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Malaysian Masturbation

Ella fantasises about meeting her online friend.
I opened MSN and was pleasantly suprised to see Matthew logged in. It had been a while since I had had the chance to talk to him, because I had been so busy diving and studying for my dive master course. The time difference between us also made it difficult to find time to chat. I was sitting with my dive instructor and friends who were participating in various levels of courses. We had ordered lunch and were using the time before our next dive to use the internet, as there were very few spots on the island with affordable internet.

"Hey There." I typed into MSN.

"Hey you. How are you doing?" He replied.

For several minutes we chatted about what we had been up to over the past few days, while I ate my lunch. Everyone at my table was heavily absorbed in their food, books or laptops, so there wasn't much need for me to speak.

"I've had a few dreams about you the past couple of nights." I typed to Matthew.

"Yeah? Good dreams I hope."

"Of course. They were both about me meeting you. Pretty normal ones though. One where we were having lunch and another where we were driving someplace in your car chatting."

Matthew and I had been talking about meeting over the past couple of months, but for some reason over the past couple of days, I had begun to think about it more and more. I knew it was something I really wanted to make happen, and something that I definitely could make happen within the next couple of months.

"I must admit, I love the idea of you coming here to visit me, and would love to have a sex toy for a week or so."

"Yeah? I would like that too. I think I will be able to make it there in the next few months. Just need to think about logistics."

"Cool. Didn't think it would be that soon. I can't wait to fuck you, bent over my kitchen table." This was a fantasy that we had both talked about.

"Me too, but first I want to be on my knees in front of you while I suck your cock. I want to be covered in your cum." I typed back to him.

There was a lull in the chat while I answered a diving related question somebody asked me.

"What are you up to?" He asked.

"Just had to help someone with something. You?"

"I must admit I am a little hard."

"Sorry?" I typed back.

"For making me hard? Somehow I doubt that. Just got a little excited about a certain slut coming to visit me."

"Guess you know me too well now. I wonder who the lucky girl is..."

"Are you wet, thinking about me fucking you over my table?"

I was already wishing I was someplace a little more private than a restaurant on the beach.

"Yes. Wish I had a room to myself right now."

"Are there washrooms nearby?"

"Yes, they are a little scary." Like most restrooms in Malaysia seemed to be.

"I won't ask you to pleasure yourself in a scary washroom then. What are you wearing?"

"Bikini with a shirt over it."

Unknown to Matthew I had already scooted my chair closer to the table, so my lower half was obscured from the view of my friends. My hand rested in my lap.

"I want you to put your hand in your lap and rub your pussy lips with your finger. Keep the material of you bikini between your finger and your pussy."

I did as he instructed. Very cautiously at first, worried someone might notice what I was doing. When I realised that everyone was concentrating on something else, I became a bit bolder, and began to rub myself a little harder, my finger pressing the material of my bikini into my skin. I traced my finger a little higher so it was over my clit and enjoyed the sensation it caused.

"I think I can do that." I had typed back to Matthew.

"I want you to reach under your bikini and rub yourself. I want you to lick your fingers in front of everyone."

I moved the edge of my bikini slightly so I would be able to rub myself with my finger, moistening it.

My instructor looked over at me, and I jerked my hand away, hoping he didn't notice anything. "I think we better pay and then start setting up equipment." He said.

"Sorry Matthew, but I have to get going. We are about to go on another dive."

"It's okay. I need to go anyways. Talk to you later."

"Sweet dreams. Bye." I signed off before he had a chance to reply to anything.

I desperately felt the urge to find a quiet place to play with myself, but didn't have the time. I hurried over to the dive shop to begin assembling equipment. The whole time thinking about what fun I could be having with Matthew. I was a little distracted all afternoon and tried not to let my wander. Yet it did, and I found my thoughts going back to meeting Matthew and being used as his sex toy.

We had both talked about our expectations, and I was meeting him more out of curiousity than the need for sex. Still though, I was definitely lusting after him, and was hoping the chemistry between us would be there when we met in person for the first time.

After the dive, I hurried back to my room after seeing dark clouds looming above me. My roommate followed, opening her book as soon as we got to the room to begin studying for our test later that night. I had been incredibly horny the entire afternoon and quickly grabbed my toiletry bag, before hurrying off to the bathroom.

I had to wait a few moments for a free shower. I stepped in and locked the door behind me. I removed my sarong and untied my bikini, hanging the articles on a hook on the back of the door. I turned on the shower and let the cold water fall over my body. It was soothing to both my sun burn and my mosquito bites.

My hand soon found it's place between my legs and rubbed my slit gently. I closed my eyes and began thinking of Matthew. Imaginative me was standing in a kitchen, wearing a short black dress with nothing underneath. He came up behind and grabbed the top of her thighs, pushing her dress up to her waist. He kissed her neck slowly, nibbling on the skin ever so slightly.

I began rubbing myself harder, pushing my fingers into my skin, my hand moving towards my clit. I pressed on it gently and began rubbing it gently. My other hand moved to one of my breasts; my nipples were hard from arousal and the cold water. I rolled one of my nipples in between my thumb and index finger as I continued rubbing my clit.

In my thoughts, Matthew reached his hand around her waist and placed his hand on her pantiless crotch. While kissing the back of her neck he began to finger her pussy. I did just the same to myself, imagining that they were his fingers penetrating me. He pressed himself into her, so she could feel his erection against her skin. His other hand reached into her dress and began pinching her nipples slowly, just as I had been doing to my own.

He then grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it over my head, discarding to it to the floor next to him. He moved both of his hands to her waist and manoeuvred her around the room, so that she was standing in front of his small kitchen table. She stood there completely naked, while he was still wearing all of his clothes. She began to turn around so she could kiss him and remove some of his clothing, but he roughly grabbed her by the arm and made sure she still had her back to him.

My fingers left my pussy for a moment as I gently began to trace them around my labia. I brought the hand that had been caressing my nipples to my clit and resumed rubbing it slightly harder than the previous time.

"Beg me to fuck you." He whispered into her ear as he plunged to fingers into her wet cunt.

She just moaned without saying anything. She had to place her hands on the table to stop herself from being pushed forward with each thrust of his fingers. I too, began fingering my pussy one again; plunging two fingers deep inside me whilst fucking my clit in intervals.

"Fuck me." She whispered, craving something thicker than his fingers. She wanted his thick cock deep inside her. "Fuck me." She whispered again, a little harder than before thinking he hadn't heard her the first time. He had though.

He swung his hand back and slapped her squarely on the ass.

"Say please my slut."

In the shower, I slapped my pussy before remembering I was in a rather public area. I opened my eyes, afraid someone in one of the neighbouring showers might have heard the slap on my bare skin, or one of the quiet moans that escaped my lips from time to time.

"Please fuck me, sir." She said as she thrust her ass out, allowing him better access to her pussy.

He removed his fingers from inside her and placed one on her hip. With the other he pressed her head towards the table so she would bend over further. She moaned with anticipation as she heard him unbutton his jeans and let them fall to floor along with his boxers. She sighed as he entered her slowly, allowing her pussy to accommodate his large prick.

I inserted another finger into my pussy, wishing I had something larger to satisfy my need for his cock. I continued pounding myself, and bent my knees slightly allowing me to plunge my fingers deeper into my fuck tunnel.

He began moaning as he pounded her harder and faster. With each thrust she was pushed into the table and her ass was beginning to drop, making it hard for him to further penetrate her. He placed his hand on her abdomen so he could get the right angle. His other hand moved to her hair. Remembering from previous conversations that this was something she loved. She winced as he pulled on her hair. The harder he pulled the more she arched her back.

I opened my eyes as my fingers paused from fucking me. They were sore and not able to gain the speed I wanted. I noticed my hairbrush lying on the floor. I took my fingers out of my pussy and placed them in my mouth, licking the juices off of my fingers. I grabbed the hair brush off the floor and spit into my hand. I rubbed the spit on the handle, lubricating it slightly, although it would have no problem penetrating my sopping cunt. It was the same hairbrush Matthew had once ordered me to masturbate with and send him a picture of me doing so.

Tears began to form in the corner of her eyes as he pulled on her hair even harder. Each thrust increased in speed as he continued fucking her. Her muscles began to tighten around his cock as she came close to cumming. My own pussy was clenched around the handle of the hairbrush as I approached an orgasm. I quietly orgasmed in the shower, just as Matthew shot a load of his cum into imaginary-me’s pussy.

Feeling more satisfied, I finished showering before returning to my room.

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