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Marathon Masturbation

A carefully planned weekend of endless, alone-at-home masturbation.
It was during the mid-eighties, I was in my late thirties; early that week, my wife made plans to take a trip (with all the kids) to see her folks about 200 miles distant, and it would be the first time in many years that I would be home alone for a full weekend! It has always seemed to me that being able to plan a session of self-pleasuring heightened its alure & pleasure immensely, and so, breathlessly, I started making my plans! It was before our first VCR, but I knew of a book store in a nearby city that had an adult section, and I had a standing invitation to help myself to a farmer friend's watermelon patch, which were just coming into season; I'd never 'done' a watermelon before, but I'd heard about it and was dying to try it -- now was my chance! 
They left that Friday morning; I ached to get started, but I had to work, so all I could do was think about what awaited me at home that night! After work, I went to the field & picked out a big, ripe watermelon, hot in the afternnon sun, drove to the city, ate supper, and went to the bookstore. I could hardly breathe, surrounded by all that luscious porn; it took a while, but I finally selected a lesbian paperback 'fuck book' and two x-rated magazines. At home I spread a big trash bag, then two beach towels across our king-size bed and placed the books & a tube of K-Y Jelly near the pillow, then back to the kitchen. With the end away from the stem suspended over the sink, I very carefully cut a hole in it there that I knew would just barely admit the head of my hard dick, then even more carefully beveled the edges of the hole until it's edges were smooth and rounded. The last step was to push a broom handle in about 5", crushing the meat of the melon as the juice drained out into the sink; I then rinsed and dried it, and carried it to and placed it on the towels on my bed!
By now, it was coming up on 9:00 o'clock; it was dark, the house was locked and dark, and I closed and locked my bedroom door, turned to my bed and, with my heart in my throat, started to undress, going over my plan once more: for the first one, I was going to see just how long I could jerk myself -- how many of the smaller, 'dry' orgasms I could enjoy -- before cumming! On other occasions, when my wife and kids were gone shopping for a couple of hours, I'd been able to go for about 45 minutes, with a dozen or so of those breath-taking pleasures, but now, with the whole night spread before like a sumptuous sex-feast, my goal was to hold it back for an hour or more, with at least twenty mini-orgasms, stopping only long enough between pleasure-peaks to let that sense of urgency deep inside to which I was (and am!) so hopelessly and hopelessly addicted begin to wane, then resume my sweet self-loving, before unleashing my first load of the session! After that, pacing myself, I planned to masturbate myself slowly and methodically and cum at least ten times before being unable to continue because of the pain of having 'dry' orgasm/ejaculations I'd experienced trying to push past five or six, which was at the time my record for a single night's marathon of delicious, unrelenting self-abuse. I was prepared (yes, eager and determined !) to make it last all night long to accomplish this, if necessary -- my time limit for the ten times was dawn, and if that time found me still reaching for myself again and again ... mmmm, beautiful!
I stretched out on my bed and spread my legs, exulting that the time was at last at 'hand', and in the intensity of my sexuak arousal -- in my heart and soul, and in my dick: it had gotten hard as I flipped thru the pages of one of the girlie mags on the way back from Lake City. My wife had been on her period all week, and I had purposefully abstained from relieving myself, anticipating tonight, so he was really hard and young and full of cum, eager to 'get goin''! But I waited, savoring the few remaining minutes, then at 9:00 sharp, I reached down and touched myself sexually!
At first, I just let my fingers caress me up and down with a feather-light touch, like a butterfly's kiss, for several gorgeous minutes, until both my cock and my trembling fingers wanted more and then, spreading my legs even further apart, I ever so tenderly and lovingly, with my thumb on top and two middle fingers underneath, slowly stretched my uncut foresking back a little way over the super-sensitive slotted tip of my glans. My breath caught in my throat (for the first of many times during the hours that followed!), and I simply kept still and rejoiced in the electrifying man-sensation swirling around me down there!
It felt so good to me, I just let my (well-practiced!) fingers float; ten minutes and my first two pleasure-peaks 'came' and went ... I'd died and gone to heaven! As the spasms from the second began to fade, I rolled over onto my left side, positioned the watermelon just so, opened the K-Y, lubed it and myself lavishly (being uncut, I'd never needed lube to masturbate, but I wanted this to be the best it could be!), and pulled it closer to me ...
I'd sized the hole perfectly -- snug enough to be more like fucking a tight asshole than a pussy, and it was still warm from the summer sun. I had to push fairly hard several times to get the head of my dick thru the hole in the rind, and when it finally snapped thru, I almost lost my first goal! I had to grip the base of my cock, hold my breath and concentrate 'hard' to make the muscles down there relax to prevent my cumming right then and there!

to be continued ...

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