair enough, you got a point," she responded with a smile.

“I am glad you got some work done. Then I won’t feel so guilty when I spend the next little while distracting you,” he continued.

"Where is your toy?" The soft gentle voice of his was gone in an instant.

"It is still in my pocket, where you told me to keep it."

"Good girl, I love how you will do anything I ask of you."

"I trust you," she said, softly. And as she said it, she realized that she genuinely did. She would do anything that he wanted, just to please him. She would think about what that meant later, but right now, all she could focus on was his voice.

"Good, because you will need to trust me for what I am about to ask you."

She inhaled a quick breath as she heard his statement. She felt a rush of anxiety, lust and pure raw need at his words.

He did not wait for her to respond. Her reaction was enough for him to keep going.

“I want to watch you cum.”

“What do you mean, watch me? You want a picture of me when I cum?” she asked hesitantly.

“No, baby, I need to watch you. I want to see your face and your expression as you fight to stay quiet while you sit at your desk, knowing someone could catch you at any moment.”

“Wait a minute, do you mean Skype? You want me to turn on the cam, here at work, at my desk?” She realized she had said that a little louder then she probably should have, and looked around to make sure that no one had overheard her.

“Yes, I want you to log into Skype and let me see you,” he responded calmly.

They had never Skyped before. She had never allowed him to see her lose control like that. She had sent pictures and short videos, yes, but nothing like this. They had talked about it, but never actually found a good time to make it happen. She sure as hell never thought it would be while she was at work. Why was she even thinking about this? But she could not deny that the thought was turning her on. It was making her bite her lip just thinking about it.

“I can’t do that,” she whispered back quietly to him, a little surprised at herself that she was saying no.

“Of course you can. No one will ever know,” he softly explained to her. “Baby, I need to see your beautiful eyes as you cum, while I am stroking. You make me so fucking hard and throbbing, and if I can’t feel you cum around my hard cock, at least let me see you.”

His words washed over her, and made her blood boil and surge through her veins. He totally shattered her and made her crave to please him in any way that he wanted.

“There are people around me, and you know I can’t be quiet!” She was almost hoping that he would realize that this was not a good idea, but the other part of her wanted this, and that part seemed to be winning the battle at the moment. She was already logging into Skype.

She could see that he was already logged into his own account. That meant he would have seen her log in as well.

“You said you trusted me, I am now asking you to do just that,” he said softly.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Could she really do this? Could she control herself enough if she knew that he was watching her, seeing her struggle not to scream his name as she came?

She looked around, and since most of the people close to her had gone to lunch, she was as alone as she would ever be at work.

“Yes, I do trust you. I will turn on the cam.”

“That’s my baby. Now, I need you to take out your toy from your pocket. Leave the cam off for now, I just want you to focus on my voice.”

A quiet moan escaped her lips as her fingers found the toy once again. She brought it out and held it in the palm of her hand. She was shifting in her seat as she became more and more turned on by what she had just agreed to.

“It’s out. Tell me what you want me to do.” She could hear her voice changing, her own desire becoming evident. She hated how she could never hide what she was feeling, that she could not control or mask the passion within her.

“I want you to unzip your jeans and drag your fingertip along your panties. I want you to feel your slit.”

Feeling the sensation of the zipper being pulled down made her even more on edge. She traced her fingertip along her slit through her panties, as he had instructed. They were already damp with her arousal.

“I wish this was your finger,” she gasped as she pressed down a little harder. Her breathing increased as she felt the heat radiating from her pussy.

“I know, baby, but right now, I am enjoying this way too much.” She could hear the smile in his voice as he continued. “Slide your finger inside your panties. I want you to taste that delicious cunt of yours.”

She moaned as a rush of raw need washed over her at his words. She did not waste a moment; she slid her hand inside her panties and felt how wet she already was. She traced the outline of her pussy with her finger, and coated it with her wetness.

“Mmmm, I am so wet," she whispered as she kept feeling her smooth, soft and wet lips with her fingers. She closed her eyes as she slowly parted her pussy, wishing it was him doing it. She had to struggle to keep from moaning louder.

“I know you are, baby, and the thought of it is making my cock throb,” he growled back at her.

The thought of his cock throbbing while thinking about her, fueled her need even more. What he made her feel was intense, and it was consuming every part of her body. Her desire was rushing through the core of her.

“I need to see you.“ The need in his voice was matching her own. “Hang up the phone and put on your head set, and I will call you on Skype.” He hung up before she had a chance to respond.

He did not waste any time. He was already calling her before she had a chance to put her headset on properly. One hand was still inside her panties, her finger nestled between her hot lips, while the other was putting her headset on. She clicked the ‘Answer with video’ button.

“Oh fuck, you are so beautiful,” he said as soon as her face appeared on the screen.

He did it again. He went from being bossy to sweet. She could not help herself, but she looked down and blushed at his words. How could he possibly have her so turned on, with her hands touching her pussy, and still make her blush at his compliment?

“Look at me,“ he said.

She looked up at the screen again, towards the cam. She was still blushing, but tried to smile.

“I want you to keep looking into the cam. I want to see everything. I want to see what you are feeling.”

She finally realized that she could hear him, but not see him. He had not turned on the camera for her.

“Why can’t I see you?” she asked him.

“Because I want you to focus on my voice and what I am telling you,” he said.

She knew better then to argue. She just nodded to the camera as she slowly started moving her finger along her slit again. She moaned softly at the sensation she was feeling, knowing he could see the lust in her eyes.

“Bring your fingers to your mouth, I want you to taste yourself for me.”

She wanted to keep touching, she wanted to push them inside of her, not remove them. As she was pulling them out, her fingertip grazed her clit, it was hard and sensitive. She kept her finger there and started circling it.

“I said, start sucking your fingers and stop touching yourself,“ he commanded, his voice almost sounding angry.

She reluctantly stopped teasing her clit and brought her fingers to her mouth. They were glistening with her juices. She ran the fingers along her lower lip, coating them before she ran her tongue over it, tasting herself. She heard his quick intake of breath before the low guttural growl.

Knowing she could turn him on like that pushed her forward. She forgot where she was or that someone might see her, and at this moment, there was only him and her.

She slowly sucked her fingers into her mouth, cleaning them off with her lips and tongue. The sweet taste of herself made her moan and wish he could taste her as well.

“I taste so good, baby,” she said seductively.

“I want to taste you more then I want my next breath,” he said with such deep urgency. “I fucking need you.”

She wished she was at home. She wanted to take her clothes off for him, to let him see her full breasts and her nipples that were now hard and straining against her bra and top. Her hand trailed down her neck, and down over her breasts. Knowing that he was watching her every move was so erotic.

“Turn on your toy and place it inside your panties. I want it touching your clit,” he commanded her.

She whispered, “Yes,” as she turned on the toy. She was getting excited just at the anticipation of what it would feel like. She spread her legs wider and then parted her soaking pussy lips. She placed the little white toy so it was resting against her swollen clit. She whimpered as she felt the vibrations sending delicious shock waves through her body.

She rested her hands on the desk in front of her. She was trying hard to stay in control over herself and not moan out loudly. It was a struggle not to just give in and let go.

“Mmm, I love seeing and hearing you like this, baby. I can see how badly you want to cum." His voice was thick with need.

She was trying to respond to him, but her words seemed to fail her. All she seemed able to do was whimper and moan. She was slowly grinding her hips and ass in her chair, making the toy move and add pressure to her clit. The feeling was incredible, and made her pussy get wetter. She knew it would not take much to make her cum. She wanted it so badly.

“Please, please let me cum,” she begged with a ragged breath as she kept pushing against the toy. She could smell her own arousal; she was soaking wet and her pussy was aching for release.

“I wish I could taste and smell you right now. I want your cum all over my tongue, and I want it coating my hard cock as I fuck you while you are bent over your desk,” he growled at her through the headset.

He was driving her crazy, and the need building within her was to the point that she would not be able to stop it even if she tried. All she could do was focus on her pulsating clit and how it was rubbing against the slick substance of the vibrator.

“Oh god, I won’t be able to stop. Fuck… please… Oh my god, please…” she begged through gritted teeth.

“Who do you want to cum for?” she heard him say quietly. “Whose cunt will cum?”

Her head fell back as she felt herself getting closer, her eyes starting to close.

“Fucking look at me and answer me, damn it,” he snapped at her.

She looked straight at the cam, her body shaking, and her blood boiling inside of her. She could not think straight; all she wanted was to cum.

“Yours, only yours, it belongs to you,” she exclaimed.

“Fuck!” he growled.

She saw the page flicker and all of a sudden she could see him on the screen. She gasped and lost all control when she saw him. He was naked with his hard cock in his hand, stroking it quickly. She could see the pre-cum oozing out of the tip.

The image pushed her over the edge.

“Oh god… Oh god… I'm cumming,” she cried out, As it started to build within her, she felt it wash over her skin, ripping at her core as she finally peaked. It consumed every cell of her entire body. Her thighs were pressed together as the vibrations on her clit extended the rush of her orgasm.

Her hands gripped the edge of her desk as she watched him explode in front of her on the screen. Ropes of thick cum shot out of his cock and landed on his chest. She heard him mumble and moan while she rode on the waves of her own climax.

She was lightheaded as her eyes fixed with his over the camera. He looked so sexy. His dark hair was messy, and he had the most amazing and contented smile. She smiled herself as she saw him trying to catch his breath. She could not help it, but a small giggle escaped her lips, and she watched him looking so disheveled. Knowing she was the cause was very intense, and it made her feel wanted and desired in a way she never had before. She finally calmed down enough to attempt to speak.

“Hi,” was the best thing she could think of at the moment, stupid as it was.

“Hi, baby. Well, wow. You are incredible, you know that?” He smiled as he leaned closer to the camera.

“So, how much trouble will you be in now?” he looked slightly concerned even though he was still smiling.

“Trouble? What do you mean?” she asked, feeling confused over the question.

“Sweetie, you were rather loud just then. I am just wondering how many heard you.” He raised his eyebrows at her.

Sheer panic came over her as she snapped back into reality. She felt the blood drain from her face as she remembered she was at work. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, before opening them and looking around her to see how much damage control was required. She scanned the office looking for glaring looks. She exhaled the breath she had been holding when she could not spot anyone looking at her. She thanked her lucky star.

She brought her attention back to the screen and saw that he was laughing, no doubt at her facial expression of horror. She narrowed her eyes at him and did a low growl.

“Oh, you are one hot woman,” he said, leaning closer to the camera and watching her closely. “Now, you need to get yourself together, because the other supervisor will be back shortly, and I am pretty sure you don’t want to explain why your jeans are undone.”

“Oh right, damn it, she should be back soon,” she said, looking at the clock.

“Send me a message when you're leaving work,” he requested.

“Sure, I will send you one as soon as I get home.”

“No, as you are walking to your car,” he said sternly.


“Because, baby, this was just the start. I plan on making you cum over and over again before the day is over." He flashed her a big grin before he disconnected the call.

She stared at the blank screen, and once again cursed her body for the immediate response to his words. Oh, this was going to be an interesting day, she thought, twirling her chair around as she zipped up her jeans…

And found herself staring right into her coworker's eyes.

“Oh fuck.”

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