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Lunches but More

A former student at Catholic high school falls for her teacher,a priest, and wants sex

She felt great! In fact she felt alive again. No more school. No more homework for a while. No more teachers handing out what the school called “Justice Under God” notification, not that she received many throughout high school, but regardless, high school was over. She’d graduated last night and if she didn’t want to go to college, she was finished altogether. However college was another thing. She told herself she wasn’t going to worry or even think about that, about college until next week though she’d been thinking about it all year long.

Yeah, she knew what her parents wanted. Right now though she didn’t care and she knew she didn’t about their thoughts at all. The feelings she was having were too good to be true. Free as a bird flies right now the light hearted young lady said to herself while stepping out of the bathtub.

At first, she started to grab for the towel. She stopped a second. She didn’t grab it. She didn’t care at all as she turned to look at her naked body as it “shined” brightly in front of the bathroom mirror. She stood “frozen” looking at her facilities. Melissa smiled at her image. She wanted it to be wanted by many a young man. Her amenities, her bodily parts were very likeable in her opinion as she smiled at herself in the mirror.

Only two months ago she was 17, but now she is 18. She felt great about that as well. Again, she grabbed for the towel, yet stopped short of taking into her hand. There she stood naked and looked at herself in the mirror noticing that her left boobs was just a hair higher then her right one. Hmmm, she thought, I never noticed that. She touched them. She smiled too. Small yet firm she liked their size regardless and continued standing there looking at all of her naked body in front of the mirror. She smiled some more as she gazed upon her body which in fact soon developed a grand smile for the ages.

This girl, this young lady, stood at five foot nothing. Yes, she is adorable and that is for sure. Having turned 18 only two months back, she stared at her petite figure and kept on staring at all of her small bodied partitions as well.

Yep, she’d just graduated last night and knowing everyone was gone that day she knew she was going to do nothing but play and goof around at home. Melissa was all alone today. Melissa was in a very good mood while hosting an adorable smile to boot.

Still she hadn’t grabbed that towel yet. She didn’t need to wrap herself up in it today. Instead she stood naked and fully comfortable with the door fully open and simply looked at her small bodied figure in the bathroom’s large mirror. She stared at herself for a bit longer while she kept on looking at all her attributes too.

Yes, she stood there, peering at everything about her short diminutive body and thought about life as well but before she knew it she found herself humming some silly little tune she knew and smiling more and more. She didn’t care about college. She wasn’t going to work this summer either.

However out of nowhere and for some very odd reason he popped up into her thoughts.

Huh, what she told herself as the smile suddenly vanished. Of all people, her former teacher cropped up into her thoughts, and she had no idea. This perplexed her as she saw his face and his short bodied frame and also that smile of his she so liked also. She thought about him some more. Still she didn’t know why. She could hear his voice. She could hear it as if he was there talking to her right then. Still she didn’t know why of all people he’d come to mind.

“Huh?” she said aloud. “Uhhh now that’s weird isn’t it. Why would I think about him of all people?” She shook her head. Yes, she did like him. She liked him a lot.

Now seeing as she stands only five foot tall this petite young lady kept looking at herself in the mirror. As she did she kept on thinking about him of all people. Melissa still didn’t know why. He kept on cropping into her thoughts and as she did visions of him came nearer and nearer as if he was just outside the front door. Nooooo, she knew better. She knew he wasn’t there. Once she rid herself of him, she again looked at her own body, but out of nowhere he again popped back into her thoughts. That smile was gone. She kept on trying to look and studying her small assets but visions of him in her head had ruined that. She knew she liked him. Yeah, she knew she liked him a lot as people go that is.

Still naked she again looked at her tits. Okay so what if they were small. She knew they were. She never was bothered by that too much taking into consideration all her friends had always had bigger ones. She looked at the rest of her body for instance her tummy. Yep, it was relatively flat. She liked her hips. They gave her a bit of nice curvature to her figure she thought. She smiled and went on to gaze at the remainder of her figure. Her hips appeared sizable enough or so she told herself they were and then of course, she turned around as best she could, and she peered over her shoulder. She looked at it finally. She looked into the mirror and checked out her ass. The smiled finally came back. Mmmmmm, I do like my ass she thought.

The smile finally grew immensely. Yep, she really liked her ass. However, she truly liked all of her tiny figure. Yep, although Melissa had one short body, it had all the makings of a classic figure she had told herself. She had come to the opinion hers was a hot and shapely looking body, especially her ass. She knew that because all her girlfriends had told her so. She had swiftly learned to love her ass. So she was proud of it.

Plus, it’s the only one she’s ever going to have right? That’s why she was smiling.

Everyone in the house was gone that day. Her parents were at work and her brothers were doing something else. So, Melissa had the house all to her lonesome self. It was a good time to goof off and that is what she was about to do. She resolved to do nothing but mess around that day. Seeing as she wasn’t working this summer and she had no plans to either this was a summer of enjoying herself, if she could, and to the very end.

She knew she still had a little time to decide on a college if she wanted to go that is. She had maybe a month to do it. But today all she was going to do was mess around.

However, she was still naked and standing in front of that mirror. She was still staring at herself when she finally “perched” her eyes on those smallish tits of hers. Once she did, she began wondering when “her man” would come along. Doesn’t almost every young wish this she wondered? Okay well not all women but she went on to think you get my drift right and then she smirked at her image.

She had learned to appreciate every minute aspect of her petite frame. She had come to know it quite too well also. Yep, some guys liked it she’d been told while other’s liked her for her. Right then and there, none of it mattered for today was her first free day of her life, maybe, and seeing as it was a day to play she knew what she was going to do. She knew how she was going to spend part of it that day.

“First off, maybe I’ll go and spend it in bed. Maybe I’ll go and” and she smiled some more as she went on to say “please myself” and with that she rubbed her shaven pussy and smiled all the way back to her bedroom.

She hadn’t even pulled out the hair dryer. She didn’t even allow herself to properly address that short placid hair of hers. She brushed it out but that was it. She walked back to her room and took her time, putting on a bra and underwear and sat down on the bed.

Seeing as she was in no hurry she initially went online and looking up some dubious information. Having spent a few minutes doing so, before she knew it her hand found her pussy. Melissa closed her eyes and reached in and around it and felt the soft silkiness of it as she fingered herself more and more.

Before too long, her fingers were up inside herself and she went in further. She went in with one but another followed. With two fingers inside herself, she leaned backward so that “playtime” had formally become official. Soon the breathing slowly became more intense. She seemed to finger herself more intensely as it all went on. Smiles came and went as those fingers moved about the soft but growing wetness surrounding the innards of her pussy. Her breathing increased. It all appeared to sound louder too. Her body moved about the bed as her ass came up and ascended into a momentary stage of remaining off the bed as she masturbated. Spending that time “playing” around some, she “enjoyed” herself more then she thought she ever could that day.

The orgasm felt great.

She dropped to the bed and lay in her panties and bra. Her breathing gradually slowed down as she laid on the bed. She felt soooo muchg better now she told herself as she suddenly started to think about him of all people.

She shook her head. She thought about him at the head of the class, teaching, and speaking and that adorable face and smile. Now that she had stopped fingering herself she soon felt relaxed. She thought about his face and body some more. She knew she liked it. She simply wondered what if?

She thought about his voice as well. She thought about that smile of his too. She knew she “loved” that smile. She even thought about his short frame too. Yeah but why of all people would she be thinking about him? Why of all people was she thinking about Fr. Dennis? It didn’t make any sense at all. Why Fr. Dennis, she asked herself again. Why him of all people she wanted to know.

She did not know why as she shook her head.

As she lay contented in her bed her thoughts continually returned to him. Okay, so what if he is short? He is sweet. She knew that of course. He is one the nicest and even the youngest priest she’d ever known. She’d heard he was like only 24 years old. She’d never known a priest to be that young she told herself.

Still why is it, she asked herself, that she had been thinking thought about this guy? She shook her head. She shrugged her shoulders. She tried to understand why she was thinking about him. She had no idea. And then she heard his voice ring out in her head. As well his smile, his laugh, and his cute short frame stuck out too.

She smiled but still didn’t know why.

However she had to agree “Okay, he is the sweetest guy around. He is the nicest guy I know too,” and then she smiled too.

Overall, Melissa is known to most as a sweet young lady. Many people that know her generally liked her too. In an odd way she always felt this weird attraction to Fr. Dennis but never in a sexual way. No, never in that way at all, and she knew that for sure.

Why, she really didn’t know but she didn’t. It was also a worthless thing to speak about anyway. He’s a priest. Priests of course don’t ever get involved with women; this is of course except on committees and stuff. No, they don’t she’d reminded herself. Still he remained in her thoughts.

Finally, she got dressed. Finally she sat down with her laptop on the bed. She decided what the hell. Look him up online. So she started to try and pull up his name, researching anything she could about the guy.

“Yeah, priests are human’s too,” she said aloud and with that she tried looking up his name. She found a few things but nothing out of the ordinary. For the most part it was pretty uninteresting. Heck, she had nothing else to do she finally told herself.

Regardless, later on that night, with three months left before college started, she and her parents talked. “What, you want me to work? Heck, I mean I would have gone and put in applications a long time ago.” She tried arguing but it was losing a lost battle. “What if it’s only part time work?” she exclaimed.

They told her that would be at least something. So within a week or so she had found a job working part time as a clerk at a large drugstore. Working afternoons, she’d see a number of people come in.

Some people she knew but out of nowhere one hot and hazy Thursday afternoon of all people, he came in. Oddly, she felt way too excited for words. She didn’t know what to say. But she was the one to call out to him saying “Hey good afternoon, Fr. Dennis.”

He turned and saw her, smiling one of his perfect smiles or so she thought. He walked over and they talked. It made her feel special. He was without his usual vestments. She on the other hand wore a short sleeved, button down collared work shirt. She kind of liked what he had on. Also wearing a collared short sleeve button down shirt, it made him seem so normal, so natural too.

He was wearing that smile of his, the one she so liked too. Stretching from ear to ear had her especially adoring his features. She found that his smile seemed to allow his eyes to shine. They spoke a while and she found he came there often. Seeing as she worked there, she kind of found it to be cool. He went and got his stuff and came back. They talked a little more. He finally cashed out and said goodbye.

Before she knew it, he was back in at the end of the week.

Turns out, she found out, he was the gopher of all the priests who taught at the school.

Before too long they’d seen one another six times and all within three weeks too. She found she loved seeing him come in. She didn’t know about what he felt but maybe he liked coming in too. She wasn’t sure but it seemed they’d always talk. He’d always stop, say hi, and spend an unusual amount of time “gossiping.”

It didn’t matter. They talked about everything, almost. That’s what led her to thinking about him more and more. He was soooo easy nice, so easy going too. He is soooo sweet she told herself. This guy she thought was the nicest and most pleasant guy she knew.

She started thinking about him a lot. One night, before she knew it, she was alone in her room. It was late, around 11:30. She was online, again. She didn’t realize it at first but she started thinking about him. She thought about him when he came into the drug store. She liked that he came in and they talked. It was cute. She’d began thinking about him much more then she ever realized.

She smiled. This, seeing him often, had become a pure pleasure for her. Seeing the adorable 24 year old Fr. Dennis, she started telling herself, on the days he’d come to the store was fun. It was neat. She liked him. She found she liked him much more then she let on. Before she knew it she went and closed her door. Heck, everyone was in bed anyway, weren’t they?

She sat down on her bed again and tried to relax. Melissa closed her eyes and thought about Fr. Dennis. She wished he wasn’t a priest she said to herself. She smiled. She touched her boobs, although her shirt was still on. From there, while still thinking of Fr. Dennis, she wished and wanted it to be him doing that and so she rubbed them a little more. Melissa squeezed them but needed a little help.

She undid her shorts and pushed them down a little, “feeling” the sensations she was starting to have. She continued to smile as it all happened and let her fingers and her hand run down into and over the lips of her clitoris. She leaned back more and more, falling to the bed and relaxing as she did it. The hand ran itself over the lips. Mmmmm, she thought as she pictured him in there, in her bedroom, and feeling her pussy’s lips.

Quietly as she could she said, “Ohhhhhh Father, feel me down here.”

With that, she fingered herself again. Her fingers ran slowly but they ran deeply creating a wet sink hole of sorts. The luscious tight layers of her pussy surrounded her fingers. She moved them in and out as her ass, once again, moved up off the mattress. She smiled, again. She knew for sure she was feeling “him” in her and wished he was but knew it was all a fantasy but also knew she was enjoying it nonetheless.

She came. She came quickly. It felt great. She wished he knew about it too. “Ohhh I soooo love to masturbate,” she said. “If only he knew it too.”

She couldn’t wait to talk with him again. She couldn’t wait to see those eyes of his, that adorably cute short frame. She couldn’t wait to see his invariably sweet, outgoing, and personable mannerisms shine the way they do. He always was warm as ever as well. She even found herself going home at night, more often the not, and go into her room and start to play around with her pussy and her tits and with him on her mind.

One day, out of nowhere he came in. It wasn’t anything special she thought. They said hi. They talked. Both were happy, and she was eager, to see on another. When he checked out he was in a rather great mood. He was more cheerful then ever or so she thought he was. He appeared to be in this “celebratory” kind of mood.

So it surprised her when he asked “Hey Melissa I have a question for you.” She listened of course. “How would you feel if you and I had lunch one day?” He went on and said only lunch and nothing else. In his mind he had told himself something else. Okay, I know it. I shouldn’t be asking you but you are a darling cute girl. I sure wish I could tell you that too.

She was flabbergasted by the invitation. She jumped at it too. Ohhhhhh Fr. Dennis, Fr. Dennis, she thought. Oh heck let’s do more then that Fr. Dennis. Let me do lots more then that, she told herself as she stood there behind the counter, smiling away. I’d do anything with you she thought as her heart rate beat faster and faster, suddenly.

Okay she wished she could say, while thinking a bit longer then usual. You, a priest, a man of god, asking me out she told herself. Of course I’ll go out with you, Dennis she said, instead of calling him Fr. Dennis.

“Wait a minutes Father,” she finally said. “Uhhh is that even allowed,” and then added, “a priest having lunch or whatever with a woman? Is that uhhh permissible?”

And he told her sure it is. That it’s only lunch and nothing else.

She smiled right into his eyes and looked at him too. “Well, why not?” She was over exuberant about it all. “I guess so. Sure, I’d love to. So uh where would you like to go anyway?” she added as her body filled with an emotional heat of an extraordinary kind.

Before she knew it, she was aroused by the offer of lunch. She jokingly asked herself if they could go to a hotel or something like that. She soon became even hornier. She couldn’t wait until night time fell so that she could be alone, so that she could be in her bed for that matter, and so that she could masturbate once again with that knowledge following her around. Heck yes, I’ll go to lunch with you. And so, she was horny for the next two hours, until she got off of work, and then home. Yes go home, she thought where she wished she could take a bath, and where she knew she could masturbate, freely. Yes, she knew that, but then again there was family to deal with and sometimes they were a pain in the ass. She knew she was being a naughty as she thought about it.

They agreed. He’d take her to a small restaurant. It was outside of town. She hadn’t heard of the place but she’d find it she told him. He told her how to get there. When she got home, fantasies galore exploded inside her head. That night was another night of delirious and improper thoughts about Fr. Dennis and her. Those thoughts soon led to ideas of erotic impropriety and before she knew it, late that night she again successfully masturbated. Doing her pussy, with her vibrator, brought on two orgasms that night and total delight danced all around her head as Melissa enjoyed her body more then she ever had with knowledge she was soon going out with Fr. Dennis.

That was a fun night. She woke up, refreshed. She woke up happy as ever. A smile adorned her cheeks almost the whole next day. Life was good. She was going to lunch with Fr. Dennis. Her and Fr. Dennis, she kept telling herself.

They went to lunch. She was thrilled about it too. They talked about everything. She was enthusiastic too. She soon “fell in love” with this guy, a priest, and her former teacher also. She’d asked herself why did he have to become a priest. She didn’t know why. To Melissa she felt it had to be a bad career decision. She could easily think of many, many other things this young man of god could be doing.

Like laying with me, in bed, and stroking me and talking to me while he did many, many different sexual things with me. As he talked on, she thought mmmmmm, take me to bed. Yeah, take me to bed and well you know do all sorts of manly loveable things to my body Fr. Dennis. Just take me to bed, will you?

She got home and from lunch and soooo wanted to pull off the singlet she’d worn. She thought about it. Was this too slutty looking she wondered? She then felt a little guilty about how she looked to him, knowing she’d worn it, and seeing as it announced the size of her boobs maybe a little too much. She wasn’t sure but she looked at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom. Okay yes, they did seem more noticeable then usual.

Seeing as he is a priest, a man of god would he even pay that close attention she asked herself? As she stood there looking at them, her breasts she still smiled happy about their size nonetheless. Yes, she liked her breasts well enough. She liked their size too. No, they weren’t marvelous looking, but she liked them. They did look cuter then cute in the singlet she had on too and she wished he’d thought so as well.

“Ohhhhhh Dennis oh Dennis,” she whispered “I wish you’d touch these," and she reached up to feel their size once again, smiling as she did so.

However, she knew better. He’s still a priest. She knew that well enough and priest just don’t pay that close attention to woman like that nor will they pay that close attention to her clothing or her body for that matter.

“Well I wish he did,” she went on to say, quietly. “Yes, I wish he did,” and from there Melissa wanted to play some more, but didn’t at this point

It was almost midnight. Yep, everyone was in their rooms and her parents were sleeping of course so she laid down and removed almost all of her clothing. She soon relaxed. As she did she listened to the sounds of the house. Nobody was rustling around in it. The night soon became later and soon enough she took off her bra. She reached in and soon enough had hold of her vibrator. With her bedroom door closed and locked, she pulled aside her panties. A smile came to her lips and she turned it on. Mmmmmm, she thought as she rested it down on her pussy’s lips. Before too much longer, Melissa was masturbating relentlessly. There he was. Right in front of her. Smiling, undoing his shirt, taking off his shirt, whipping off a t-shirt next, and finally his trousers too.

“That’s it Dennis. Take them off too, will you?” she asked aloud as the vibrator snaked over the lips of her pussy.

A few days later, he was in again. A typical return to the store or so she thought, he came in wearing his classical smile and she seemed to think his eyes were all lit up as well. “Hiiiii Melissa,” he called out and she said hello to him in an unusual almost too immature manner too but it was all good. “I had a great time the other day at lunch,” he went on to say. “Hey care to do that again some time?”

“Today’s as good as any,” she quickly replied.

“Uhhh today won’t work but tomorrow will. I have things going on today,” but he asked if she had an email address which he eagerly wrote down and gave to him.

He pocketed it. She was happy about that. He told her he could go to lunch, if she was open to it, on any number of days excluding any prior convictions. That evening, he sent her a list of days he was available to go out to lunch. She saved that email, happy to go out anytime he wanted to.

“Hi,” he said at the diner they’d met at. She was all smiles and said hello back to him.

She wished they could hug but knew better, knowing it probably was inappropriate. She wished they could sit closer together but knew better too. They had a two hour lunch and then she asked, “Wanna take a walk?”

He looked at his watch and said yes. They started to walk at the nearby park. As they walked and talked, he came out with it by saying “You know Melissa. I have to tell you something.” It floored her what he said, “I think these lunches have to stop.”

She stopped walking and turned to face him. She was becoming too attached and too attracted to him and so she said, “What, why Fr. Dennis why?”

“Well because I’m concerned about, how should I put this? I’m concerned about certain uhhh feelings I believe I’m beginning to have for you or towards you. I can not have these” he went no to say.

“Like what are you talking about Father?” she said, wanting to know. She hoped they were similar to hers because hers, she knew, were of a very erotic nature.

“Well Melissa it’s just that, I don’t know how to put this, but I feel I am having somewhat personal feelings for you.”

He stopped walking this time and she did too of course. They looked at each other. She looked right into his eyes. Hers accidentally began welling up with tears a little. She wasn’t able to control it. Yes, she did feel something towards him. She felt a lot towards him too. She knew that but it wasn’t ever clear to her that someday all that would end. All those nights she’d masturbated while he was in her visions as she did only created a greater need, a greater desire within her to have him, physically with her. That was clear to her of course but as far as he was concerned he couldn’t have her and didn’t know about her feelings at all.

“I was thinking about our last date, about last night even when I emailed you.” He closed his eyes and then opened them, “I thought, well I thought I felt certain feelings towards you and I know, for a fact Melissa, I can not have those. I just can’t. They frighten me Melissa. I just can not have these emotions I am feeling.”

“What feelings, Father?” she said, astounded at what he said, but knowing well of what he was really talking about. “Father, can I ask you another question?” and he said yes. “Do your uhhh feelings you say you’re having involve you and me uhhh being together?”

She paused a moment and looked right at him. He looked right back at her. She then said as she tried to smile “Do your feelings involve you and me in some kind of uhhh, I don’t know, but an intimate moment together? Do they huh, do they?” she went on to ask.

She could tell she hit the nail on the head. He knew better but still he nodded his head. With some tears in her eyes, she found a way to smile a little more as she went on to say “Yes Father, me too. I also have uhhh some feelings uh some emotions like that I think. Yes Father, sometimes I do too.” He was shaking his head and trying to deny his feelings as she said it all. But Father, personally, I like the feelings I get. In fact Father, I love them. Uhhh, the feelings I get, the feelings I’ll have, well umm they’ll get me all turned on Father. They do and I don’t care either. I get all” and she stopped a second and then said I get all aroused. I become almost” and as she told him he stood listening to her explain herself as he also became a tad emotional about his feelings too.

“Nooooo” he cried out. “Ohhh nooooo no Melissa” he went on to tell her as he closed his eyes and shook his head, “We mustn’t, I can’t. I can’t do this with you.”

“Why not Father? These are natural emotions between a man and a woman. They are Father” she tried saying. “To become romantically involved with a woman, and I am a woman, aren’t I?” and with that Melissa did something unexpectedly.

Melissa lunged at him, putting her arms around his neck. She tried as best she could to kiss Fr. Dennis on his lips but he didn’t kiss her back. He actually tried “fighting” her off him as he pushed her away. Still she wanted to kiss him on his lips but he wouldn’t allow it and fought her off. Finally, she let go of him and he looked at her as if he was offended.

“Didn’t you want to kiss me, Father?” she asked.

“Ohhhhhhh yes, I wanted to kiss you. Yes, I wanted to kiss you for a number of days now Melissa but as you know I’m a man of god. I’m already married and” and she cut him off.

“I don’t’ care, Father. I do not care. Why didn’t you kiss me? It’s a great, a really great experience, Father” she said. “I want to kiss you. I do want that more then anything in this world. Kissing is awesome, Dennis. It really is” she went on to say, calling him Dennis for the very first time. “I soooo want to kiss you.” She raised her voice and went on to say “Ohhhhhh Dennis, kiss me. Kiss me. I want that, and other stuff, more then anything in the whole wide world Dennis. I do and wish you did too. You have nooooo idea how much I want to be with you, physically, and emotionally too. I want us to be naked together, Dennis. I want to tell you all my deepest darkest secrets in bed where you and I can be naked with each other.”

“Stop this, Melissa” he cried out as he shook his head. “Just stop it.”

However she didn’t stop. “I want to do all kinds of things with you, physically Dennis. I do, I do ohhh god Dennis I soooo want to do all kinds of dirty playful things with you.” With that he saw her start to cry. He never saw a women ever cry like that before in his life. The two of them stood alone in the park as he watched and listened to her cry some more.

Finally she stopped her crying but went no to tell him “I so want you. I want your naked body. I want you against me in bed. I really do Dennis. I so want to see it without clothes on. I want to play with it Dennis. You have no idea of the things we could do if we were naked. You have no idea how much fun that could be” she added. “I think about you a lot too. Guess what? I even masturbate and I’m thinking about you when I do it too.”

“Stop that Melissa,” he said sternly.

However she didn’t stop and went on to add “Do you do ever do that? Don’t you ever think about doing that, Dennis? Have you ever, in your life, masturbated huh?” she asked. “I do. I’ll see you naked. I’ll watch you undress and right in front of me too Dennis. Masturbating is a wonderful thing to do. But if you didn’t, I’d help you. I would you know” she went on to add as he stood listening to her for some ungodly reason. “Dennis, I want us to lie down naked. I want you and me to do all sorts of naughty naked things together and things of an unspeakable manner, Dennis. Would you like to do these playful and naughty things with me sometime?”

“Ohhhhhh Melissa, no nooooo oh my lord above, no!” With that he started to turn but before he did he added “I must go. I have to leave Melissa. I must go and I must go now. I, I can not do this any more. I can not be with or around you whatsoever. I can’t, I can’t ohhh Melissa I just can’t” and with that he walked away.

She watched him walk away.

She stood there watching him. She watched him walk away swiftly. Suddenly she started walking towards him. She walked swiftly as she did. “Father, hey Father” she called out. “Stop Father please stop” she cried out, but he didn’t stop. “Stop” she called out again, but he kept on walking on. She started to break down into tears once again but then yelled out “This isn’t the end of it Father. I want you and I know you want me too.” she said.

Back home she so wanted to masturbate but didn’t. Not that night she didn’t for she wasn’t in the mood at all but she knew she wanted him or at least some kind of communication with him at least. So she got on line, while alone in bed, and she sent him an email and apologized saying she was sorry. When she thought about him she knew she wanted him, terribly. She knew that for sure. She really wanted to start masturbating too but still she wasn’t feeling it at all.

Still she hoped for an answer by tomorrow from him and with that she said before going to sleep “I’ll have him. I don’t know but he’ll want me. I just don’t now how soon he’ll want me but we’ll be together. I know we will.”

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