Making Love to Me - Part One

By annie12

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I should have let you......
As I wake up to abeautiful day, laying still in bed, I stretch my body out but my mind is still on you. I am thinking of your sexy body, your touch, your kiss, and how I wish it could have gone further than just the kissing and touching of our wanting bodies through our clothes. But I knew it was better for us to wait but damn I couldn't stop thinking of how good you felt and much I needed to have you inside of me. I mean what was I thinking this was already our 5th date, honestly what was I thinking.

Maybe it was the thought of our age difference but I knew you didn't care and I didn't care that I was 41 and you were 57. Maybe it was the thought of the distance between us that we wouldn't get to see each other as often as we both would want. I knew that if we took it any further, I would want you every day. I stood up and pulled my robe over my naked body I decided I needed a cold shower. I loved that you called me your baby girl and your loved my special name for you, daddy. Your deep sexy voice kept playing over and over in my head. I could hear you whispering in my ear “Baby Girl…. Baby Girl you feel so good!” 

Shaking my head I leaned over and turned the water on. I pulled my long black hair up and reached over to turn the shower on I could feel my body aching for your feel, your touch. I slowly undressed and looked at myself in the mirror touching my breasts imaging it was your hand taking possession of it; pinching my nipples feeling the heat between my legs intensify. I closed my eyes letting my hands take control of the wonderful senses my body was thinking. I stepped in the shower and let the hot water hit my wanting body. I felt your touch on my skin your fingers running down my body as they took my breasts, gently pinching my nipples. 

You sucked my nipples gently then harder, and harder making my moans deeper and louder. I moved the shower head so the water could hit me harder and faster; ooh this felt so good. I moved my hands down to my already wet pussy and I started rubbing my clit. I could hear myself saying “oh Baby yes! Yes Daddy! Fuck Me! Take Me Sweet Man! Make Me Yours!” I lost total control imagining it your hand and tongue taking possession of my wet pussy; your tongue thrusting deep inside of my pussy as your fingers fucked me. I slid some fingers inside of me moving them in and out as I knew you would; while my other hand was squeezing my breast and pinching my nipple. All I could think of was your hard cock and how much I wanted you in me, pounding my tight pussy satisfying us both. 

I could feel your hard cock behind me and your tender lips kissing the back of my neck.....biting me whispering in my ear “Baby girl! Baby Girl!” My fingers started moving faster and harder in my pussy as my other hand reached for my clit rubbing it slowly in circles. I could feel the tightness between my legs beginning to intensify and I could actually see you turning my face to meet your lips, kissing me passionately as your hands cup my breasts. You gently bend me forward and slide your hard shaft into my wet wanting pussy.

We begin to move together as your hard cock fucked my pussy our moans growing stronger and louder. You continue to plunge your hard cock into my pussy deeper and deeper into me. The passion between us begins to intensify, getting stronger, and I moan out “I’m cumming baby! Oh sweet man yes I’m cumming! Oh Daddy you make your Baby Girl feel so good!” I lean up against the shower wall and allow my body to rest as I pull my hands out of my wet pussy I see them drenched in juices; juices should have been all over your cock. 

I hear the phone and hear the answering machine pick up. It’s you telling me how bad you want and need me I race out of the shower and pick up the phone my body drenched in water and the remains of my love making. Thinking I can't wait for our next date tonight.......……