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Look, But Don't Touch

Watching from a distance is less interactive from watching in the same room.
She swayed into the room atop six-inch platform high-heeled, thigh high patent boots. The boots were worn over black stockings, the tops of which were slightly higher on her thighs, attached to garters that disappeared under panties. She wore her garter belt under the panties so she could pull her panties off for easy access to her pussy without having to remove her garter, stockings, or boots. A deep blue corset covered her midsection, pushing her tits up and making them fuller than her already voluptuous tits were normally.

She stopped in front of me, giving me time to take it all in.

"You obviously approve considering that monster hard on I see there," she said with a smile.

Placing her hands on my shoulders, she leaned in to me and kissed me long and passionately, our tongues twisting together.

"I’m feeling a little achy in a few spots, I think I need to work out a little tension." she said as she turned and walked to the dresser.

She pulled open the dresser drawer, reached in, and removed a big black dildo cock I had watched her fuck herself with in some of our previous video sessions. Oh, how I had wished then that I could take its place when we were hundreds of miles apart. Now she would use it right there in front of me. It was an even more torturous thought because I would be so close and still only able to watch when all I wanted to do was drive my own cock deep inside her right now. She also removed a smaller toy, an anal plug shaped like a little cock along with a bottle of lube. Toys in hand, she walked to the bed and sat down on it facing me.

Setting the plug and lube aside, she held the black cock in both hands and kissed its tip. It was eight inches long and two inches wide with balls. I had watched it fill her fully, driving deep inside her till only its base and balls remained outside her as I sat in front of my computer the last time we had a cyber date. She licked the shaft of it, slowly, looking me in the eyes as she did. It turned me on a lot.

She moved it down between her legs, rubbing it against her panty covered pussy. Even from where I sat, I knew her pussy was wet with expectation, waiting to wrap itself around the shaft of this toy. After a bit of rubbing herself with it, she stood and slid her panties down, over her boots, and stepped out of them. Standing, she rubbed her pussy with her fingers in front of me, sliding the finger of her hand into herself a little. She moaned slightly.

She sat back down on the bed, then laid down at an angle so she could turn her head and watch me at the same time. Laying down, she slowly rubbed the big black cock up and down against her pussy lips, making the shaft of the cock wet so it glistened from where I watched. She moved slowly at first, then a bit more quickly. Changing the angle as she held it, she moved its tip to her pussy and slowly slid it inside her. She kept going until it was about half way inside her. I watched while she moaned slowly, beginning to breathe more heavily.

As I watched, I caught her eyes, and she was watching me intently as I watched her. It was turning her on to have me watch. I tried to keep her gaze, but I couldn’t help turning my attention to the cock sliding between her legs. She knew so she slowly began to pull it out, then slid it back in, deeper.

She did this slowly, over and over again, until it was buried all the way inside her. Oh, how I wanted my cock to be that dildo.

"Do you like what you see?" she mocked, knowing I couldn't respond with the gag in my mouth. But I nodded affirmatively in agreement. "This just isn't quite enough to satisfy me yet," she said, almost without any need for response from me.

Pulling her legs tight together, she held the big cock in place with her pussy and legs and rolled over on her stomach. She pushed herself up and backward, her ass pointed toward me. I could see the base of the cock buried deep inside her, her legs held tight together holding it in place.

Reaching beside her, she grabbed the bottle of lube she had set aside on the bed before. Looking seductively backward at me, she squirted some on her fingers. Reaching backward, she slid the lube to her asshole, first massaging some around the rim, then after putting more on her fingers, working it into her asshole, burying her fingers with it. Removing her fingers, she took the plug off the bed and greased it up with more lube.

The plug slid into her ass easily, although she slid it in and out a few times to enjoy the feeling. I watched her do this from behind, all the time wishing I was the plug or the cock filling one of her holes. I didn’t care which one at that point. Watching her boot-clad legs and corseted body suck these toys into her body was the best thing I had ever watched.

She rolled back over onto her back, took hold of the cock in her pussy, and beggar to slide it in and out. Her pace quickening as she bucked her hips against her own rhythm. Her eyes closed as she moaned in extract. She no longer took notice of me, wrapping herself into the self fucking she was giving herself.

It felt like this went on forever before she slowed and opened her eyes. Sliding the cock from between her legs, but leaving the plug firmly in place in her ass, she set it aside on the bed and sat up. Breathing heavily, she said, "I think I'll play with a new toy for a bit."

I assumed she was going to go back to the dresser for something different, but she sashayed over to me instead.

"I think this cock is worth a try," she commented with a smirk.

She turned around, he her ass facing me, and backed up to my lap. She reached down with her hands, supporting herself above me using the arms of the chair, and positioned her dripping pussy above my eager cock. Looking down, I could see the plug buried deep in her ass as she lowered herself ever so slowly onto my cock. She controlled herself carefully, painstakingly slowly allowing her pussy to envelope my cock, taking its entire shaft deep inside her. She sat for a second, wiggled her ass with me inside her, gripping my cock tightly with her pussy muscles, then stood quickly, saying, "It'll do, but I think I'll play with mine a bit more first."

She walked back to the bed and proceeded to again fuck herself silly in front of me with her big black dildo cock. My god, I wanted to be that. My cock ached as I watched her writhe and buck against the toy as she slid it in and out, faster, slower, shallow, then deep inside her. I strained against my restraints but it was no use. She had tied me in place well.

Her moans became more frequent, more breathless, and hurried as she fucked herself on the bed in front of me. Orgasm after orgasm began to overtake her and she held the cock deep inside her. Removing it, she stood and came back to me.

“That toy is fine when I need something to fuck myself with because you aren’t there but it’s just not the same as having the real thing inside me. There is nothing quite like the feeling of feeling you cum deep inside me. You won’t mind if I finish myself off with your cock, now will you?”

Without waiting for any response from me (not that I could have verbally responded anyway), she positioned herself over me once again and slid herself down on me, driving my cock deep inside her. My god, her pussy felt amazing around me, tightly locking itself to my cock. She moved up and down rapidly, sliding her wet pussy up and down the entire length of my shaft. She leaned back against me, her body weight fully on me, using me as her fuck toy chair.

Her booted legs wrapped around mine as she tightened around me, our bodies tied together in any way possible except my bound hands. I could feel her tensing up, clenching as an orgasm built. Mine was close also. I had been turned on for so long that when we came together it was one of the biggest loads I had ever shot. Deep inside her, my cock throbbed as her pussy quivered while we came together.

She collapsed on top of me, not even bothering to remove herself from being wrapped around my cock. We both caught out our breath before she slowly raised herself off of me and knelt in front of me to untape my ankles. She pushed my legs together so she could kneel over me, straddling my legs in the chair and reached around to remove the ball gag. She kissed me again, even more passionately than she had when we were down in my office. Raising herself off of me again she untaped my hands from behind me. Once my arms were free, I pulled her back down on top of me for one last amazing kiss.

“Shower?” I asked as she leaned back to meet my gaze.

“Sounds good to me!” she said as she stood and held out her hand to lead me into the bathroom.

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