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Lushful Encounter

My online interaction with a lush member.
Note: This is a true story. However, the name of other member has been changed due to privacy reasons.

Going all day, not hearing from my boyfriend made for a very lonely day; not to mention an even lonelier night. So, I sign on to Lush Stories to see what excitement can be found. Little did I know, tonight was going to be a very erotic night as I was going to have some special online interaction with another lush member.

Seeing that I have a few messages, I click on the envelope that brought me to my inbox.
I smile as I see who it’s from. Onehardcock is amazingly sexy. I can’t wait to see what he has to say. I click the link to open my message.

“Hello sexy,” was all it says. Yet, those words alone make me smile.

“Well hello gorgeous!” I reply.

I’m not expecting to receive an answer right away as he didn’t appear to be online at the moment. Much to my surprise, he responds within a few minutes. I click on the link and open the message.

“How are you?”

“I'm doing OK. Getting ready for a snow storm. How are you doing handsome?”

“Good, about to get out of my clothes - hope you'll be able to stay warm.”

“Oh damn! Thanks for the mental picture. I'll stay warm snuggled under my blankets.”
Involuntarily, I lick my lips as I mentally picture the cock I’ve seen on his profile.

Messaging back and forth in this manner… we begin our first sextual experience on Lush Stories…

“Well if it'll help, you can think of my naked body next to yours under the blanket.”

“Mmmmm damn! It's getting hot in here already,” I reply.

“Think about my hands wrapped around you, cupping your breasts.”

“And your rock hard cock pressed against my ass!”

“While my hand slides under your panties.”

“Wait, I'm not wearing any panties. I sleep naked!” I chuckle as I send this message.

“Mmmm, I can feel how wet you are as my hand rubs your clit.”

“Your fingers feel like they’re on fire. Don't stop. It feels so damn good.”

“Stroke my hard cock as I rub your pussy.”

“Mmm yeah. My hand can barely wrap around your cock. I feel you getting harder as I stroke up and down lingering for a moment to rub my thumb over the head of your cock.”

“Mmm that feels so good; I want to feel my cock in your mouth.”

“I push you onto your back and straddle your legs; my mouth watering with the anticipation of that luscious cock entering it.”

By this time, my pussy is dripping wet. I set my laptop down on my bed and slip out of my pajama pants and sports bra. Pushing my laptop to the end of the bed, I squat in front of it and rub my wet slit waiting for the next message. I refresh the page to find that he has responded.

“You lower your mouth onto it, taking it all in your mouth, your tongue licking it.” Mmmm… my nipples harden at the thought of doing that. I don’t want to take my fingers from my pussy. But, I want to continue our session. Wiping the wetness from my fingers onto my blanket, I respond to his message. 

“I hold the base of your cock with one hand as my wet, hot mouth slides slowly up and down your cock. With the other hand, I gently caress your balls.”

I sit back on my heels and return my fingers to the wetness that we have created together. I picture myself sucking his cock as I begin pinching my nipples with one hand and sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy with the other.

“My cock growing harder in your mouth, your hands rubbing my balls, you start to suck me faster.”

With each message, I’m getting even more horny; my fingers working faster. Responding to his messages is making the excitement last longer. Otherwise, I would have come already. Reluctantly, I take my fingers from my aching pussy and respond to his message.

“I look into your eyes as I suck the head of your cock then release it. You close your eyes as my mouth wraps around you again and I swallow the whole shaft.” My fingers return, yet again, to the warmth of my pussy. As I push three fingers in, I rub my clit with the other hand. I’m so close to coming now. I force myself to stop. I don’t want to come too soon.

“I close my eyes and grab the back of your head as my cum explodes into your mouth.” I moan as I read this. I can picture him coming in my mouth. So I reply…

“I can feel your cock pulsating with each explosion. Your cum streaming down my throat. I suck your cock and swallow so as to not spill a drop.”

“Pulling my cock out of your mouth, you lick it clean.”

“I swallow the last bit of your cum. Starting with your balls, I lick you until there's no cum left anywhere.”

The moment that I hit the send button, my fingers went right back to my pussy. I lay back on the bed, legs spread wide. I was so wet that my fingers slid in easily. I wanted his hard cock inside me. My fingers would have to suffice for now. I pictured him lying on top of me with his rock hard cock thrusting in and out of me. I began furiously working my fingers in and out of my pussy, paying special attention to my g-spot, as I rubbed my clit with the other hand. I now slide a finger into my tight ass and close my eyes. Imagining his hard cock thrusting in and out of me, as I work my fingers in and out of my pussy and my ass, has me coming in seconds. As my orgasm grabs a hold of me, I moan and my whole body goes rigid, making the orgasm that much more intense. I lay there with my fingers inside of me until my pussy stops pulsating.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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